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San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Guide

San Francisco International i.e. SFO Airport is a global airport near San Bruno and Millbrae in unincorporated San Mateo County. It is 13 miles or21 km south of downtown San Francisco, California, It has flights to factors at some point in North America and is the main gateway to Europe and Asia.

 After LAX, SFO airport is the second busiest in California and the biggest airport in the Bay Area. In 2017, it became the seventh-busiest airport within the United States and the 24th-busiest inside the world by passenger count. For United Airlines, it is the fifth-largest hub and features as United’s number one transpacific gateway. It additionally serves as a secondary hub for Alaska Airlines. It is a first-rate upkeep hub for United Airlines and homes the Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum and Library.

SFO Airport has many things to describe regarding the airport like SFO  Airport Terminals, SFO airport airlines, and many more which you have to follow if you want to travel with SFO airport Airlines. So here in below we will be describing every possible detail of the airport which will help out when you have an idea regarding the airport.

SFO Airport Terminals

SFO airport

SFO airport with the terminal boarding gate is a circular shape located on the outside of the circle and parking and floor transportation on the inside of the circle.

The airport has 1 worldwide terminal and 3 home terminals, without difficulty connectable through pedestrian walkways or by way of riding the AirTrain.

SFO has correct public transport links with everyday buses serving the airport, as well as the BART education station with direct offerings to downtown San Francisco.

Other modes of transportation are also effortlessly on hand from the terminals with the AirTrain connecting passengers to the automobile rental center and trip buses strolling to/from the long-term parking garages.

International Terminal

The International Terminal has a central important corridor for ticketing, services, shops, and restaurants placed on Level 3. This is also where passengers get admission to the BART Station for connections to San Francisco.

Arrivals and bags claims are positioned on Level 2 and the AirTrain stations are placed on Level 4.

The departures area is cut up throughout 2 concourses — A and G — with parking facilities and AirTrain stations located on either side.

International A Gates

The global A gates are positioned at the southern aspect of the airport and include gates numbered A1-A15. The concourse has a dedicated parking garage for passengers departing on A gate airways and its own security checkpoint. 

The concourse has shops and eating opportunities, in addition to the Emirates Lounge for eligible passengers.

International G Gates

The worldwide G gates are positioned on the northern aspect of the airport with gates numbered G1-G14.

The concourse has a chief protection checkpoint and a smaller one for passengers connecting from global flights to domestic flights departing from Terminal 3. On the concourse of the gate, G has shops and restaurants, a United Polaris Lounge, and a United First Lounge.

Passengers departing on G facet airlines are advised to utilize the G facet car parking storage as it is the closest to their check-in and departure region.

Harvey Milk Terminal 1

Harvey Milk Terminal 1 is one of the three home terminals at SFO with flights operated with the aid of Delta Airlines, JetBlue, and Southwest Airlines.

The terminal has 2 concourses — concourse other with gates numbered B6-B18 and 1 with gates numbered C2-C11. Both concourses have their personal protection checkpoints, a few stores, and eating places, and gates C2-C11 have a Delta Sky Club.

Passengers can walk in the secure place in the event that they have arrived at gates C2-C11 and want to hook up with a flight at Terminal 2. To connect with other terminals, this would require walking outdoors in the secure area or driving the AirTrain.

Terminal 2

Alaska Airlines and American Airlines function flights from Terminal 2’s 18 gates, numbered D1-D18.

The terminal has a great selection of shops and restaurants and an American Airlines Admirals Club. Passengers can walk in the secure location in the event that they have arrived in Terminal 2 and need to connect with gates C2-C11 of Terminal 1. For every other terminal connection, re-clearing security could be required.

Terminal 3

Terminal three consists of 36 gates throughout 2 concourses. 1 concourse has gates numbered E1-E13 and the other has gated F1-F22.

There are 2 United Club Lounges and an American Express Centurion Lounge and Only United Airlines operates flights from this terminal. There are also shops and restaurants in the course of the terminal and concourses.

Passengers connecting from an inbound flight to Terminal 3 From the G gates to an international flight can walk along the connector bridge inside the secure place. Any passengers looking to connect with an international flight from the A gates would need to re-clear protection.

Inter-Terminal Transport


The AirTrain is a convenient human beings mover that connects passengers between terminals and to/from the car rental center across 2 lines. The AirTrain does not serve the long-term parking garages.

The pink line runs clockwise stopping in any respect terminals, terminal garages, the BART Station, and Grand Hyatt. The blue line runs counter-clockwise at all terminals,  Grand Hyatt, terminal garages, the BART Station, and the car apartment center.

Trains depart every four minutes and function 24-hours a day, connecting passengers outside of the secure location.


The terminals are all linked in a loop — Terminal 1 – Terminal 2 – Terminal three – International Terminal G – International Terminal A – Terminal 1.

Domestic Terminals

Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 are linked by means of a walkway out of the doors of the secure place and inside of the secure vicinity through a connector bridge from gates C2-C11 in Terminal 1. Gates B6-B18 has a dedicated protection checkpoint, so its miles are usually important to clean safety whilst departing from these particular gates in Terminal 1.

Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 are related to a walkway outside of the secure area, so passengers are required to re-clear security while connecting.

International Terminals

The walkway between International Terminal A and Terminal 1 is presently beneath construction, so the excellent way to reach Terminal 1 or 2 is presented through the AirTrain.

Terminal three is connected to the International Terminal outside of the secure area, and passengers connecting from Terminal 3 to departure gates G in the International Terminal can walk through an airside connector bridge without the want to re-clean safety.

Any passengers connecting to departure gate A in the International Terminal have to re-clean protection at the entrance to the A gates.

Official Airport Parking

There are over 8,000 areas at SFO for passengers seeking to park short- and long-term.

Short-Term Parking

The domestic storage is placed inside the middle of the airport near the entrance of Terminals 1, 2, and 3. This is the largest parking garage on the airport with fees at $2 consistent with 15 mins or $36 according to 24 hours. This storage offers protected and uncovered parking with a maximum clearance of 6 ft 6 inches.

Valet Parking is also to be had inside the domestic storage on level 4. Fees are $45 for the primary 24 hours with the next hours charged at $2 in step with 15 minutes or $ forty-five in keeping with 24 hours.

International Terminals A and G both have parking garages located nearby with included and uncovered parking. Rates are $2 per 15 mins or $36 in keeping with 24 hours.

Long-Term Parking

Long-time period parking is available in the long-time period floor lot or internal 2 long-time period garages. These options are placed a little manner from the terminals and cost $2 according to 15 mins or $18 in keeping with 24 hours. A courtesy trip bus transports passengers from the parking regions to the terminals every 5-15 mins.

Valet Parking

There are 150 seats available for the Valet parking
6’6″ is the maximum height (78″) Park VALET services have been temporarily halted.
For the first 24 hours, it’ll cost you $45
$2.00 per 15 minutes after 24 hours
Maximum of $45.00 per 24 hours.

SFO Airport Hotels

If snoozing in San Francisco Airport does not appeal to you, there are nap rooms in the airport and many motels close to the airport:

  • Inside Airport Nap Rooms – There are three nap rooms available at FreshenUp, positioned within the International Terminal, landside, stage G, Main Hall, subsequent to the Airport Travel Agency. The rooms come geared up with a bed, unfastened WiFi, desk, mirror. Showers are to be had for an additional cost. Hours: open 24 hours. Rates: $40 (1 hour) • $120 (8 hours – 10:00PM – 6:00AM) • $10 (in keeping with 15-minute increments first two hours and then $eight consistent with 15-minute increment after hours).
  • Near Airport Aloft San Francisco Airport – (5 minutes from the airport) Free airport shuttle carriers run every 15 to 20 mins from four:05AM to 12:05 AM and are available upon request after hours.
  • Near Airport The Westin San Francisco Airport – five minutes from the airport) Free 24-hour airport travel service runs every 20 mins at the hour between 4:00 AM to Midnight, and on request after hours.
  • Near Airport Hampton Inn & Suites San Francisco Burlingame Airport South – (five mins from the airport) Free airport travel carrier runs each 30 minutes from four:00AM to 12:30 AM. The shuttle choices upon the Hotel Shuttles pick-up location at both Domestic and International Terminals.
  • Near Airport San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront – (five mins from the airport) Free airport goes back and forth is available. Use the courtesy phone in the luggage claim place for airport pick-up.
  • Near Airport Vagabond Inn Executive San Francisco Airport – (6 minutes from the airport) Free airport travel is to be had from 4:00 AM to 1:00 AM.

To see more alternatives there is a list of resorts close to San Francisco Airport on Tripadvisor that may be sorted by way of price, distance, traveler rating, and popularity.

SFO Airport WiFi / Internet and Mobile Charging


Free WiFi is available at San Francisco Airport. Connect to the SFO airport  FREE WIFI network. The carrier is to be had for 4 hours; however, in case you receive the “terms and conditions” whilst prompted, you may keep having loose access.

Mobile Charging

Workstations and strength outlets can be found during the Terminals for unfastened (probably slower) charging. For speedy charging at a fee, head to this type of 3 locations: Terminal 1, Boarding Area B close to Gate 23 • Terminal 3, Boarding Area E near Gate 61 • Terminal three, Boarding Area F close to Gate 87.

Facilities & Services of SFO Terminal

  • Information Services: There are information cubicles located in each terminal at SFO within the essential central regions.
  • Travelers Aid: There is no traveler’s resource center at SFO. The nearest center is the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Marin County in San Rafael.
  • Children’s Play Areas: SFO is certainly one of the great kid-friendly airports inside the U.S., so its clear SFO is targeted on family travel. SFO has 3 Kids Spots that have interactive and educational functions to keep kids entertained earlier than your flight. Terminal 2’s Kids Spot is located close to gate D7 and Terminal three’s close to gate E7 and F18.
  • Baby Facilities: SFO has nursing stations in every terminal, positioned at:
    • International Terminal: Pre-safety on the G side
    • Terminal 1: Near gate C7
    • Terminal 2: 
      • Departures level, close to Museum Art Cases
      • Departures level, near the safety checkpoint
      • Departures level, at the back of Alaska Airlines price tag counter
      • Arrivals level, near carousel 1
      • Arrivals level, close to carousel 4
      • Near gate D4
      • Near gate D14
    • Terminal 3:
      • Departures level, near entryway door 5
      • The mezzanine level, via the concession area
      • Near gate E5
      • Near gate F4
      • Near gate F16
  • Pet Relief Areas: While no longer a pinnacle puppy-friendly U.S. Airport, SFO nevertheless offers a lot when traveling with Fido. SFO has pet relief areas in every terminal, and these are placed at:
    • Terminal 1:
      • Concourse B restrooms
      • Concourse C, close to gate C5
      • Baggage claim level (out of doors courtyard)
    • Terminal 2:
      • Concourse D restrooms, close to Sunset News
      • Baggage claim level (outdoor courtyard)
    • Terminal 3:
      • Concourse F restrooms, near San Francisco Magazine News
      • Baggage claim level (doors courtyard)
    • International Terminals: Near the cease of Concourse A (indoor area)
  • Duty-Free: Duty-free buying is to be had at the International Terminals, located close to gates A11 and G4.
  • Smoking Areas: Smoking is the simplest accredited in designated areas out of doors of the terminals, outside of the stable area.
  • Interesting Features: SFO has a video art room showing documentaries, experimental films, and animations that can be no more than 15 minutes. The airport also gives the Wag Brigade with trained dogs (or even a pig) roaming the airport wearing “Pet Me” vests.
  • Prayer: There are not any chapels or dedicated places of prayer at SFO, however, the airport has the Berman Reflection Room for quiet reflection and meditation.
  • Money:  ATMs are placed throughout the terminals, and currency trading desks are located inside the International Terminal and Terminal three near gate E1.
  • Luggage: Luggage storage is available at the Airport Travel Agency inside the International Terminal, outdoor of G safety.
  • Water Fountains: Hydration stations are available in each terminal and at the departure concourses.

Where to Contact If my Bag is lost

Guests who misplace personal things at SFO must contact several lost and found departments, depending on where the item was last seen.

If you’ve misplaced your luggage on a plane,
Please notify your airline if you have things left onboard.

  • Misplaced & Found Guests who misplace personal things at SFO must contact several lost and found departments, depending on where the item was last seen.
  • Please notify your airline if you have things left onboard an airplane.

Taking the bus to a long-term parking lot or a car rental center
Please call the SFO Shuttle Bus Company at 415.915.9760 for goods left onboard the bus to the Long-Term Parking Lot or the Rental Car Center.

If Items are lost in the Public areas
Please call the San Francisco Police Department’s Lost & Found for things left in public areas such as airport terminals, garages, or AirTrain.

If your call is not returned, please leave a thorough message that includes your name, contact information, a description of the item, and when and where you left it.

SFO Airport Hours

SFO airport opens 24 hours.

Keep in thoughts that TSA, airline check-in, and luggage drop hours vary in line with the flight schedule. Check these hours along with your airline. If you are within the public area of the terminal (landside) you may now not be able to get via to the secure vicinity of the terminal (airside) until the morning. The TSA safety screening checkpoint hours vary in step with boarding areas:

  • Boarding Area A: 4:30 AM – 2:00 AM
  • Boarding Area B: 4:00AM – 12:30AM
  • Boarding Area C: 4:00AM – 1:00AM
  • Boarding Area D: 3:forty five AM – 12:30 AM
  • Boarding Area F (checkpoint 1): 3:30AM – 12:00AM
  • Boarding Area F (checkpoint 2): 5:00AM – 5:00PM
  • Boarding Area G: 4:30AM – 1:00AM

SFO Airport Airlines

San Francisco airport is served by the following airlines: Aer Lingus • AeromexicoAlaska Airlines • American Airlines • ANA • Asiana • Avianca • Air Canada • Air China • Air France • Air India • Air New Zealand • British Airways • Cathay Pacific • China Airlines • China Eastern • China Southern • Copa AirlinesDelta Airlines • EL AL • EmiratesEVA Air • Fiji Airways • Finnair • French bee •  Iberia • Icelandair • Interjet • Japan Airlines • JetBlueKLMKorean Air • Level • Lufthansa • Philippine Airlines • Qantas • SAS • Singapore AirlinesFrontier AirlinesHawaiian Airlines • Hong Kong Airlines • Southwest AirlinesSun Country • Swiss • TAP Portugal • Turkish AirlinesUnited Airlines • Virgin Atlantic • WestJet.

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