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Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR)

Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) Guide For Travellers

When you are travelling to and from Julius Nyerere International Airport, it is a good idea to know about the airport and the amenities it offers. Whether it’s your holiday or a business trip, having general information and tips, especially when travelling alone or with a companion, can actually save you from experiencing troubled moments.

Our airport guide gives you all the essential insights that you, as a traveller, can make use of while journeying across places in any part of the globe.

A Brief Overview of Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA) in Tanzania, Africa

Situated at a distance of about 12 km (7.5 miles) southwest of Dar es Salaam city centre in Tanzania, East Africa, lies the country’s major international airport called the Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA).

The airport is named in honour and memory of Julius Nyerere, who served as the first president of Tanzania. However, it is also locally called the Dar es Salaam Internation Airport, due to it location in the country’s Dar es Salaam city.



Julius K. Nyerere Road

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (TZ)


Airport Contact: (+255) 22 284 4324


Operation Hours: Julius Nyerere International Airport is open 24 hours. However, certain shops, food concessions, on-site accommodation and public and private transport services may not offer services throughout day and night. Also, services like airline check-in and baggage drop hours may vary with the flight schedule. Therefore, it is advised that you check with the airport.

About Airport’s Terminal

Julius Nyerere International Airport has three terminals, Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. All charter and private flights are handled at Terminal 1, all domestic flights are handled in Terminal 2 and all international flights are handled in the newly constructed Terminal 3.

Travellers can easily find various amenities, such as information desks, lounges, ATMs, conference rooms for business travellers, newsagent, courtesy telephones, restaurants, restrooms, facilities for handicap passengers, retail shopping outlets, ticket counters, baggage claim and locker facilities, gift shops, transportation, car park and more at the airport.

Julius Nyerere International Airport

On-site and Off-site Parking Options

JNIA offers convenient and affordable parking options to travellers. Parking is available at terminals. One can choose from on-site parking options, off-site car parks and garages that are located in the nearest proximity to the airport. These consist of short-term and long-term parking.

Valet Parking: Valet Parking service is also available at the airport. You also receive complimentary services, such as window cleaning and interior vacuuming and luggage assistance.

Free parking at the airport is only offered for a limited period. A fee of TZS 1000 ($0.43 USD) is charged for an hour’s parking.

Airlines Operating from Julius Nyerere International Airport

Julius Nyerere International Airport (or Dar es Salaam International Airport) serves many domestic, international, charter, government, military and cargo airlines. Its main destinations are Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Airlines that operate short and long-distance flights to and from the airport’s terminals include:

AB Aviation, Air Mauritius, Air Tanzania, Air Zimbabwe, As Salaam Air, Auric Air, Coastal Aviation, EgyptAir, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Ewa Air, Fly540, flydubai, Int’Air IIes, Kenya Airways, KLM, LAM Mozambique Airlines, Malawian Airlines, Oman Air, Precision Air, Qatar Airways, RwandAir, South African Airways, Swiss International Air Lines, Tropical Air, Turkish Airlines, Uganda Airlines and ZanAir.

Facilities and Services Available at Julius Nyerere International Airport

Julius Nyerere International Airport in Tanzania, Africa, offers various amenities to passengers to make their travelling experience worthwhile. The airport also offers a range of duty-free stores, food and beverage outlets, Wi-Fi and internet access, business services and more.

Security Check-points

There are security check-points at the airport’s terminals. All passengers are required to pass through the security check-points.

Help Desk

When you are at the Julius Nyerere International Airport and need help, there are information desks to assist you. Here, you can enquire about your flight or find other facilities easily at the airport. They can be found at the airside and landside of both terminals.

Wi-Fi and Device Charging Stations

Wi-Fi internet access is available throughout the terminals at the airport, in case you want to connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop to access the internet. Free Wi-Fi internet service is offered with unlimited usage. The airport also offers 4G SIM cards that do not require a subscription and can be activated at several shops, and 4G USB sticks (or dongles) at a reasonable price.

In addition to Wi-Fi internet access, mobile and laptop charging power outlets are also available throughout the airport, in case you need to charge your laptop and/or phone’s battery.

Baggage Handling and Storage

Luggage Lockers: Lockers and luggage storage facilities are available at the airport. Swissport provides paid locker facilities and luggage storage services at the airport. The facility is located in both terminals.

Luggage Wrapping: Luggage wrapping services are available at the airport. Bags are wrapped in plastic to protect them from damage and theft. It is located in the airport’s check-in area.

Luggage Trolleys/Carts: Luggage carts are available at the airport. These can be found in both terminals.

Porter Services: Porter services are not available at the airport.

There is a Baggage Claim facility available at the airport.

Make sure to check with your respective airline as to what carry-on items (and their size) are allowed.

Lounge and Business Conference Room

At Julius Nyerere International Airport, passengers can use public lounges, VIP lounges and business conference rooms, which may be available for free or paid in order to access these facilities.

A few lounges and business conference rooms that are available at the airport are:

Tanzanite Lounge: The VIP lounge allows access to First and Business Class travellers only. Snacks, beverages, TV and Wi-Fi are also available. However, passengers can pay a one-time subscription fee that cost around TZS 57941.87 ($25 USD) to access the VIP lounge. It is located in the departure hall of Terminal 2 and is open 24 hours.

There are a few hotels in Dar es Salaam city centre that also provide business conference rooms to business travellers.

Stores and Duty Free Shopping

There are plenty of shops that can be easily found throughout the airport’s terminals and concourses. These shops sell a wide range of items, from children’s toys to fashion accessories for adults. You can also buy books, magazines, newspapers, phones, electronics, jewellery, handicrafts, perfume, postcards, stamps, alcohol, tobacco, souvenirs etc. to help pass time during your stopover or flight delay.

A duty-Free store is also available at the airport that sells all kinds of merchandise, including souvenirs. It is located in the international duty-free area.

Cafe, Bar and Restaurants

Finding snack and beverage options should not be a problem as there are many local and popular nation-wide food chains at Julius Nyerere International Airport. These cafeterias and restaurants are located throughout the terminals and concourses, giving you the best options to eat and satisfy your pre-flight craving.

Food concessions throughout the airport operate with varying schedules. A wide variety of dining options are also available and can be found in both terminals and public and boarding areas as well. These include Flamingo Restaurant, Tasty Life, Traveller’s Cafe, Bistro Bar and many more.

Other Amenities Available at Julius Nyerere International Airport

There are other amenities that are available to passengers at the airport. These include:

Shower: Free shower facility is available at Dar es Salaam International Airport. It is located on the 1st Floor of Terminal 3, right behind Bistro Bar.

Medical Services: The Airport Medical Unit provides medical services to passengers, in case there is an emergency.

Lost and Found Office: There is a Lost and Found Office located on the ground floor of Terminal 2. The facility provides services for lost items, storage and enquiry.

Post Office: The airport offers a post office facility to travellers. It includes services such as sending letters, postcards, parcels and receiving and sending money orders. Stamps can also be purchased here. The facility is located in Terminal 1.

Travel Agencies: There are several travel agencies operating at Dar es Salaam International Airport. Passengers in need of assistance with purchasing last-minute flight tickets or making ground transport arrangements etc. can approach the travel agencies.

ATM: ATMs are available at the airport. You can swipe your bank card and withdraw cash at the airport’s ATMs if you’re running low on cash or need to make cash payments at other services or stores. International Visa and Mastercard are accepted. You can find ATMs located in both terminals.

Currency Exchange: The currency used in Tanzania in Tanzanian Shilling (TZS or TSh). Currency exchange facilities are available at the airport and are operated by Eagle Money Bureau de Change and Galaxy Bureau de Change. The facility is located in Terminal 2.

Banking Services: Banking facilities are available at the airport. Western Union provides sending and receiving money transfers. The facility is located in Terminal 1. It is open from 08:30 till 16:00 hours from Monday to Friday.

Hotels On-site and Nearby Julius Nyerere International Airport

Finding accommodation on-site or nearby Julius Nyerere International Airport should not be a problem for travellers as there are several hotels and resorts out there. Whether you are travelling alone, with friends, family or children, you will find convenient and affordable places for a comfortable stay during your visit to Tanzania in East Africa.

A few hotels that are located on-site as well as near the airport are:

Harbourview Suites, Lantana Hotel, Colosseum Boutique Hotel and Spa, Best Western Coral Beach Hotel, Seascape Hotel And Conference Centre, Q-Bar & Guesthouse, Protea Hotel Dar Es Salaam Amani Beach, Big Time Africa, IZGOLD Sweet Home,

Ground Transport Options To and From Julius Nyerere International Airport

Getting to and from Julius Nyerere International Airport should not be much of a hassle as you will find transport options. You can quickly find a convenient mode of transportation to meet your travel needs. There are several ground transportation options available to travellers that make visiting nearby places and other places of interest very convenient, quick and affordable.

Many travellers often find shuttle services to be very favourable as it saves them plenty of time when getting to hotels and/or airports. Free shuttle buses provide travellers with easy connectivity. Also, there may be a few hotels in the city and adjoining areas that provide free or on-demand shuttle services to and from the airport.

Additionally, you may also book pre-arranged rides that offer services to and from the Dar es Salaam International airport, and which can also be scheduled as per your needs. You can usually find their kiosks or counters/stands located either at the terminal’s entrance or exit area. These may also contain information on the companies that are permitted to render such services at the airport.

Airport Shuttle Service

There is no shuttle transfer service available to passengers within the airport.

Hotel Shuttle Service

Few hotels in the city may offer free or paid shuttle transfer services to their guests. Therefore, it is advised that you contact the hotel for more information with regard to pick-up and drop-off, besides accommodation.

Hotels that offer shuttle transfer services include

Bus Service

Public bus transportation services are available for the commute. It is both affordable and convenient and can get you to places in no time. SUMATRA services bus network between Dar es Salaam city centre and the airport. An average bus fare to the city centre can cost around TZS 400 ($0.17 USD). The bus stop is located just 500 metres from Terminal 1 and about 1000 metres from Terminal 2.

Additionally, you can also find many shared minivans, which are locally called “dalasdalas”, outside the JNIA airport.

Train and Metro Services

Julius Nyerere International Airport is not connected with train and metro transit systems for commuting.

Limousine Service

Limousines are available for hire at the airport. Rates may depend on the destination you are headed to. There are also VIP transport services such as air-conditioned cars and mini-buses that are available on request.

Car Hire Service

You can hire a car at Julius Nyerere International Airport if you are in the mood to cruise around places in the city. There are several companies that offer cars on hire/rent at the airport. The car hire/rental agencies or companies have their counters/stands located on-site, on the ground transportation area.

Taxi Service

Taxis are available, if you need a ride to a hotel or want to go sight-seeing. However, taxis here do not have taximeters, so negotiating fares is advised. Taxi stands can be found on-site, on the ground transportation area.

Taking taxis, especially during the night time can be risky. It is, therefore, advised to only take authorised taxis from the JNIA airport.

App-Based Ride-Sharing Service

Aside from several transport options that are available to travellers from and to Julius Nyerere International Airport, app-based ride-sharing services are also offered. Uber operates pick-up and drop-off at the airport.

Tanzania offers many places of interest to both national and foreign tourists. A few such attractions include Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 m), Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, Rift Valley, Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Conservative Area, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Migadi, Olduvai Gorge, Lake Manyara National Park, Arusha National Park, Stone Town, Lake Victoria, Pemba Island, Mafia Island, Zanzibar Beaches and many more.

Travelling to and from Julius Nyerere International Airport in East Africa’s Tanzania nation will certainly give you a pleasant experience. And, if you plan on staying here for a while, you will find lots of attractions to enjoy your holidays.

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