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Tocumen International Airport (PTY): Guide, Facilities & Nearby Hotels

Tocumen International Airport or Panama city airport or pty airport is the international airport of Panama City, the capital of Panama. For Copa Airlines, the airport serves as the Homebase and is a nearby hub to and from The Caribbean, South, North, and Central America, and additional capabilities routes to some European and Asian cities.

Tocumen International Airport has many things to describe regarding the airport like airport Terminals, airport hotels, and many more which you have to follow if you want to travel with airlines flying from Tocumen International Airport.

So here below we will be describing every possible detail of the airport which will help out when you have an idea regarding the airport.

A brief overview of Tocumen International Airport


Write To:
6300 W Bay Pkwy,
Panama City,
FL 32409,
United States

Contact Number: +1 850-763-6751


If you have any queries or questions regarding the Tocumen International Airport then you may contact the airport’s  Customer Support Team to get more information about the airport. You may even contact us, Treknova on the toll-free number 1-800-831-1547 for help.

Tocumen Airport was first constructed just after WWII as a manner to protect the economically-essential Panama Canal. Back then, it served as a US navy base. Nowadays, Tocumen welcomes over 10 million passengers to Panama every year. Given its significance and size, you’ll be amazed to learn that Tocumen boasts the best terminal, which makes navigating your manner rather straightforward.

There is excessive terrain to the north of the airport. The Tocumen VOR-DME and non-directional beacon are positioned just south of the field. This is one of only a few airports in the location capable of accommodating the A380-800, the most important passenger plane ever built, on two separate runways.

Tocumen International Airport City Airport Terminal

There is only one terminal.

Tocumen International Airport

Tocumen International Airport Car Parking

Airport parking is positioned in front of the terminal. Charges are levied according to the minute and start at $0.03 per minute for the primary hour, $0.02 per minute from one to 5 hours, and $0.01 consistent with minute thereafter.

Tocumen International Airport Airlines

Tocumen International Airport is served by the following airlines: American Airlines • Aruba Airlines • Avianca • Avior Airlines • Condor •  AeromexicoAir Canada • Air Europa • Air FranceKLM • Laser Airlines • Lufthansa • Conviasa • Copa AirlinesDelta Airlines • Iberia • SBA Airlines • SpiritTurkish AirlinesUnited Airlines • Venezolana.

Tocumen International Airport Information Desks

There are two information desks within the lobby. The airport’s supervisors are friendly. There is also a help table just after luggage claims, which is operated by means of Panamanian Tourism.

Tocumen International Airport Services & Facilities

Airport Facilities

Money and communications: A financial institution is positioned at the airport and an ATM may be discovered on the departures floor of the airport. There are also public telephones during the terminal. A currency trading facility is reputed to be available.


Baggage carts are the simplest available in positive parts of the airport, which include the location of the custom of arrivals. After that, passengers needing help should approach one of the porters.

Conference and business

The airport’s enterprise center is positioned on the floor. Internet, telephone, and cable services are provided. There are also VIP lounges, which provide restricted commercial enterprise facilities. Access to the Tocumen Royal Saloon VIP Lounge charges between $25 and $50.

For conferences, the closest resort to Tocumen International Airport is Hotel Riande Aeropuerto (tel: (507) 291 9012). It has assembly rooms, convention facilities, and an enterprise middle.


Wi-Fi is not currently available at the airport. Internet services are available for a price of $2.50 in keeping within an hour, however, the connection is very slow.


Duty-loose buying is available on arrival and departure from Tocumen International Airport. Passengers arriving in Panama can save for perfumes, cosmetics, sunglasses, electric items, and audio-visible equipment before proceeding to Immigration.

In the vicinity of the departure, there also are masses of duty-loose buying options, however best a limited variety of different shops, so if you need analyzing cloth or something other than the general duty-free paraphernalia, it’s far best to get it before going to the airport.

Food and drink

The meals and drink options at Tocumen International Airport are somewhat confined. There is one foremost restaurant within the departures section. There are a couple of other meal vending stations at some stage in the terminal, consisting of a Subway Sandwich, and there’s a coffee cafe on the upper ground.

Other facilities

A clinic, cable, and wireless telephone offerings faxing facilities, porters, and duty-loose purchasing on arrival and departure. The airport is likewise partially handy for passengers with disabilities, however, it’s miles encouraged that passengers contact their airline in advance of time.

Tocumen International Airport Longue

Pay-per-use, Single Visit Passes & Lounge Memberships

Regardless of what magnificence of carrier you’re flying, there are lounges that you may enter by means of paying at the door or via a living room club program (ie. Priority Pass). Visit the character living room web page for more details about the front room itself and to also discover how you may gain front room access with simply an economy magnificence ticket!

Passes Copa Club

  • Location: The second floor, Airside, above Gates 21 and 21A. Showers are available.
  • Lounge Access: Lounge club programs.

Passes Tocumen Royal Saloon

  • Location: Landside, Third Floor.
  • Hours: Open 24 hours.
  • Lounge Access: Pay on the Door • Prepaid living room passes • Lounge membership programs.

Passes The Lounge Panama via Global Lounge Network

  • Location: Airside, close to Gates 1 – 10. Showers are available.
  • Lounge Access: Prepaid lounge passes • Lounge club programs.

Tocumen International Airport Hotels

If slumbering in Tocumen International Airport does now not enchantment to you, there are hotels close to the airport:

  • Crowne Plaza Panama Airport:
    Just 1 minute from the airport. An unfastened 24-hour airport goes back and forth runs each 30 minutes. To locate the travel, follow the symptoms to parking areas. Cross the road and search for the purple and white Crowne Plaza bus.
  • Riande Aeropuerto:
    Only 3 minutes from the airport. A loose airport that goes back and forth is available. To find the trip, exit the airport and you will see the dedicated bus stop. The bus runs every 20 minutes. 
  • Courtyard through Marriott Panama Metro mall:
    10 mins from the airport. No airport commute is available. The motel will arrange a taxi on your go back to the airport.

Sleeping at Tocumen International Airport

  • Locations & Seating: Airport Sleep GuideSeating is relatively limited for the number of travelers watching for flights. The bad news is that everyone’s airport seating is geared up with armrests, so your first-class guess for snoozing perhaps on the floor. The better information is lots of regions are carpeted. A travel mat, blanket, or extra layer will provide some welcome cushion and warmth.
  • Temperature: Prepare for bloodless temperatures! The airport’s air conditioning seems to live on a complete blast around the clock. Arrive organized with a blanket or maybe a snoozing bag. A hoodie provides extra warm temperatures if the terminal gets even colder.
  • Lighting: At the time of this update, we have now not acquired reviews from vacationers associated with terminal brightness. Come organized with eyeshades or something else to cowl your eyes, which include a blouse or towel.
  • Noise: Travelers document close to-steady noise. During the day, count on the standard airport hum of track and TV, announcements, and tourists and workers chatting all around you. At night, it is able to cool down a little, but travelers file that many people live wide awake chatting and the cleansing crews aren’t a whole lot quieter. Do come organized with earplugs or noise-canceling headphones.
  • Showers: Freshen up (and loosen those stiff muscles) with a shower earlier than your flight. Shower centers are placed within the pay-to-enter Copa Club, located in interior Security. 
  • Food & Drink: Restaurants close by 10:00 PM, although they look open 24 hours during high season, either way, play it safely via stocking up on meals and water simply in case.
  • Security & Safety: Airport personnel appears to tolerate tourists who sleep within the airport, even in single-day campers. At the time of this update, we haven’t had any reports from travelers commenting on safety troubles at Tocumen International Airport, although many warn of taxi rate gouging.

As a precaution, here are a few hints to ensure you’ve got a safe airport sound asleep experience:

  1. Know Where Security is Located.
    Whether you’re sleeping in the airport with the aid of yourself or with friends, it is ideal to recognize where security is. Know in which their office is located and look for video cameras in the spot you decide to stay the night. Ask security where it’s far more secure to spend the night. They’ve possibly visible many airport sleepers earlier than you and they’ll direct you to a safe spot.
  2. Don’t Seclude Yourself.
    If you’re journeying by yourself we recommend that you sleep close to other tourists. If you are snoozing inside the public zone, make sure they are actual vacationers and now not homeless people – it’s far sometimes hard to tell in sure airports.
  3. Hide Your Valuables.
    Don’t leave all your mobile devices out in an undeniable view. We have acquired reviews from individuals who woke up with earphones and no iPod and a computer bag strap and no laptop bag (or computer). The identical goes for important files and money. Keep these secure to your body, so that nobody can get them without waking you up.
  4. Secure Your Bags.
    If you are a deep sleeper, you may need to padlock your bag to something. If your luggage has zippers, flip the bag upside down (zippers to the floor) or sleep along with your bag up in opposition to the wall, so that it might be hard for someone to access it.
  5. Choose to Stay Alert.
    If you don’t experience safety, drink coffee, live peacefully and be alert. You can always sleep on the plane!

Tocumen International Airport Transportation


Taxis are the most secure and most effective advocated way to travel to and from Tocumen International Airport. The legitimate airport taxis at Tocumen Airport are known as the Tourist Taxi Service (tel: (507) 238 4305). It is quality to apply these taxis and avoid some other operator that may method you. Rates to Panama City start at $25 for up to people. For 3 or more humans the fee is going up to $10 according to the person.


Public buses stop on the main road, which is a five-minute stroll from the airport. The buses are marked “Espana Tocumen” and commonly run each 5 minutes or so between four am and eight pm, daily. The ticket fee is approximately $0.30. However, this service isn’t always endorsed.

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