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Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport (EZE): Guide, Facilities & Nearby Hotels

Buenos Aires, which is the capital city of Argentina, is a great place to travel.

When you are traveling to and from the Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport, it is a good idea to know about the airport and the amenities it offers. Whether it’s your holiday or a business trip, having general information and tips, especially when traveling alone or with a companion, can actually save you from experiencing troubled moments.

Our airport guide gives you all the essential insights that you, as a traveler, can make use of while journeying across places in any part of the globe.

Brief Overview of Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport

Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport is also commonly known as the Ministro Pistarini International Airport in Argentina. Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 is the largest airport operator in Argentina.

From downtown Buenos Aires, tour south along Avenida 9 de Julio till you reach the point where it merges with the General Ricchieri Expressway and head southeast. Continue for about 32 km (19 miles) and follow the signs on the road.

For being a major capital city and such an essential hub in South America, Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport or Ministro Pistarini International Airport (also called Ezeiza International Airport) leaves something to be desired when it comes to efficiency and ease of travel.

Far from the city center with spread-out terminals that are only accessible by walking outside, this airport takes a bit of planning to navigate well. Planes fly from and to most international locations in the Americas and Europe. Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport is a modern airport with good services. For being the fundamental airport in a metropolitan area of more than 14 million people, it is notably compact.

Non-Argentinians are required to pay a reciprocity fee on arrival at the Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport. The fee depends on how much the country of origin is charged for Argentinians to enter that country.


AU Teniente General Pablo,
Riccheri Km 33,5,
B1802 Ezeiza,
Buenos Aires 1802,

Contact: (54 11) 5480 6111

Official Website:

Operation Hours: The airport is open 24 hours. However, certain amenities such as snack bars, transportation services, etc. may not be open 24 hours.

Airport Terminal

Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport

There are three terminals in the airport. These are Terminals A, B, and C. All three terminals are integrated within the same building with a total of 27 gates that are connected with each other and also provide access to stores, restaurants, restrooms, etc.

Terminal A: Terminal a is the main terminal of the EZE airport. Here all the international arrivals are processed since 2000 when it was inaugurated. This terminal has offer more facilities rather than the other two terminals. Here you can find restaurants and bars, pharmacies, duty-free stores, and bookshops with free wifi. Here you can visit the other terminals because it is interconnected from the inside and terminal A has gate A2 – 10 sharing with terminal B.

Terminal B:

Terminal B is the much busiest terminal of the EZE because it serves both international and domestic flight services. This terminal is also interconnected with terminal A and terminal C. It holds the gates B8 to B15. This terminal is easily accessible to the parking area within walking distance and holds the two levels. On the ground floor, you can find the check-in facility and on level 1 there is a boarding gate B8 to B15. Here you also get the facilities of Currency exchange ATMs, Car rental offices, Luggage and storage lockers, Luggage wrapping, and Massage chairs.

Terminal C:

Terminal C was inaugurated in the year 2011 for the domestic flight this Terminal is known for its domestic flight services and is also named as Mercedes Sosa Terminal. This terminal has two levels one is the ground floor where you will get the check-in services and the way to parking whereas on the first level you’ll get the boarding gates where gate no. C16 to C27 are located. On terminal C, here you can find abundant services and amenities in which Restaurants and cafes, Car rental offices, Currency exchange, ATMs, Massage chairs, Luggage, and storage lockers are the main services.

Flights in Service

Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport is served by several international airlines such as Aerolineas Argentinas, Aeromexico, Air Canada, Air Europa, Air France, Air New Zealand, Air Norwegian, Alitalia, American Airlines, Austral, Avianca, Azul, Boliviana de Aviación, British Airways, Copa, Cubana Airlines, Delta Airlines, Edelweiss, Emirates, Estelar Latinoamerica, FlyBondi, Flyest, GOL, Iberia, KLM, LATAM Argentina, LATAM Chile, LATAM Ecuador, Lufthansa, Paranair, Qatar, Sky Airline, TAM, Turkish Airlines and United Airlines.

Airport Parking

Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport provides a 24-hour parking facility for passengers. You can safely park your car at the airport’s parking area. However, the parking fees may vary with the duration of your parking needs (in minutes, hours, or days). An open-air parking area in Terminal A, a multi-level parking area in Terminal B, and another parking area opposite Terminal C are available. They categorized their parking into Long term stay and Short term stay where long-term parking is budget-friendly. If passengers want to go on a long vacation they can park in the long term parking. We provide the rate table for the different parking lot from the table given below.

Parking LotPer Hour RatePer Day Rate
E1AR$ 180.00AR$ 900.00

The rate for Parking Long Term: Long-term parking is not available on an hourly basis so keep in mind that thing while parking.

  • For 7 days AR$ 2990
  • For 14 days AR$ 4490
  • For 21 days AR$ 5590

Note* All the charges will be applied in the form of the Argentina Dollar(currency).

Facilities and Services Available at Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport

The Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport provides various amenities to travelers which are discussed below in brief. We’ll try to cover all the services and amenities for your pre-guidance.

Security Check-points

There are security check-in sections at the terminals of the airport. They operate for 24 hours.

Help Desk

When you are at the Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport and need help, there is a help desk to assist you. Here, you can inquire about your flight or find other facilities easily at the airport. The help desks are located on the ground floor at Terminal A and another is located between the Arrivals and Departures area in Terminal C.

Wi-Fi and Mobile Charging

Free Wi-Fi is available at Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport if you need to connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to access the internet. In addition to free Wi-Fi, mobile charging power outlets are also available at the airport, in case you need to charge your phone’s battery. The mobile charging outlets can be found in all three terminals.


ATMs are available at Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport. You can swipe your bank card and withdraw cash at the airport’s ATM if you’re running low on cash or need to make cash payments at other services or stores. You will find ATMs located on the ground floors of Terminals A and C.

Baggage Handling

The airport does not provide storage or locker room for baggage. However, a service called True Star provides baggage wrapping and packing sections, which you can find at the side-walk, public area, and hall departures in Terminal A and also at the side-walk in Terminal C. You can protect your baggage from damage or theft, as a safety precaution.

Massage Chairs

VML provides massaging chair services at the airport. You can relax in one of these cozy massaging chairs. You can find them on the 1st Floor, Airside at Terminal A.


The airport provides comfortable lounges for passengers. These are premium lounges that are available as pay-per-use, Single Visit Passes, and Lounge Memberships. Passengers traveling in any class can use these premium waiting rooms either by paying at the lounge gate or purchasing a lounge membership.

If you are a First or Business Class traveler, you may have access to the lounges that are provided at the airport. The premium lounges at the airport include:

American Airlines Admirals Club:
The lounge is located at Airside in Terminal B. You can have access to this lounge by paying at the door with proof of your American Airlines ticket or via the lounge membership program.

Star Alliance Lounge:
The lounge is located opposite Gates 9 and 10, 2nd Floor, Airside in Terminal B. It also provides showers and is open 24 hours. The lounge can be accessed through lounge membership programs.

Aeropuertos VIP Club:
The lounge is located to the left of security on the 1st Floor, Airside, at Terminal A. It also provides showers and is open 24 hours. The lounge can be accessed using Pay at the Door which will cost you US$ 50.

Aeropuertos VIP Club:
The lounge is located in Terminal A, Lower Level, Arrivals. It provides showers and is open 24 hours a day.

The lounge is located at Airside in Terminal A.

Star Alliance Lounge:
The lounge is located at Airside in Terminal A.

Aerolineas Argentinas Salon Condor:
The lounge is located at Airside in Terminal C.

Shops, Cafes, and Restaurants

Inside Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport

There are many shops and eateries at the airport. In addition, there are bookstores, pharmacies, and malls as well.

Duty-Free Shop:

You can find the Duty Free Shop located in the Arrivals and Pre-boarding sections at Terminal A and also in the International Pre-Shipment section at Terminal C.

Regional Products stores:

There are also stores at the Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport that sell regional/local items. These stores include Alma Pampa, which is located in the International Pre-Shipment area at Terminal C; Pasiones Argentinas located in the Departures Hall at Terminal A; ARG Gift Souvenirs located in the Departures Hall, on the 1st Floor at Terminal A.

And there is another store named Piedras Argentinas located in the Public Sector and Pre-Boarding Sector on the 1st Floor at Terminal A and also in the Pre-Embarque International area at Terminal C.


There are bookstores at the airport. The Yenny bookstore can be found in the Departures area, 1st Floor, and Public Sector at Terminal A. The other bookstore GB Libreria can be found in the Arrivals Hall at Terminal A.

Newspapers & Magazine:

The newspapers and magazine stores can be found at Terminals A and C.

Pharmacies and Drug-stores:

The Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport provides stores that sell medicines, which can come in handy during an emergency. If you need to buy medicines, you can head over to “FarmaCity”, which is a pharmacy located in the Public Area and Departures Hall at Terminal A. Another medical store named “Open 25 hs” has its stores located in Terminals A, B, and C.

Food and Drinks:

You will find many places to eat at the airport. A few popular restaurants, cafes, and bars include Starbucks, Moka & Deli, Brioche Doree, El patio Buffet, Havanna, Chachingo, La Autentica Despensa, Le Pain Quotidien, Tango Bar, Sports Bar, Fausto, Tostado, and Florida Garden.


Finding accommodations at Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport or near the airport should not be a problem for you as there are several hotels here. Whether you are traveling alone, with friends, family, or children, you will find comfortable places to stay during your visit to Boise.

A few hotels that are located at a close distance from the airport are:

Posada de las Aguilas:
The hotel is only 7 minutes from the airport. You can take a ride to and from the airport via the hotel’s shuttle service. Airport transportation is included in the cost.

Bernie’s Bed & Breakfast:
The hotel is just 5 minutes from the airport. They provide a free 24-hour round-trip airport shuttle service, with a maximum of 2 trips per room.

Holiday Inn:
The hotel is about 15 minutes from the airport. Free airport shuttle service is available from 6:00 AM till 2:00 PM and from 4:00 PM till 12:00 AM. The hotel has stood in the Arrivals section of Terminals A and C.

MD Inn Bed & Breakfast:
The hotel is located 10 minutes from the airport. They provide a free 24-hour airport transfer service.

Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport Shuttle Service

Many travelers often find shuttle services to be very favorable as it saves them plenty of time when getting to the hotel and/or airport. The airport and a few hotels in the city also provide free shuttle services to visitors to and from Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport.


Need a bus ride? There are public transportation services that serve at Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport and can take you not only to hotels, you can also enjoy a ride in the city and go on sight-seeing. The Public Urban Transport is a company that provides bus services and can be found at the Historic Building Hall, in front of parking lot B.

Their Line 394 buses mainly serve routes such as Barrio Uno, J. Newberry Road, Post Office Headquarters, Monte Grande Railroad Station, and Route 4 Camino de Cintura (Southern belt road).


Taxi services are also available at Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport. If you like to take a ride to the city in a taxi, you can easily find them at the taxi stands at the airport. There are many companies that offer taxi services to passengers at the airport.

A few such companies include Reclamos, On Baires Transfer, REMIS Vip Cars, REMIS Manuel Tienda Leon, REMIS Transfer Express, TAXIS Municipalidad de Ezeiza and TAXIS Municipalidad de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

Car Hire/Rental

If you are in the mood to move around places in the city, or just want to get to a hotel, you can also rent/hire a car at Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport. There are car rental companies that provide this service. A few include Alamo (can be found in Terminal A), Hertz Alquiler de autos, and Avis Puntos de venta.


If you are going to Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport from downtown, it will be convenient to take the 8 bus that says AEROPUERTO (AIRPORT) due to the fact there are many 8 buses that go to different places. The bus will first halt all along Mayo Avenue and then Rivadavia Avenue. It can take more than two hours to get to the airport from downtown (longer than the time from the airport), and the bus can also get crowded. If you want to get there as quickly as possible, it is advised that you ignore this bus and take a “remise” or taxi to get there quickly.

Another choice is to take the TiendaLeón bus which leaves from their terminal at Av Eduardo Madero 1299, not far from Plaza San Martin. They can also make arrangements for your pick-up from your hotel in the downtown location and take you to the terminal from where you will board their bus to Ezeiza Airport. From the terminal, you will be charged 220 Argentina Pesos ($3.27).

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