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Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (XMN): Guide, Facilities & Hotels, Cafes, and Restaurants

When you are traveling to and from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, it is a good idea to know about the airport and the amenities it offers. Whether it’s your holiday or a business trip, having general information and tips, especially when traveling alone or with a companion, can actually save you from experiencing troubled moments.

Our airport guide gives you all the essential insights that you, as a traveler, can make use of while journeying across places in any part of the globe.

Brief Overview of Xiamen Goaqi International Airport in China

Situated about 10 km (6 miles) from the downtown at the northeast end of Xiamen island in the Fujian Province in China, lies the Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport. Xiamen is also a coastal city that is well-connected to other parts of the province in the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

It is among the busiest airports, taken into account in whole of China. Travelers will find the airport welcoming and it also offers many facilities and services, though these may not be available throughout the day and night.


Xiamen Island, Huli District
Xiamen, Fujian Province, 361006
People’s Republic of China

Airport Contact: +86 592 5706017


Operation Hours: Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport is open 24 hours. However, certain shops, food concessions, and public and private transport services may not offer their services throughout day and night. Also, services like airline check-in and baggage drop hours may vary with the flight schedule. Hence, it is advised that you check with the airport.

Airport Terminals

Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport

Xiamen Airport has two terminals only, Terminal 3 (T3) for international flights and Terminal 4 (T4) for all domestic flights. The terminals are closed after the arrival of the last flight.

Travelers can easily find various amenities, such as information desks, VIP lounge, ATMs, Business Service Centers, newsagents, courtesy telephones, restaurants, restrooms, handicap services, retail shopping outlets, ticket counters, baggage claim counters, shoeshine stands, barbershops, gift shops, transportation and more at the airport.

Parking at Xiamen Airport

Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport offers convenient and affordable parking options to travelers. One can choose from on-site parking options and off-site car parks and garages. Parking lots are offered for both short-term and long-term and their rates vary with the duration of parking. 

Airlines Served by Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport

Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport serves a large number of domestic, international, government, and cargo airlines. Airlines that are served by the airport include Air Macau, ANA, Capital Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Cebu Airlines, Chengdu Airlines, China Airlines, China Eastern, China Express, China Southern, China United, Hainan Airlines, Hebei Airlines, Juneyao Air, Korean Air, Kunming Airlines, Lucky Air, Malaysia Airlines, Okay Air, Philippine Airlines, Revival Airlines, Royal Dutch Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, SilkAir, Spring Air, Thai Airways, Tianjin Airlines, Uni Air, Watson Airlines, Western Airlines, and Xiamen Air.

Facilities and Services Available at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport

Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport in China offers various amenities to passengers to make their traveling experience worthwhile. The airport has a range of duty-free stores, food and beverage outlets, Wi-Fi and internet access, business services, and more.

Security Check-points

There are security checks at the airport’s terminal. All passengers are required to pass through the security checkpoints.

Check-in at the airport is not permitted until 3 hours prior to departure time. The boarding pass information is not available until passengers check-in for their flights.

Help Desk

When you are at Xiamen Goaqi International Airport and need help, there is an information desk to assist you. Here, you can inquire about your flight or find other facilities easily at the airport. The information desk is located just opposite Gate No. 14, Departure Hall, 2F, T4. There is also a Tourist Information Center that offers assistance and is located in the Domestic Arrival Hall, T3. The opening time of the Help Desk is from 8 am and serves till 10 pm at night.

Wi-Fi and Mobile Charging Points

Wi-Fi internet access is available throughout the terminal at the airport, in case you need to connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to access the internet. However, accessing the airport’s Wi-Fi internet requires passengers to verify their boarding pass information or via phone SMS (Chinese mobile phone number only).

In addition to Wi-Fi internet access, mobile and laptop charging power outlets are also available at the airport, in case you need to charge your laptop’s and/or phone’s battery. AC power outlets can be found throughout the terminals.

Baggage Handling and Storage

Luggage Storage and Lockers:
Luggage storage and locker facilities are available at the airport. They are located in Terminal 3, Arrival Hall, Baggage Counter, and Terminal 4, Arrival Hall, Luggage Storage Counter. The facility is open from 5:30 am until the last departure flight. Service fees are charged depending on the size of the locker one needs. These rates include 3 yuan ($0.42 USD, for a small locker), 5 yuan ($0.70 USD, for a medium locker), 8 yuan ($1.13 USD, for a large locker), and 10 yuan ($1.41 USD, for an extra-large locker).

Luggage Wrapping:
Passengers can protect their baggage from theft and damage by having them wrapped in plastic. The luggage wrapping facility is available in both terminals. Their service fees start at 5 yuan ($0.70 USD). The facility is open from 5:30 am until the last departure flight.

There is a Baggage Claim facility available at the airport. Make sure to check with your respective airline as to what carry-on items (and their size) are allowed.

Lounge and Business Conference Centre

Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport provides premium lounges that passengers can use by either paying at the door, purchasing a lounge pass or via lounge membership programs.

XiamenAir International First Class Lounge:
This premium lounge is available to business travelers with First and Business class tickets on international airlines. The lounge is located in Terminal 3, airside.

XiamenAir Domestic First Class Lounge:
This premium lounge is available to business travelers with First and Business class tickets on domestic airlines. The lounge is also located in Terminal 3, airside.

Domestic Guest Lounge:
There are two of these lounges can be found in Terminal 3.

First Class Lounge:
One of the lounges is located in Terminal 3 and the other is in Terminal 4.

Premier Lounge:
This premium lounge is located in Terminal 3, airside, in the Domestic Departures area, next to Gate 6. Access to the lounge is via lounge membership programs.

Business Centre:
There is a premium business center available that offers workspaces and printing and fax services. The rates may vary depending on the service and duration. It is located in Terminal 3, Departures Level, and also in Terminal 4, Departures Level. It is open from 5 am until the last departure flight.

Stores and Duty-Free Shopping

Inside of Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport

You will find a few stores throughout the airport’s terminal and concourses. These shops sell a wide range of items – from children’s toys to fashion accessories. You can also buy books, magazines, etc., to help pass time.

Duty-free stores are available at the airport, as well as a good selection of shops selling everything from leather goods and souvenirs. Duty-Free shopping is available in six locations. The airport also offers a decent selection of shops to purchase merchandise and gift items and pass the time. There are as many as ten convenience stores that can be found throughout the terminals. Most of these stores are usually open from 5:30 am until the last departure flight.

Cafes, Bar, and Restaurants

Finding fast food options should not be a problem as there are many local and popular nationwide food chains at Xiamen Airport. These fast-food restaurants are located throughout the terminals and concourses, giving you the best options to eat and satisfy your pre-flight craving.

There are food and beverage options available throughout the airport’s terminals. However, not all food courts offer 24-hour services. There are some that open at 5:30 am and close after the last departure flight. The McDonald’s in Terminal 3, at Gate 11 is open from 5:30 am until 1 am.

Other Amenities at Xiamen Goaqi International Airport

There are other amenities that are available to travelers at Xiamen Airport. These include:


The shower facility is available at the airport and can be found in the International First Class Lounge.

Dressing Room:

There is a changing room available, which is located in the Arrival halls at both Terminal 3 and Terminal 4.

Baby Care Facilities:

If you are traveling with an infant, there are nursing rooms that also offer children’s play areas, cribs, changing tables, and comfortable seating. The facility is available in Terminals 3 and 4.

Medical Services:

First aid services are available at the airport. These can be found in Terminal 3, north side of Island C, Departure Floor, and also in Terminal 4, west side, Departure Floor.

Massage Chairs:

There are a few premium massage chair facilities available at the airport. For 10 yuan ($1.41 USD), you can get 10 minutes of relaxation. You can find these in Terminal 3, Terminal Domestic Arrival hall, near the Visitor exit; Terminal 3, Terminal International Arrival hall, near the Visitor exit; Terminal 3, Terminal House No. 8, near the Boarding gate terminal and Terminal 3, Terminals 18 to 22.


Spa services, which also include a hair salon and massage arm-chair services can be found in T3, International, and Domestic Arrival halls, and by the Boarding Gate No.8 of the Domestic Departure hall.


ATMs are available at the airport. You can swipe your bank card and withdraw cash at the airport’s ATM if you’re running low on cash or need to make cash payments at other services or stores. You can find ATMs located in Terminal 3, near Boarding Gate No. 10, Domestic Departure Hall, and also in Terminal 4.

Currency Exchange Counter:

The currency used in China is Yuan (CNY). The currency exchange counters are located in Terminal 3, beside the Business Center of Departure Hall, near Boarding Gate No. 12, present near International Secured Area, and even at the Exit of the Domestic Arrival Hall.

Another counter can be found in Terminal 4, at the Inquiry Counter, West Side of Departure Hall Service Counter No. 12, and Arrival Hall. Their operation hours, however, may vary by location with the location. In Terminal 3, Departures, open at 6 am, while in Terminal 3, the Domestic Arrival Hall, is open until 11:30 pm.

Banking Services:

Banking facilities are available at the airport. Bank of China is located in the Departure Hall of T3. It’s open from 9 am till in the evening at 4 pm.

Public Telephone:

There are public telephone facilities located at both terminal buildings. In addition to public telephones, the facility also includes phone recharge and phone rental services. These can be found in the Arrival Hall, Business Center, Departure Hall, T3, and Arrival Hall, T4

Postal Services:

Passengers who need to drop off their last-minute postcards, or send registered mail and more can do so at the airport’s post office. It is located in Terminal 3 and Terminal 4, Arrivals hall. The service is open from 8 am until the last departure flight.

Travel Agencies:

If you are arriving in Xiamen and need local arrangements or help planning a really last-minute trip abroad, there is a Tourist Service Center at the airport that can probably be of assistance. It is located in Terminal 3, Domestic Exit. It is open in the morning from 8 am until 10 pm in the evening.

Hotels On-site and Nearby Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport

Finding accommodations on-site at Xiamen Goaqi International Airport or nearby should not be a problem for travelers as there are several hotels and resorts out there. Whether you are traveling alone, with friends, family, or children, you will find comfortable places to stay during your visit to Xiamen island in China.

A few hotels that are located not very far from the airport are:

Flipout Garden Hotel Xiamen Airport:
The hotel is located about 2 minutes from the airport, adjacent to the west side of Terminal 3. Shuttle service is available from the airport to the hotel.

Hoga Hotel:
Also called He Jia Hotel, the hotel is located about a 2-minute walk from the airport. An Airport Shuttle service is available to serve customers.

Zijin Hotel:
The hotel is located about 8 minutes’ walk from the airport.

Xiamen Discovery Hotel:
The hotel is located about 7 minutes from the airport. There are no airport shuttle services available.

Transport Options To and From Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport

Getting to and from Xiamen Airport should not be much of a hassle as you will find transport options. You can quickly find a convenient mode of transportation to meet your travel needs. There are several ground transportation options available to travelers that make visiting nearby places and other places of interest very convenient, quick, and affordable.

Airport/Hotel Shuttle Service

Many travelers often find shuttle services to be very favorable as it saves them plenty of time when getting to the hotel and/or airport. A free shuttle bus provides travelers with easy connectivity. There are several hotels located both in the surrounding Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport and the downtown areas that provide free shuttle services to and from the airport.

Xiamen Airport Transfers:
Passengers can book, manage, schedule, and even cancel their transfers to and from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport. Drivers can wait for up to 45 minutes after having their reservation confirmed. Drivers can be called, in case there is a flight delay or you wish to cancel your transfer.

Bus Service

Bus services are available to and from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport. These buses can also transport passengers to the train station (Xiamen Railway Station) and ferry dock (Ferry Boat Dock), in addition to taking a ride through the city areas. Passengers can take public buses according to the numbers for the location they want and some of the bus No. is 27, 37, 41, 81, 84, and 91.

The cost of these bus routes is CNY1 ($0.14 USD). The earliest buses are available at 06:30, while the last buses are available till 10 pm, except bus No. 37. Bus No. 37 even operates until 12:10 am. Also, there is a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line, L19, at the airport. The operating hours are from 06:30 am until 10:10 pm, with the ticket fare of CNY 0.5 ($0.07 USD).

Train and Metro Service

The city is also connected via a train service that can get you to and from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport.

Taxi Service

There are metered taxis available at the airport. Taxi stands are located outside Gate No. 7 of Arrival Hall around terminal T3 and even at Gate No. 3 of Arrival Hall around T4. An average taxi fare may cost around CNY30-40 ($4.22 to $5.63 USD) to get you to the downtown area. Passengers going to other places, such as Quanzhou, Shishi, and Zhangzhou can also take local taxis. The long-distance taxis are located at the West Parking Lot, 120 meters west of the Arrival Hall, T4. There are a few companies that offer taxi services to passengers to and from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport.

Car Hire/Rental Service

You can hire a car at Xiamen Airport if you are in the mood to cruise around places in the city. There are several companies to choose from when renting a car at the airport. The car rental agencies have their counters located at the airport. Avis Car Company is located on the East side of Shopping Street, T3, Shenzhou Car Company is located in Area D2, Parking Lot, T3, and Henghao Car Company are located in Domestic Arrival Hall, T3. Their service hours are from 9 am until 9 pm.

Ride-Sharing Service

Ride-sharing services are currently not available at Xiamen Airport.


Xiamen is a city that is centuries old. The city is also popularly noted for being the gateway to China. Gulangyu island is the most visited tourist destination. It is a small island and is car-free. Foreign tourists may need to seek guidance as not many people speak English in the region. Minnan is the local dialect of Xiamen.

Traveling to and from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport will certainly give you a pleasant experience. And if you plan on staying here for a while, you will find a lot of attractions to enjoy your holidays.

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