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Copa Airlines Baggage Policy

Copa Airlines have been serving individuals since 1944 and has been acclaimed by an enormous number of travelers for the a-list administrations advertised. Here is Copa Airlines Baggage Policy, for you. There have been situations when travelers needed to drop Copa’s flight due to unavoidable circumstances and changes in plans. Interestingly, in the event that you have made Copa Airlines reservations and now wish to drop the booking then you should experience the Copa Airlines scratch-off strategy to stay away from any very late dissatisfactions.

When you read the approach you will become more acquainted with the limitations, rules, and rules to drop Copa flight. Nonetheless, the aircraft offers the greatest adaptability to travelers if there should be an occurrence of administrations, reservations, and undoing too. And this article we will discuss the baggage policy of Copa Airlines, how much weight you can carry with you and which items you are allowed to carry and dimensions of the items, and many more 

Baggage Policy followed by Copa Airlines  

The total guide of the Copa Airlines things strategy and remittance stuff strategy. Copa Airline’s things strategy and recompense stuff strategy, stipend, expenses, limitations, and charges.

Copa Airlines baggage allowance depends upon the weight and size of your bags and the flight ticket fare class. If you want to take your bags with you to the cabin then you have to fulfill the criteria set by Copa Airlines. Copa Airlines allows your baggage in two forms checked baggage and in-the-flight baggage or carry-on baggage. Here we’ll discuss the rules and regulations of carry-on baggage policy and checked baggage policy.

Carry-on Baggage

Carry-on baggage is considered when your bags are allowed with you in the cabin but your bag should be in the size that is mentioned by Copa Airlines. Your bag must also fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.

  • Each traveler can welcome something individual ready, just as the portable suitcases permitted. 
  • Each piece of carry-on luggage may not exceed 46 linear inches (118 cm) in length, width, or height: 22″ (56 cm) high, 14″ (36 cm) long, and 10″ (26 cm). Wheels and handles are included in this.
  • If your bags are found more than the mentioned criteria of carry-on policy then your baggage may consider checked baggage and also you have to pay extra charges for your baggage.
  • If passengers refuse to pay for their bags at boarding gates then Copa’s staff is not responsible for the bags left behind at the airport. They may hand them over to the airport authority.

We accept the accompanying as private things:

Added of your portable suitcase and individual thing, It’s allowed to bring on board one of the accompanying things: 

  • Portable breathing gadget 
  • Youngsters upkeep things, for instance: 
  • Little folding carriage for babies 
  • Youngsters’ baggage (like diaper sacks and bosom milk) 
  • Small collapsing umbrellas with no sharp focuses 

Easily overlooked details for private entertainment (like cellphones, tablet PCs, portable computer game consoles, MP3 players/iPods) 

  • Computer game consoles (for instance, Playstation®, X-box®, or Nintendo®) 
  • Blue-ray players and tape-type camcorders 
  • Wedding outfit

Copa Airlines grants for the capacity, taking care of, and transport of remarkable guide mechanical assembly for travelers with explicit necessities alongside the ordinary gear recompense given that the traveler is reliant on them. These assist gadgets with including, however, aren’t limited to, the accompanying: 

  • Walkers 
  • Strolling sticks 
  • Pads 
  • Props 
  • Prosthesis
  • Wheelchairs and their batteries (on the off chance That They’re used ) 

Things Allowance and Fees 

Is it accurate to say that you are intending to fly with Copa Airlines? Discover arrangements you need to think about Copa Airline’s staff recompense, expenses and charges, and limitations. 

Portable Baggage 

Copa Airlines travelers are allowed to welcome on-board the airplane one bit of lodge stuff, in addition to one individual thing, for example, a portfolio, camera sack, or little knapsack. Your portable stuff should find a way into the Copa Airlines overhead receptacles or under the seat before you. 

Lightweight things can’t surpass 114 centimeters in consolidated width, length, and stature; this incorporates any haggles except for a portion of the instruments that fit in the Copa Airlines overhead compartment space or under-seat space accessible at the hour of loading up.

Stuff should meet portable size cutoff points of Copa Airlines. 

Because of restricted overhead space, Copa Airlines travelers going on trips with 50 seats or less are just allowed to convey one individual thing on board the Copa Airlines airplane.

Cutoff points apply to specific courses. Visit the Copa Airlines site for more data. 


Not most extreme weight applies to portable things. 

Be that as it may, this changes across air terminals. Visit the Copa Airlines site for more data. 

Checked Baggage 

When going with Copa Airlines, your bags other than carry-on baggage will be transported through the airline considered checked baggage which has also some set of rules. You have to pay extra charges if your bag exceeds the given criteria. You have also an option of prepaid baggage service which is payable at the time of web check-in.

  • Prepaid baggage service will apply only during the 24 hours to 3 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure.
  • Your bag must be 158 centimeters linear inches that include width, height, and length.
  • If you have two pieces of bags then the total combined linear measurements lie between 159cm to 294cm.
  • Wheels and handles are not included in the linear measurement.
  • If your pieces of the bag’s linear measurement exceed 294cm then your baggage will not be accepted as checked baggage. It will be transported through Air Cargo.
  • Your Item should be not more than 45 kgs or 100(lbs) in total.

This may be attentive between courses of Check-in. Visit the Copa Airlines site for more data. 

Overabundance Baggage 

When going with Copa Airlines, separate overabundance stuff expenses are applied for every impediment you surpass size, weight, and amount. By and large, this differs between geographic areas. If you don’t mind visit the Copa Airlines site for more data and accurate expenses. 

Exceptional Items 

Copa Airlines license a wide scope of sporting gear and uncommon things on Copa Airlines flights. Because of the size of things, a portion of the things might be considered standard processed sacks. Nonetheless, Copa Airlines will be regarded as overweight or larger than average things. Accordingly, charges and certain limitations will apply by Copa Airlines. If you don’t mind visit the Copa Airlines site straightforwardly. 

Copa Airlines is on and welcoming pets ready. 

Canines, felines, and family unit winged creatures (fowls are just permitted on homegrown Panama flights) can be continued load up for $125 one approach to/from most objections. The charge is $200 for movement outside Panama. 

The pets should fit inside a transporter box that, thus, fits under the seat in front. The transporter considers one bit of Copa Airlines portable baggage. 

Restricted Items In Copa Airlines

Some of the items are restricted in Copa Airlines for the safety and security of the passengers and the airlines.

Blood, blood components, organs, tissues, samples, etc.
Camping stoves and fuel containers
Cartridges or toner for printers that weigh more than 450 g (16 ounces)
Dry ice (solid carbon dioxide)
Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic Devices
Fragile elements and glass objects
Gas Cylinders
Hair curlers containing hydrocarbon gas
Lighters & Matches
Heat producing items
Human Remains
Liquids, gels, sprays, and alcoholic bottles
Inflatable items
Insulated packaging
Knee defenders
Machinery, equipment, appliance, etc. containing combustible or flammable gases
Temperature Measurement
Liquid nitrogen
Steel Weapons, firearms, and ammunition

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