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Miami International Airport (MIA): Guide, Facilities & Nearby Hotels

Miami International Airport, also called MIA and traditionally as Wilcox Field, is the number one airport serving the Miami region, Florida, United States, with over 1,000 day-by-day flights to 167 home and international destinations, and one of 3 airports serving this place.

Miami International Airport has many things to describe regarding the airport at the time of coronaviruses like Miami international airport, What Miami International Airport are Doing?, and many more which you have to follow if you want to travel with Miami International Airport Airlines.

So here below we will be describing every possible detail of the airport which will help out when you have an idea regarding the airport.

A brief overview of Miami International Airport

The airport is in an unincorporated location in Miami-Dade County, 8 miles or 13 km northwest of Downtown Miami, in metropolitan Miami, adjacent to the towns of Miami and Miami Springs, and the village of Virginia Gardens. Nearby are the towns of Hialeah and Doral, and the Census-designated vicinity of Fontainebleau.


Write To:
2100 NW 42nd Ave,
FL 33126,
United States

Contact Number: +1 305-876-7000


If you have any queries or questions regarding the Miami International Airport then you may contact the  Miami International Airport  Customer Support Team to get more information about the airport. You may even contact us, Treknova on toll-free number 1-800-831-1547 for help.

For long-haul global flights, It is South Florida’s fundamental airport and a hub for the Southeastern United States, with passenger and load flights to cities in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and cargo flights to East Asia and as well as western Asia.

It is the largest gateway between south Latin America and the United States and within the United States, is one of the largest airline hubs because of its proximity to vacationer attractions, nearby economic growth, big nearby Latin American and European populations, and strategic region to handle connecting visitors between North America, Latin America, and Europe.

COVID-19 Updated rules for Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport

Throughout the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Miami International Airport (MIA) has persisted to be a main worldwide gateway and remains devoted to serving its local community and passengers from around the world with industry best practices and guidelines.

The Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD) to retain safeguard our passengers, visitors, and employees have been adapting Miami International airport operations. Your health and safety stay our highest priority. In addition to the protection precautions we have made, travelers are urged to follow the tips underneath to stay healthy whilst visiting Miami International Airport.

  • Wear a face covering and maintain social distancing of at least 6 ft. (2 meters) while touring via the Miami International airport.
  • Contact your airline for cutting-edge travel requirements and flight status.
  • Travelers from the New York Tri-State vicinity in step with government order by means of the State of Florida are directed to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival at Miami International Airport.
  • Some vacationers are prohibited from entering the United States.

What Miami International Airport are Doing?

MDAD keeps taking aggressive measures to avoid the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Together with our federal partners, airlines, and commercial enterprise tenants, we’ve continued to put in force measures for the health and protection of our passengers, traffic, and personnel.

  • Requiring all passengers, visitors, and employees at Miami International Airport as said in Miami-Dade County Executive Order 23-20  to wear facial coverings.
  • Installing plexiglass displays in key regions together with check-in counters, boarding gates, statistics counters, and Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint queue lines.
  • Coordinating with janitorial partners to ensure that high-traffic areas which include restrooms, TSA checkpoints, global arrivals, and employee areas were deep wiped clean and are often maintained even following quality practices.
  • Making positive high “touch-point” areas inclusive of kiosks, handrails, and elevator buttons are cleansed frequently with hospital-grade disinfectant.
  • Placing symptoms in the course of the terminal remind passengers, site visitors, and employees to exercise secure social distancing and wear facial coverings. Informational signage on how to prevent the unfold of COVID-19 can be observed throughout the airport.
  • Positioning floor markings throughout the terminals, displaying where passengers need to stand to make sure the right social distancing. The MDAD body of workers will assist in urging passengers to practice social distancing if they are ready in line.
  • Adding extra hand sanitizing stations throughout the terminals and near information counters, as well as key employee operating regions.
  • Increasing the replenishment schedule of hand sanitizing answers that meet and/or exceed CDC-advocated standards.
  • Dining and retail places are confined to 50% capacity and social distancing measures were implemented.

Passengers suggesions

  • Wear a face-covering always and maintain social distancing of at least 6 ft. (2 meters) at the same time as journeying through the airport. Face coverings are available for buy at several concessions.
  • Follow the social distancing ground markings at some point in the terminal.
  • Check-in online or on your smartphone before arriving at the Miami International airport to minimize touchpoints while going via safely.
  • Prepare to lower your facial covering at the TSA checkpoint so officials can confirm your identity with your photo ID.
  • When going through protection checkpoints consider placing your cell phone and any items in your pocket into your bag.
  • Wash hands frequently with cleaning soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. Hand sanitizing stations also can be observed for the duration of the airport. If you need to cough or sneeze recollect to cowl your mouth with a tissue. Cough or sneeze into your sleeve or elbow,  If you don’t have a tissue.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched gadgets and surfaces, including mobile phones.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nostril, and mouth.
  • Arrive at the least hours earlier than a home flight and 3 hours before a global flight to allow time for social distancing measures.

Here we can provide you the details of what passengers do Inside and outside the fight and the details are given below:-

Rules of Inside the Fight in Miami International Airport

There are several rules for the flights at Miami International Airport departure and arrival of flights. Details of the rules are given below:

Departure rules for Miami International Airport flights:

  • Facial coverings are actually required by way of all passengers and site visitors in the Miami International Airport terminal, as directed by way of Miami-Dade County executive order 23-20, and are to be had for buy at a developing number of shops at Miami International Airport. Following guidelines set by way of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this Order requires using any facial covering that snugly covers the face and mouth, whether store-bought or homemade and is secured with ties or ear loops. Examples of compliant homemade masks may be observed here. Masks aren’t required for youngsters more youthful than two years vintage or everyone who has a problem breathing because of a continual pre-present condition.
  • In response to reduced passenger traffic because of the COVID-19 hazard and to maximize the airport’s efficiency, Concourses E, F and G are quickly closed.
  • All passengers traveling for crucial motives are recommended to touch their airline to verify their flight status because domestic and international flight schedules hold to change.
  • The Transportation Security Administration is now allowing passengers to percent hand sanitizer bottles as much as 12 oz. in their carry-on bag. Bottles extra than three.4 oz. In size might also require additional screening, so passengers ought to permit for added time

Arrival rules for Miami International Airport flights:

  • As directed through a govt order from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the Florida Department of Health body of workers is asking each passenger arriving on direct flights from New York Tri-State region airports (Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York) a chain of journey questions and notifying them about the govt order’s direction for them to self-quarantine for 14 days.
  • Miami International Airport continues to be one of thirteen U.S. Airports approved with the aid of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to get hold of flights from the Schengen location of 26 European international locations, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, below a presidential proclamation that lets in access to the U.S. From those nations for U.S. citizens and legal everlasting residents most effective.
  • According to a presidential proclamation powerful on May 29, access to the U.S. From Brazil is the handiest authorized for U.S. citizens and legal everlasting residents.
  • Medical personnel contracted with the aid of the Department of Homeland Security are asking each passenger from these Level 3 countries a chain of fitness questions and acting random temperature checks earlier than they enter the passport manipulation location.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) maintains to offer additional screening to passengers showing signs and symptoms of a contagious disease, or to any passenger who has traveled to the Level three nations of China, Iran, or South Korea in the last 14 days.
  • The Concourse E federal inspection facility is closed till further notice, so worldwide passengers will exit Customs at either the Concourse D or Concourse J greeter’s lobby.
  • Miami international airport’s automated passport manage and Global Entry kiosks each have antimicrobial surfaces and are cleaned by means of Miami International Airport personnel after each different use.
  • Mobile Passport Control through Miami International Airport cellular app Miami International Airport Official is a touchless passport screening option available to valid passport holders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Ans: The coronavirus has many different strains of viruses that cause illness in human beings and animals. COVID-19 is the new stress of the virus.

Ques: How does coronavirus unfold?

Ans: The virus is an idea to especially spread person-to-person.

Ques: What are the symptoms?

Ans: The common signs encompass fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle pain, sore throat, and new loss of flavor or smell. Visit the CDC website for greater details.

Ques: Should I put off or cancel my trip?

Ans: We suggest reviewing the journey notices and ability health risks related to your destination.

Ques: Are there any present-day travel restrictions?

Ans: We endorse contacting the airline directly. For updates on journey restrictions related to COVID-19, visit the IATA Travel Centre.

Ques: Should I wear a mask?

Ans: Yes, using a face mask is required in all public areas of Miami International Airport and is now required by maximum airlines to board flights.

Ques: Can I bring a hand sanitizer in my carry-on?

Ans: Hand-sanitizer bottles up to ten oz. Are allowed with the aid of TSA for your carry-on.

Ques: Is the Miami International airport open?

Ans: We have remained open for travel and cargo operations. We advocate contacting your airline for modern-day updates to your flight.

Ques: I’m traveling soon, has my flight been canceled?

Ans: We advise contacting your airline for state-of-the-art updates to your flight.

Ques: Why are there still flights returning from Europe?

Ans: Miami International Airport is among numerous accredited airports for accepting flights from Europe as classified by a presidential proclamation of Legal Permanent Residents and  U.S. Citizens. The Department of Homeland Security is undertaking extra screening for passengers arriving on these flights.

Ques: From South America, I’m flying in, will I be screened?

Ans: At this time, passengers from South America are not receiving extra screening. Passengers arriving within the US from foreign destinations are being asked to self-isolate for 14-days.

The Department of Homeland Security is simplest accomplishing additional screening for passengers returning from all Level 3 nations in Europe, as designated by means of the CDC. Learn greater here.

Ques: I’m touring on a domestic flight, will I be screened?

Ans: At this time, the handiest passengers on direct flights from the New York location are being asked a chain of journey questions and are directed to self-quarantine for 14 days through the Florida Department of Health and National Guard staff. This is needed by means of a govt order from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Learn more here.

Ques: How will I be screened?

Ans: If you’re arriving on a right away flight from Level 3 U. S. A . in Europe, medical professionals contracted by means of the Department of Homeland Security are acting extra screening by asking health questions and performing random temperature checks, as directed by means of the CDC. Learn extra here.

If you’re arriving on a right away flight from the New York vicinity, the Florida Department of Health and National Guard is asking tourists a chain of questions and are being informed to self-quarantine for 14 days.

Ques: How early should I arrive at the Miami International airport?

Ans: We continually propose arriving a minimum of 2 hours before a home flight and three hours earlier than a global flight to allow time for social distancing measures.

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