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Condor Airlines Baggage Policy

Condor Airlines is a German charter airline based in frankfurt. It operates scheduled flights to vacation destinations in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, South Asia, and North America. Its main base is Frankfurt Airport with smaller bases at other German airports.

You can reach out to us directly at outr official website: or contact us at +1-800-831-1547 to get latest discounts directly from the airline or you can ask us for some more discount and we will work it out according to our treknova policy.

Condor Airlines Baggage Policy

Here, passengers can find out everything they need to know about the Condor Airlines Baggage Policy. Passengers can take on your Condor flight free of charge how much you want, allowed checked baggage that you can take on your condor flight, what type of baggage allowance package can be booked, and what is considered as excess baggage.

Carry-on Luggage Allowance of Condor Airlines

Condor General Bring On Limitations

The number of baggage you are allowed to carry onboard a Condor aircraft depends on your Reservation and destination.

If your baggage is over the condor weight and the size allowance will be subject to your baggage plus additional baggage fees, please note that charges at the gate are always higher.

Condor Airlines Baggage Policy: Carry-On Baggage Weight & Size

Condor Economy class guests are permitted to carry a cabin bag in addition to an individual item with the following weights and sizes:

  • Measurements up to 21.6 x 15.7 x 7.8 (55 x 40 x 20 cm).
  • Up to 13 pounds in weight (6 kg).

Guests in the Premium Economy Class are allowed 18 lbs (8 kg). Guests are entitled to carry 2 bags in the cabin, with a maximum weight of 26 lb for business class (12 kg).

Checked  Baggage Allowance of Condor Airlines

Weight & Size of Condor Checked Baggage

Destination:- U.S. / Canada, all destinations except San Juan and U.S. / Canada, flights from all destinations except San Juan and flights from Brazil

ClassNumbers of BagsWeight
Economy1 bag free44 lb (20 kg)
Premium Economy1 bag free55lb (25kg)

Destination:- The United States/Canada and San Juan

ClassNumbers of BagsWeight
Economy1 bag free50 lb (23 kg)
Premium Economy1 bag free   70 lb (25kg)   
Business Class2 bag free70 lb (32 kg) per item

Destination:- Brazil From

ClassNumbers of BagsWeight
All Classes2 bag free70 lb (32 kg)

Excess Baggage Allowance of Condor Airlines 

Excess of baggage weight & fees allowance:-

Short-Haul Flights$13 (€ 10) per bag per kg 
Medium-Haul Flights$16 (€ 12) per bag per kg 
Long-Haul Flights $26 (€ 20) per bag per kg 

Excess fees and size allowance:

Short to Medium-Haul Flights$130 (€ 100) per bag per kg 
Long-Haul Flights$260 (€ 200) per bag per kg 

For USA, Canada, San Juan / Fee: 

  • Second bags: $ 98 (€ 64.99) per route if booked 30 days or more before departure, $ 98 (€ per route if paid at the airport 75).
  • Third bags: $ 195 (€ 150) per route.
  • Additional Size Allowance: $ 260 (€ 200) per route.
  • Additional weight allowance: $ 130 (€ 100) per route.
  • Both additional size and weight allowance: $ 390 (€ 300) per route.

Sports Equipments

Sports equipment that is subject to compulsory registration must be registered up to 8 hours before departure. Passengers can registered sporting equipment for Condor flights conveniently and easily online. When you register a sports equipment 30 days or more before departure, you will receive a €5 early bird discount on the regular price. Sports equipment not already registered will be subject to a € 60.01 fee (one-way) if check-in at the airport.

For business class passengers, Condor will transport a set of sports equipment free of charge.

The condor transports one of the following sports equipment per passenger at the regular prices indicated below. Overweight sports equipment is taken as extra baggage. Oversized sports equipment is subject to a surcharge (contact special reservation service).

Sporting EquipmentSize (L x W x H) and WeightZone 1Zone 2Zone 3, 4 and 5
diving gear, Skis, water skis, golf equipment,paraglider, firearms, fishing equipment200 x 40 x 80 cmUp to 20 kg€ 39.99€ 49.99€ 64.99
Bicycle200 x 40 x 100 cmUp to 30 kg€ 44.99€ 54.99€ 69.99
All boards (snowboard,  surfboard, etc.), canoe,kayak, inflatable rubber dinghy,  hang glider,300 x 60 x 50 cmUp to 30 kg€ 44.99€ 54.99€ 69.99

Baggage Services

If any damage occurs or if your baggage is missing, you should notify the condor as soon as you arrive. The staff will make it out a property irregularity  report for our baggage. If you are on vacation, there is a possibility to purchase the articles required immediately within the limits of legal maximum liability until the arrival of your luggage. You are bound to buy at the lowest price. Articles purchased at your place of permanent residence will not be returned.

If you do not notice that your luggage is damaged, or any of your belongings are missing, until you arrive at the hotel or home, you must inform Condor, in writing, 7 days of the goods. Not later Has been reached. Condor Flughafen Gepäck Service provides repair service in collaboration with Frankfurt and Dolfi 1920 GmbH. The baggage will be checked and repaired. If repair is not possible, it will be replaced with a new one of equal value.


Sharp or pointed items such as knives or scissors are not allowed in your hand baggage! Also, USA officials prohibit any type of lighter from being carried on the checked baggage, hand baggage, and traveler’s person. Please make sure you do not bring lighters for connecting or connecting flights through the USA.


Condor airlines baggage policy provides you the best policy to know the rules and information related to baggage policy. So still if you are facing any trouble regarding baggage policy then contact our toll-free number at +1-800-831-1547 or the official site’s customer service number. 

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