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Air China Baggage Policy

Have you been planning your vacation or trip via Air China recently? If you have booked or made a reservation on Air China, then it might be a good idea to understand the Air China Baggage Policy too.

This will help you to plan your baggage thus making your trip hassle-free and more organized. It will help you to avoid oversized or overweight bags as you will know the size and dimensions.

It will also give you an idea of the baggage allowance on checked and carry-on luggage which means how many free bags you can take with you into the cabin as well as checked luggage. You will have a better idea of what you might be allowed to take with you in your bags and the various restricted items. The baggage policy also covers the special baggage which includes sports equipment and musical instruments.

We are giving you all the relevant info and in case you still find some problem related to the baggage check-in, reservation, manage to book, etc then do contact us, our executives will be happy to help you out. You can contact at +1-800-831-1547.

Air China Baggage Allowance

Baggage is generally divided into carry-on baggage and checked baggage. Bags that are allowed to be taken with you into the cabin is known as carry-on baggage. On the other hand, those bags which are sometimes weighed and handed over to the airline staff are known as checked-in baggage. These checked bags will be transferred to the hold of the aircraft.

How many carry-on bags can you take with you on the Air China flight?

This actually depends on the cabin class of travel on Air China as below.

  • First Class and Business Class passengers will be allowed to take two pieces of carry-on with them and the weight of each bag should not be greater than 8kg or 17lb.
  • Economy class and super economy class passengers will be permitted to bring one piece of carry-on and the weight of each bag should not be greater than 5kg or 11lb.

What are the dimensions and size restrictions for Air China Carry-on baggage?

Your carry-on luggage must not exceed 55cm in length,40 cm wide, and 20 cm in height.

Can I bring other items along with a carry-on bag free of charge?

As per Air China Baggage Policy, you are also allowed to bring the below items free of charge along with cabin baggage:

  • One Blanket or shawl or coat 
  • An umbrella or walking stick 
  • One pair of binoculars 
  • Reading materials 
  • Travel Cosmetic bags 

On the other hand, if you are traveling with an infant, you can bring food and disposable diapers for use during the flight as well as one portable stroller with dimensions not greater than 55cm x 40cm x 20cm (length x width x height) when it gets folded. If larger, it should be checked in.

As a matter of fact, if your carry-on exceeds the specified dimensions, then it will have to be checked in during boarding. At the same time, your cabin luggage should also fit into the overhead bin or underneath the seat in front of you.

Now let’s look into the Air China Baggage Policy on checked baggage allowance 

What is the checked baggage allowance on Air China?

For domestic flights, the bags are weighed and they have weight restrictions only.

Economy and Premium Economy Class passengers are permitted to bring 20 kg baggage whereas First Class are allowed 40 kg and Business Class passengers are allowed to bring 30 kg.

Below conditions apply for international flights 

  • First Class and Business Class passengers are permitted to bring two pieces 32 kg or 70 lb each.
  • For routes to/from Hawaii and the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, the MiddleEast and the southwest pacific as well as for routes between Europe, Africa, and Asia (except for Japan Pakistan Singapore, and Kazakhstan): 

 Economy class passengers are allowed one piece of 23 kg each.

  • And for routes between Americas and the Caribbean (except Hawaii) and Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and therefore the Southwest Pacific and between Japan, Pakistan, Singapore, Kazakhstan, the Southwest Pacific Ocean, and Europe :

Economy class passengers are permitted to check-in two items of luggage for free of charge each weighing up to 23 kg.

  • Premium Economy Class passengers can check-in two pieces of ordinary bags for free with each weighing up to 23 kg.
  • As a matter of fact, Star Alliance members can bring in one additional piece of checked-in baggage for free and the maximum weight should not exceed 23 kg or 50 lb.

What should be the dimensions of checked baggage?

The total dimensions of each piece of checked baggage should not exceed 203 cm or 80 inches and may not be below 60 cm. If the bag exceeds the above size limits, it can be split up and checked in separately.

However, the size limit for each free checked bag should not exceed 100 cm in length, 60 cm in width, and 40 cm in height for domestic flights. For international flights, the total dimensions of each piece of free checked baggage may not exceed 158 cm 

As for weight restrictions, each piece of checked bag should not be less than 2 kg. For domestic flights, the weight of Air China checked baggage should not exceed 45 kg and for international flights, the weight of checked bags should not exceed 32 kg.

Prepaid Checked Baggage

If your checked baggage exceeds the free allowance on a non-stop, Air China-operated and coded international flight with a ticket number preceded by “999,” you can save 10% on excess baggage charges at the airport if you pre-pay for up to two pieces of excess baggage at least 6 hours before your scheduled departure time. With this convenient service, you can save time and money at the airport.

Restricted Items to Carry in Air China

What items are you not supposed to take in your checked baggage?

Air China recommends carrying the below items as carry-on or into the cabin only and not as checked baggage for the safety of the passengers.

  • Tickets or coupons with monetary value 
  • Money 
  • Jewelry
  • Important documents 
  • Travel documents
  • Antiques, paintings, and calligraphic works
  • Perishable items 
  • Electronic devices excluding spare batteries 
  • Medicines

What items are prohibited to be taken in checked baggage?

  • Power banks 
  • Spare batteries 
  • Cremated remains 
  • Baggage that contains non-removable lithium batteries 

What are the other restrictions on checked baggage?

Air China has to give consent for certain items to be taken as checked baggage. Some of them include:

  • Sporting goods and musical instruments that exceed size limitations 
  • Electric wheelchairs
  • Everyday cutting elements such as knives, scissors.
  • Electrical appliances and precision instruments

Air China Special Baggage Policy

Sports Equipments

As per the Air China Baggage Policy, the sports equipment must be properly packed in a manner approved by the airline itself. Some require you to submit a request for these items when you purchase or reserve your seat itself.

Golf Equipment, canoes, bowling equipment, skiing or waterskiing equipment, bicycles, climbing equipment, hang-gliding equipment, archery, hockey, surfboards, windsurfing equipment will be taken as checked baggage only.

Roller skating, diving equipment, tennis equipment can be taken along as unchecked baggage but if they exceed their size dimensions, they can be carried as checked baggage.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments can be taken into the cabin or as checked baggage depending on the size limitations. Overweight and oversized musical instruments cannot be taken as checked baggage.

You are required to sign in a Risk Notice when checking in a musical instrument. When transported as extra seat baggage, the dimensions should not be greater than 140 cm in length, 50 cm wide, and 40 cm in height.

The extra seat baggage should not take the emergency exit rows. These musical instruments on the extra seat must be kept on the floor.

Air China Excessive Baggage Fees

On Domestic flights, the additional excess baggage fees would be 1.5% of the adult economy class fare for a one-way trip while it depends on the routes for international flights.

For routes between America and the Caribbean excluding U.S and Canada, and between Europe / Africa / Middle East / Asia / Southwest Pacific, the excess standard baggage charges would be 220 USD for the first extra bag, and for the second extra piece, it would be 310 USD.

For further information, visit the excess baggage fees information for Air China.

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