American Airlines Flight Cancellations and Delays – Things to Know and How to Rebook/Claim Compensation

Flying from an airport to your preferred destination is never always trouble-free. Be it a short-distance flight or a long-distance one, there may be situations where you may encounter problems, such as a flight delay or cancellation, which can take you aback with surprise.

In this guide, we shall provide you useful information on how you can claim compensation, or even rebook next available flight for your journey. American Airlines Cancellations and Delays.

Know Your Airline Carrier

American Airlines started in the United States, in the 1920s, as a U.S. mail carrier from Missouri to Chicago before it was turned into a commercial passenger airliner. Today, the airliner serves more than 300 destinations throughout the world. Its main operation ground or hub is located in Fort Worth, in the U.S. state of Texas.

When you are flying with your airline carrier, in this case being American Airlines, the airline operator may provide you with the so-called travel benefits. This can include various programs (usually premium) that may complement your flight experience, or offer remuneration to travellers for inconveniences caused by the airline operator/airport.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to get in touch with your flight operator/airport, like American Airlines in this example, and find out what programs and remuneration eligibility schemes they have to offer you.

How American Airlines Cancellations and Delays are Handled

American Airlines lets passengers view, book/rebook and query flights via their official website, mobile app and, of course, at the airport kiosk.

To some, it may not be a surprise that sometimes airlines can experience short or long delays and/or complete cancellation.

Generally, flights may also be classified according to the distance of its trip, such as:

  • Short distance flights (up to 1500 km or 932 miles)
  • Medium distance flights (up to 3500 km or 2175 miles)
  • Long distance flights (beyond 3500 km or 2175 miles)

The flight’s distance also plays a key role in the event of passenger claiming compensation due to his/her American Airlines Cancellations and Delays and without prior information.

Did Your Know?

Many domestic and international airports in various countries may allow passengers to claim compensation or re-book next available flight for free, in case your flight is delayed or cancelled for legitimate reasons.

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American Airlines Flight Cancellations and Delays

The airline operator (American Airlines) has issued certain criteria that allow its passengers to claim compensation, which are as follows:

(a) Delayed Flight: This refers to the late arrival of your flight to your destination three hours or more than the actual ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).

(b) Cancelled Flight: This refers to the failure of notifying you of possible flight cancellation, or perhaps, informing you late, i.e. less than a period of 14 days prior to your flight’s departure.

(c) Missed Connecting Flight: This refers to having missed your connecting flight and arriving at your destination three hours late or much later than the actual ETA. This may be caused due to a delay during one of the stopovers of your long-distance journey.

(d) Flight Overbooked: This refers to being denied boarding your flight as the flight has been overbooked. This is pretty unusual though.

However, there are a few other criteria that may not allow passengers to claim compensation. These are listed below:

(i) As per the airliner’s regulation, compensation can only be claimed by the passenger affected by the American Airlines Cancellations and Delays. Thus, a person who has paid for your airline ticket is not eligible for compensation.

(ii) The airline’s regulation does not provide compensation to affected passengers if the American Airlines Cancellations and Delays is caused due to bad weather, air traffic delay, mechanical issues etc. as these situations are often unpredictable and beyond airliner’s control.

(iii) In case of an overnight flight delay, meal vouchers or accommodation are not included in the compensation.

(iv) Claims are valid for up to a period of 6 years and not beyond that.

So, if you have experienced any of the above-mentioned criteria, whether recently or erstwhile, then you are eligible for a compensation. You can contact the American Airlines operator’s customer service centre for assistance.

Where and How to Contact your Flight Operator/Airport’s Customer Service

Now, in order to rebook or claim compensation in the event of your American Airlines Cancellations and Delays, the easiest way is to contact the airport/flight operator’s customer service.

You can contact American Airlines’ customer service via phone and e-mail that are given below:


Customer Support Phone Number: +1 800 433 7300

Customer Support E-mail: NA

Service Availability: Is operated 24 hours.

American Airlines customer service phone number is easily accessible and the representatives can be customer-friendly, too. However, you may have to wait a couple of minutes before you get to speak with a customer service representative. The automated speech on the phone-line can be pretty long regarding current updates.

Coping with American Airlines Cancellations and Delays

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has laid down certain regulations that affect how passengers travelling either within the United States or in foreign countries, are allowed or denied compensation with regard to American Airlines Cancellations and Delays. We have already seen a few that are mentioned above.

This means that different countries or nations have their own specific laws regarding American Airlines Cancellations and Delays of flights, and how each nation may or may not reimburse for the same to the affected passengers.

American Airlines Cancellations and Delays, in addition to providing compensation to passengers for such inconveniences caused, also provides few other courtesy services. These are stated as under:

  • For short distance flights, affected passengers are allowed up to 2 hours waiting time, along with free services, like snacks, beverages, e-mails, fax and making phone calls (limited to two phone calls).
  • For medium distance flights, affected passengers are allowed up to 3 hours waiting time, along with free services, like snacks, beverages, e-mails, fax and making phone calls (limited to two phone calls).
  • For long distance flights, affected passengers are allowed up to 4 hours waiting time, along with free services, like snacks, beverages, e-mails, fax and making phone calls (limited to two phone calls).
  • For flight delays of more than 5 hours, regardless of distance, affected passengers are allowed to withdraw from their current flight and without paying additional cost. The airliner is obliged to either reimburse or provide next available flight to the passenger so that he/she can reach their destination.
  • In case your flight has been delayed until the next day, then you are provided accommodation and ground transportation to and from the airport. Also, you can request for a written confirmation from the airline operator/airport for such services.

Also, do note that the U.S. law may make it difficult for affected passengers to be reimbursed. So, you may have to bear the burden of writing letters, making calls, approaching airport help desk and resorting to other legally available solutions.

Wrapping Up!

Getting reimbursed for a delayed or cancelled flight, or being rebooked to another flight for free, are situations that occur out of the blue. However, if such inconvenience does take place, American Airlines, being one of the world’s largest flight operator, has to ensure that passengers are treated with fair obligations. After all, the company’s goodwill and the passenger’s (customer) investment and experience are also put at stake, and things can take uncertain turns.

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