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China Eastern Airlines Baggage Policy

China Eastern Airlines headquarter is in China Eastern Airlines Building in Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport in Changning District Shanghai. If you are traveling with upcoming flights of China Eastern Airlines then you are at the right place here we will provide information about China Eastern airlines baggage allowance, carry-on, checked luggage policy with their rules & restrictions, size and fee for baggage, and hold baggage policy. Be with us from start to end of the page.

Carry On Baggage allowance in China Eastern Airlines

On China Eastern Airlines, carry-on baggage for Economy class and business class allows 1 bag, and the maximum size of your bag is 21.6 inches in height and 15.8 inches in length, and 9 inches in width, and the maximum weight of your luggage is 10kg. If the weight exceeds more than 10kg then you can pay extra charges for your extra luggage.

And in first class, there are two pieces of baggage are allowed and the maximum weight of your bag is 10kg. If the baggage weight is more than 10kg then you can pay for your extra luggage fees.

China Eastern Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

Before going to the airport you have to know about the China Eastern Airlines Checked baggage policy and the conditions otherwise the airline does not allow your bag for carriage. You have to check whether your bag is properly locked and fixed or not. And the Airline is not responsible for your luggage damage or loss.

In China Eastern Airlines Checked Baggage the Economy class are allowed 2 bags and the maximum weight of your bag is 23 kg for each and in  Economy Extra class 2 bags are allowed and the maximum weight of your bag is 32 kg for each.

In Business class 2 baggage are allowed and the maximum weight of your luggage is 32kg for each and in first-class, there are also 2 baggage are allowed and the maximum weight of your bag is 32 kg for each. The amount of an extra suitcase is depending on your destination where you want to go.

Infant Checked Baggage Allowance

If your child’s age is less than 2 years then it is considered an Infant but if your child’s age is more than 2 years then it is considered a child, not an infant. And you have checked your infant baby seat allowance. The maximum weight of your infant luggage is 10kg and the weight does not exceed more than 115 cm. And you have also allowed a folded stroller for free checked in.

Seafarer Passenger

If passengers hold a seaman’s card and travel with their baggage and hold the baggage on the flight according to the weight system then they are entitled to a free baggage allowance of up to 40 kg in the first class. And if they are traveling with the baggage and want to count their baggage according to the piece then they are allowed to hold 2 pieces of baggage with the parameter of 158cm and weight not exceeding 23kgs can be checked free of charge in economy class.

Student Passengers

A person who holds a student identity card authorized by the respective schools and colleges can fly with the two baggage free of cost as checked baggage in economy class. China Eastern allows baggage size for students to be around 158 cm parameter and the weight not exceeding 23kg.

Labor Passenger

Labor passengers are also allowed to carry their bags as checked baggage free of cost if hold their bags according to the piece system the maximum weight allowed is 23 kg and the parameter does not exceed the size of 158cm.

Oversized Overweight & Excess Baggage Fees

In China Eastern Airlines if your luggage size exceeds more than 62 inches it will be considered oversize baggage and the oversize baggage fees is additional and the Charges is depending on your destination.

Above 22 kg weight of your baggage is considered overweight and the overweight baggage fees are additional and it is also depending on your destination.

In excess baggage, if you have more than 3 bags per traveler you have to pay excess baggage fees that are additional, and the China Eastern airlines excess baggage fees are 85 to 95 dollars per bag. And above 50kg baggage are not allowed on China Eastern Airline and the cost will be applied according to your destination.

Restricted Items Which Refused to be Transported

According to the Rules and Regulations for Air security, Regulation on Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (CCAR-276-R1), and the regulations of China Eastern Airlines some items are banned and restricted to transport for security reasons helps to fly safely in the air. Some of the restricted items are discussed below:

  • China Eastern Airlines is not allowed to carry flammable items and radioactive substances like any solid flammable and liquid flammable items as well as oxidizers and organic peroxides.
  • Guns, Ammunition are also restricted to carry on the flight rather than if you are on duty for the government and especially deployed by the officials.
  • Any sharp items like knives may use to harm the people during the flight journey so for the safety of the passengers, airlines strictly deny these sharp items during the journey on the flight.
  • Lithium-ion batteries are not permitted to carry in flight or batteries which exceed 160 watt-hours.
  • Wild animals and animals which are in bizarre shapes for example snakes have the characteristic of being prone to harm humans.
  • Perishable items and items with distinct odors are also banned during flight journeys.
  • Items that are oversized and overweight and do not fulfill the condition of the baggage policy and the items that are fragile in nature.

China Eastern Airline Customer Care Number

If you have any problems related to China Eastern Airline baggage policy then you can contact their customer support number ( 1855-589-5530 ) and if you want more information about China Eastern Airlines then you can also visit their official website.


If you have any queries or problems related to China Eastern Airlines baggage policy then you can contact their customer service number and if you want more information about China Eastern Airlines then you can visit the china Eastern official site.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1Q: What is the last-minute check-in time at China Eastern Airlines?

Ans: Last 90 minutes before your flight departure and there are also available online check-in process.

Q2: Is China Eastern Airlines provide meals?

Ans: Yes China Eastern Airlines provide meals and also provides alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Q3: Is it possible to use your phone on China Eastern Airlines?

Ans: Yes it is possible to use your phone and other electronic devices on China Eastern Airlines they are allowed portable electronic devices.

Q4: How much free baggage is allowed on China Eastern Airlines?

Ans: In first-class, there is a 40 kg free baggage allowance and in business class, there is a 30 kg free baggage allowance, and in Economy or premium economy class there is a 20 kg free baggage allowance.

5Q: What are two pieces of baggage weight allowance?

Ans: The two pieces of baggage’s maximum weight is 23kg for each.

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