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Aeroflot Airlines Baggage Policy

In this article, we will discuss Aeroflot airlines baggage policy. In both domestic and foreign flights, Aeroflot airlines are quite a well-serviced flight to the passenger. Along with the Aeroflot Airlines reservation, they promote many services. Everyone really appreciates the good that the airlines have been doing for passengers or customers over the past few years. They are cooperative and think of advantages for consumers. Aeroflot Airlines is one such Russian airline offering passenger transport services to Russian domestic destinations and also to several foreign destinations serving 146 destinations from 52 countries around the world. In addition to booking flight tickets, Aeroflot airline booking also includes several other services, whether it’s in-flight or normal service to the travelers.

Aeroflot airlines baggage policy
Aeroflot airlines baggage policy

Baggage allowance- Aeroflot airlines baggage policy

All passenger luggage, including cabin baggage, must be given at check-in for security purposes. Passenger luggage that the airline agrees to carry when taking responsibility for its protection is branded and held in the hold with a baggage tag and is referred to as checked baggage. 

Business-Flex and Classic fare families will allow 2 pieces of baggage to be checked-in, up to 32 kg per piece, and 1 piece of baggage to be carried up to 15 kg. In Business — Base fare family will allow the checked luggage of 1 baggage piece up to 32 kg and carry-on baggage of 1 baggage piece up to 15 kg.

In Comfort — Flex and Classic fare families (including comfort class award tickets under the Aeroflot Bonus loyalty program) will allow the checked baggage of 2 baggage pieces, up to 23 kg per piece, and carry-on baggage of 1 baggage piece up to 10 kg. In Comfort — Base fare family will allow the checked baggage of 1 baggage piece up to 23 kg, and carry-on baggage of 1 baggage piece up to 10 kg. In Economy — Flex fare family will allow the checked baggage of 2 baggage pieces, up to 23 kg per piece, and carry-on baggage of 1 baggage piece up to 10 kg.

In Economy class, the allowance of baggage for the tickets such as — Classic, Saver, and Promo fare families (including economy class award tickets under the Aeroflot Bonus loyalty program) will allow the checked baggage of 1 baggage piece up to 23 kg and carry-on baggage of 1 baggage piece up to 10 kg. In Economy class Promo lite and lite fare families there is no free baggage allowance and carry-on baggage of 1 baggage piece up to 10 kg is only allowed. You can go through Aeroflot Airlines Reservation.

Carry-on Baggage allowance rules

  • For economy class and comfort class only one baggage piece is allowed up to 10kg.
  • For Business class one bag allowed up to 15 kg.

Free Checked Baggage allowance rules

  • Two pieces of checked baggage are allowed for economy.
  • Same two are allowed for the Comfort and economy classes.
  • For Flex business and Classic business there is 3 piece of checked bags are allowed

Basic information-  Aeroflot airlines baggage policy

In the ticket/passenger receipt, the amount of pieces of luggage carried as free checked baggage is indicated as 1PC/2PC/3PC. NIL is stated in the ticket/passenger receipt for fares from the Lite fare family that do not have a free baggage allowance. The free baggage allowances for checked baggage referred to above shall extend to the whole of the route in both directions, from check-in to the destination or from the first stop on the route in excess of 24 hours (stopover), provided that all flights are operated by Aeroflot.

The carrier’s baggage allowance can apply to codeshare flights. If a trip includes flights by carriers other than Aeroflot, including code-sharing flights, the allowance for free baggage is calculated in compliance with the rules of the most relevant carrier of the route (detailed information is available from our Contact Centre). The free checked baggage allowances listed on the tickets are used for the corresponding flights if separate tickets have been purchased for separate flights along a route. 

Kids between the ages of 2 and 12 have the same allowances for free checked luggage as adult passengers. Infants (without a separate seat) with Lite family tickets are not entitled to obtain a free baggage allowance, if you want a free baggage allowance you should reserve a separate seat. The free checked baggage allowance for infants and infants up to 2 years of age (who do not need a separate seat) with tickets from other passenger families shall be 1 bag not exceeding 10 kg in weight and for which the total of 3 dimensions shall not exceed 115 cm, irrespective of the class of operation. You can go through Aeroflot Airlines Cancellation. Baggage policy also may affect the rescheduling of your flight because as per fare rule baggage service may not refund at the time of the flight change.

Baggage allowance for Aeroflot/SkyTeam members’ loyalty programs

The following free baggage allowance for all destinations is given to Platinum, Gold, and Silver members of the Aeroflot Incentive loyalty program and members of other Elite and Elite Plus SkyTeam loyalty programs;

  • 2 luggage parts for Platinum participants of the rewards program Aeroflot Bonus;
  • 1 piece of luggage for Aeroflot Incentive reward program holders of Gold and Silver
  • 1 piece of luggage for Elite and Elite Plus tier participants from the frequent flyer loyalty services of the SkyTeam Alliance (restrictions may apply).

You must show an unexpired initial Elite or Elite Plus card (plastic card or electronic card in the mobile app of the airline) belonging to a member to receive an additional piece of luggage.

Baggage tracing status- Aeroflot airlines baggage policy

Please contact the baggage tracking service staff before leaving the arrival area if your baggage has not arrived and filled out a special form. A baggage tracking number will be issued to you, which helps you to track its status using the form. If you have concerns about baggage tracking or would like to make changes (corrections) to the form submitted, please call the baggage number indicated on the baggage non-arrival report. Please keep your flight papers, in particular the boarding pass and the baggage tag, in place. A baggage tracking service is currently available for passengers who have contacted the baggage tracking service in particular cities.

Sheremetyevo Handling LLC carries out baggage handling for Aeroflot flights at all terminals at Sheremetyevo airport. If your baggage does not arrive, Aeroflot will immediately tell Sheremetyevo Handling LLC that further delivery involves baggage tracing.

Baggage shall be traced for 21 days from the date of receipt of the passenger’s declaration in the event of non-arrival. The passenger may make a written claim to the carrier if it is not found within 21 days. Payment of financial compensation and the sum thereof shall be subject to the rules of the Russian Federation Aviation Code and to international conventions.

Special baggage- Aeroflot airlines baggage policy

If you are traveling with overweight or bulky luggage (where a single piece of luggage weighs between 32 and 50 kg and the total of its three dimensions exceeds 203 cm), it must be approved by the airline at least 36 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight for the proper procedure should be performed on time.. The baggage safety rules (including those for small personal mobility devices powered by lithium batteries) can be found in the ‘Safety Rules’ section. These regulations apply to flights operated by Aeroflot and to code-sharing flights operated by the airlines Aurora and Rossiya (see Code-Sharing Flights).

Carriage of sports and hunting arms with ammunition consisting of one piece of luggage (cover, gun case) with one or more pieces of guns and/or one piece of baggage with ammunition:

No matter the size, arms and ammunition are regarded as one piece of luggage. If the total weight of a single piece of baggage with a weapon in combination with any other piece of baggage does not exceed the quota for baggage weight, the free baggage allowance shall include the weapon and ammunition. When the overall weight is surpassed, irrespective of the proportions, they are considered as a different piece of luggage. The weight per passenger of the ammunition (cartridges) to be carried must not exceed 5 kg. You can go through Aeroflot’s homepage.


Travelers who are travelling together would counts as combined free baggage allowance?

The total combined number of pieces must not exceed the total number of allowed pieces, and the total combined weight must not exceed the total of the free allowances by weight specified on the passengers’ tickets. Each piece of free checked baggage may not weigh more than 32 kg, nor may the sum of its three dimensions exceed 203 cm. Each passenger’s bag must be checked in separately.

Can I pay for an oversized and heavy bag in advance?

If the weight and/or size of the baggage exceeds the free baggage allowance, you may prepay for the carriage of the baggage at the sales offices, branches, and representative offices of Aeroflot PJSC. Based on the baggage fees charged at the airport, the cost for carrying one item of overweight and/or excessive baggage will be calculated.

If i pay in advance for my baggage and at the time of begin the flight can decide to not carry any bags at that time can I cancel or get my refunds?

The paid-for but unused Prepaid Baggage service can be cancelled. Please request a refund well in advance before leaving for the airport if you know in advance that you won’t need the extra piece of luggage.

How to proceed if your luggage is late?

Before leaving the arrivals area, if your baggage has not arrived, please get in touch with the baggage tracing service staff and complete the unique form. Call the number listed on the baggage non-arrival report if you have questions about baggage tracing or if you wish to make changes (corrections) to the completed form (PIR).

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