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Bangkok Airlines Baggage Policy

In this article, we will discuss the Bangkok Airlines Baggage Policy but lets discuss about the Bankok Airways airlines first.

Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited  is a provincial carrier situated in Bangkok, Thailand. It works booked administrations to objections in Thailand, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Singapore, and Vietnam. Its fundamental base is Suvarnabhumi Airport . The aircraft was set up in 1968 as Sahakol Air working air-taxi administrations under agreement from Overseas International Construction Company (OICC), an American development organization, United States Operations Mission (USOM), and various different associations occupied with oil and gaseous petrol investigation in the Gulf of Thailand. It started booked administrations in 1986, turning into Thailand’s first exclusive homegrown aircraft. . It likewise completely possesses auxiliary carrier Siem Reap Airways. 

It fabricated its own air terminal on Ko Samui, which opened in April 1989 and offers non-stop trips between the island and Chiang Mai, Hong Kong, Krabi, Pattaya, Phuket, and Singapore. The carrier opened its second air terminal at Sukhothai Province in 1996. A third air terminal was implicit Trat Province, opening in March 2003 to serve the travel industry objective of Ko Chang. 

The carrier made its initial attack into fly airplane in 2000, when it began adding Boeing 717s to its armada. . It had likewise worked the De Havilland Canada Dash 8, the Shorts 330 and for a brief timeframe, a Fokker 100. The transporter added another fly, the Airbus A320, to its armada in 2004. 

Bangkok Airways intended to arrange wide-body airplanes as a feature of its desire to extend its armada however these designs to grow to the long stretch market ultimately missed the mark. It needed to add its first wide-body jets in 2006 to serve longer-pull objections, for example, London, India, and Japan, and is taking a gander at Airbus A330, Airbus A340, and Boeing 787 airplane. In December 2005, Bangkok Airways reported it had chosen to arrange a request for six Airbus A350-800 airplanes in a 258-seat design, to be conveyed to the carrier starting 2013 however the request for the airplane was dropped in 2011 because of the further deferral of the Airbus plane. For more information visit their official site

know about their baggage policy , pet policy , check in policy and many more

About Bankok Airlines Baggage Policy

Baggage Allowance 

Economy Class : Maximum weight recompense is 20 kilograms for grown-up and youngster/10 kilograms for baby. 

Premium Economy : Maximum weight stipend is 30 kilograms for grown-up and kid/10 kilograms for baby. 

Blue Ribbon Class (Business Class) : Maximum weight remittance is 40 kilograms for grown-up and youngster/10 kilograms for newborn child.

 Unique Baggage 

Rundown of Special Baggages 


ATR : 1 bicycle for each flight and bike should be appropriately pressed with most extreme measurement 50 x 100 x 50cm. 

AIRBUS :15 bicycle for every flight and bike should be appropriately pressed with most extreme measurement 145 x 160 x 110cm. 


Acknowledged on all trips as checked things as it were. 

One set is comprehensive of one bowling ball, one bowling pack, and one sets of bowling shoes. 

Bowling gear should be appropriately pressed. 

 Carriage of Hypodermic Needles 

As indicated by Thai law (and as per worldwide practices), hypodermic needles are delegated precluded things inside an airplane lodge except if the traveler can show a true blue need to have them in their ownership. 

Needle therapy needles are delegated disallowed things and are not permitted to be carried on to an airplane lodge. 

Traveler (and additionally CIQ traveler) is needed to convey a clinical endorsement or some other pertinent documentation and distinguishing proof to affirm that the hypodermic needles are needed for use during the excursion for a predefined ailment.

CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) and POC (Portable Oxygen Concentrator) 

PG permits travelers to bring CPAP/POC gadgets in to the lodge however the traveler needs to let down water from the CPAP to pass the security check. 

In the event that the CPAP has a battery, both implicit or outside, it will be considered as ‘hazardous merchandise,’ as recorded in the IATA Dangerous Goods Manual. 

In the event that the traveler has a lithium-particle battery surpassing a Watt-hour rating of 100 Watt-hours yet not surpassing 160 Watt-hours, they might be conveyed as extra batteries in lightweight things, or in hardware in either checked or portable stuff. The carrier mercifully demands that close to 2 separately secured save batteries per individual might be carried on to the plane. 

PG will permit the utilization of CPAP ready for clinical use without a specialist’s endorsement, however doesn’t allow the utilization of POC ready.

We permit travelers to convey adequate number of needles as depicted in the clinical declaration on board to cover the period from beginning elevate and any forward transportation until the travelers are brought together with their checked things. 

Hypodermic needle supplies in overabundance of the traveler’s in-flight travel necessities ought to be conveyed inside checked stuff, where there is no limitation on the quantity of hypodermic needles you may convey. 

Pen needles, needles and injectable medications can be acknowledged with no impediment and without Medical declaration or pertinent reports. 

PG permits utilizing Insulin Pumps ready for clinical use without specialist confirmation. 

Note: Not all air terminal screening focuses are overseen by Bangkok Airways and these screening specialists may have approaches that contrast from our own. If it’s not too much trouble check the guidelines with the specialists of your objective, as these previously mentioned arrangements may not be inside the carriers control.

 Guns and Ammunition (Pistol) 

Guns and ammo can be acknowledged on homegrown trips as checked stuff as it were. 

Every traveler is mentioned not to convey more than 5kg of ammo. 

The traveler should show the substantial and appropriate record identifying with their guns and ammo during registration; 

A permit for buy guns or ammo (Por. 3) or 

A permit for ownership and utilization of guns and ammo (Por. 4) or 

A permit for conveying guns and ammo (Por. 12) or 

A police ID card (utilized as gun licenses) at Police Captain rank or higher position or 

A permit or testament for conveying guns gave, under Thai law, to government official, state venture, or individual to have and use for government backing, for example, a permit for conveying gun of Department of Special Investigation official (DSI) or a permit for conveying gave by National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), and so on

Confined Baggage Or Restricted Baggage 

You should exclude from your Baggages: 

– Items, which are sensibly, considered by us to be inadmissible for carriage since they are hazardous, dangerous or on account of their weight, size, shape or character. 

– Firearms, ammo and backing instruments are precluded from carriage as Baggage except if having acknowledgment from the power. Explosives, unstable materials, combustible substances, things, which can be utilized as compromising weapons, and other hazardous substances may just be acknowledged as Checked Baggage, subject to Our Regulations. For security reason, cartridges should be taken out from the firearms. Cartridges should be appropriately stuffed. Carriage of the guns, ammo and backing instrument is dependent upon Our Regulations and those of ICAO, IATA, Airport Authorities. 

– You are denied from remembering for your Checked Baggage, delicate or transitory things (new and short-lived staple… ), fine art, cameras, cash, gem dealer, valuable metals, flatware, PCs, electronic gadgets, protections or different assets, debatable papers, contract, business archives, tests, international IDs and other ID reports, other significant things. 

Option to reject carriage 

The transporter may decline to convey as Baggage the things depicted in Article #3, and we may deny further carriage of any such things upon revelation that it is remembered for your Baggage. Except if advance plans for its carriage have been made with us, we may continue later flights Baggage, which is in overabundance of the appropriate free remittance. 

The transporter may decline to acknowledge Baggage as Checked Baggage except if it is appropriately and safely gathered in bags and reasonable compartments to guarantee safe carriage with customary consideration in taking care of.

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