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Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW) Guide, Facilities & Nearby Hotels

The Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, formally particular Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington through the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, is a conurbation metropolitan statistical region within the U.S. state of Texas encompassing eleven counties. It is the monetary and cultural hub of North Texas. Residents of the region also consult with it as Dallas Fort Worth (airport code), or the Metroplex.

So here below we will be describing every possible detail of the airport which will help out when you have an idea regarding the airport.

Brief Overview of Dallas Fort Worth Airport

Dallas Fort Worth

Dallas Fort Worth was designed to reduce traffic congestion within the terminals and consequently velocity up services which include the Terminal Link travel bus. The terminals are all available from the International Parkway/ State Highway that runs from north to south of the airport.

The Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington metropolitan statistical place’s population is 7,573,136 according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2019 population estimates, making it the most populous metropolitan area in each Texas and the Southern United States, the fourth-largest in the U.S., and in the Americas, it is the tenth-largest. In 2016, the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex ascended to the primary spot within the U.S. 

The terminals are fashioned as semicircles, other than terminal D, with ground transportation, parking lots, and pre-safety departure and arrival centers located on the inside of the semicircle. The departure gates and Skylink educator are placed post-security on the out-of-doors of the semicircle where the handiest ticketed passengers are permitted.

Terminals C and D have airport inns either positioned within the terminal or just outside the terminal. Each terminal has its very own shops, cafes, and eating places with the widest choice being in Terminal D, also known as the global terminal.


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DFW International Airport
P.O. Box 619428
DFW Airport, TX 75261

Contact Number: +1 972-973-3112


If you have any queries or questions regarding the Dallas Fort Worth Airport then you may contact the  Dallas Fort Worth Airport Customer Support Team to get more information about the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. You may even contact us, Treknova on a toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 for help.

 Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) hours

Dallas Fort Worth airport is opens 24 hours.

Keep in mind with the flight schedule, airline check-in, and bag drop hours vary in line.  If you are in the public location of the terminal (landside) you’ll not be able to get through to the secure vicinity of the terminal (airside) till the morning. The TSA safety screening checkpoint hours vary in step with the boarding region:

  • Terminal A: A10 (4:30 AM – 9:00 PM) • A 21 (4:00 AM – 10:30 PM) • A 35 (4:30 AM – 9:00 PM)
  • Terminal B: B19 (4:30 AM – 10:45 PM) • B 30 (4:30 AM – 9:00 PM)
  • Terminal C: C10 (4:30 AM – 9:00 PM) • C 20 (3:00 AM – 10:30 PM) • C 30 (3:30 AM – 9:00 PM)
  • Terminal D: D18 (4:15 AM – 10:30 PM) • D 22 (5:00 AM – 9:00 PM) • D 30 (4:00 AM – 11:00 PM)
  • Terminal E: E8 (3:45 AM – 8:45PM) • E18 (3:45AM – 11:30PM) • E33 (4:00AM – 9:00PM)

Dallas Fort Worth Terminals

Terminal A

Terminal A has 26 gates and is used exclusively with the aid of American Airlines. Terminal A is connected With airside walkways to Terminals B and C.

To attain Terminal B by way of foot, take the escalator or lift opposite gate 39 to the Skylink walkway. To attain Terminal C, the walkway is placed just beyond gate 39 at an equal level as departures. Both alternatives have shifting walkways.

Terminal B

Terminal B has 45 gates and additionally completely serves American Airlines flights for domestic routes only. If you’re trying to travel by way of foot on your flight connection, Terminal B is connected to Terminals A and B through airside walkways.

To attain Terminal A from B, continue beyond gate B4 and take the elevator or elevate up to the Skylink walkway where there are shifting walkways to Terminal A.

To connect with Terminal D, continue strolling via the terminal beyond gate B1 and the yoga studio in which will curve around to the right into Terminal D. There are not any shifting walkways in this route.

Terminal C

Terminal C is the 0.33 terminal used completely by using American Airlines and has 28 gates. Terminal C connects to Terminal A via an airside walkway that is accessible simply past gate C2 at the departures level.

For Terminal D connections, take the elevator or escalator simply beyond gate C2 up to degree three for the Skylink walkway, where transferring walkways will take you throughout to Terminal D.

Terminal D

Terminal D is Dallas Fort Worth’s international terminal, with quite a few airlines running from its 28 gates. The terminal also serves some home arrivals and departures.

Terminals B and C are handy airside from Terminal D by taking walks beyond gate D40 and across the nook to the same degree until you reach Terminal B, or by the escalator or elevator to the Skylink connector bridge to reach Terminal C.

Terminal E

Terminal E has 28 gates, serving flights throughout America and Canada. As the handiest terminal is now not immediately related to another with any walkways, all connections to and from Terminal E should be made through the Skylink to preserve the airside get entry to or with the aid of using the landside Terminal Link shuttle carrier bus and re-clearing security at your connecting terminal.

Dallas Fort Worth Services

Information Services

There are airport information kiosks and desks placed throughout the airport. These are placed within the gate areas and baggage is declared.

Travelers Aid

A Travelers Aid middle is located in Terminal E outside of safety, near luggage declares E4. Assistance is provided with lost and observed items, guest services, and translation services.

Children’s Play Areas

There is a children’s play location in Terminal D, near gate D8. This play region is furnished by McDonald’s and has charging shops and seating for adults.

Baby Facilities

Dallas Fort Worth has four nursing rooms placed at gates A18, B40, and E14.

Pet Relief Areas

There is a puppy relief vicinity in every terminal of Dallas Fort Worth. These are positioned curbside (out of doors of the secure vicinity) in Terminals B and C, and airside (within the secure area) at gates A28, B28, D18, and E31.


Duty-free stores are available in Terminal D only (the international terminal). These can be located close to gates D14, D22, D23, and D27.

Smoking Areas

Smoking is permitted in Terminals A and D American Airlines Admirals Clubs, and in exact smoking regions out of doors of Terminals A, C, D, and E.

Interesting Features

Dallas Fort Worth has over 30 distinctive artwork exhibits in the course of the airport, along with mosaics, sculptures, installations, and paintings.

There are 2 yoga studios in Dallas Fort Worth in which mats are provided to relax and unwind before a flight.

These are placed in the walkway between Terminals B and D and near gate E31.

Prayer: Interfaith chapels can be discovered near gates A23, B25, C15 (bags claim), D40, and E4.


Dallas Fort Worth has ATMs placed in each terminal, inside and outside of the secure vicinity. ATMs are positioned close to:

Terminal A: A11, A22, A34, and out of doors of security at A23 and A24

Terminal B: B8, B21, and B29

Terminal C: C8, C15, C21, C28, and outdoor security at C12

Terminal D: D12, D18, D25, D33, D36, and outside of safety at D15, D30, and worldwide arrivals

Terminal E: E14, E20, E33, and at E14 and E37 outside of security

Currency exchange may be determined in Terminal A close to gate A29 and in Terminal D near gates D11, D22, D24, and D36


There are no bags of storage centers at Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

Dallas Fort Worth Hotels

If sound asleep in Dallas Fort Worth Airport does no longer appeal to you, there are resorts at the airport:

Inside Airport Minute Suites – Private suites that come geared up with a daybed sofa, sound-protecting system, DirectTV, and high-speed internet. Rates are expensive:

  • US$ 42 (1 hour) and US$ 10.50 every additional 15 mins until 2 hours
  • US$ 84 (2 hours) and US$ 8.00 each extra 15 minutes thereafter
  • US$ 155 (Overnight).

The Terminal D place has showers ($20.00 per 30 mins (with suite rental) or $30.00 per 30 mins (without suite rental) consisting of all services required). When the suites are full, they also hire air mattresses for US$ 40 without a time limit. 

Grand Hyatt Dallas Fort Worth airport – Address: 2337 S International Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75261. Contact Number: 972-973-1234. Located in Terminal D, inside the airport.

Hyatt Regency  Dallas Fort Worth International airport – Address: 2334 N International Pkwy, Dallas Fort Worth Airport, TX 75261. Contact Number: 972-453-1234. Located adjacent to Terminal C.


Dallas Fort Worth airport has many things to describe regarding the airport like  Dallas Fort Worth hours,  Dallas Fort Worth layout, and many more which you have to follow if you want to travel with  Dallas Fort Worth Airlines.

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