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El Al Baggage Policy

Let’s have an idea about the El Al baggage policy. Before that let’s check the other details of El Al airlines. EL AL’s history is intertwined with Israel’s history, that is there were some links between them. Together with the state, EL AL developed, sharing moments of glory and joy, fostering the development of the nation and extending its global scope. During days of sorrow and suffering, EL AL and its people were also there, answering the nation’s call.

We will give you all the information regarding Baggage Policy but in case you are unable to find a good deal according to your requirement, Just give us a call at +1-800-831-1547 and our executives will be happy to help you out… Or check our homepage at

In step with the country, EL AL continues to expand. While the airline was economically privatized many years ago, it has never wavered in its national spirit and commitment to Israel. Through the service it provides its travelers, EL AL continues its numerous national activities that aim for excellence. With the state, EL AL will continue to expand and flourish and be the first option for travelers.

At EL AL, they make every effort to give you ideal conditions for flying and to guarantee your safety and comfort. To do this, they recommend that you conform to the baggage allowances on EL AL flights, depending on the class appearing on your booking and/or flight ticket. Making your baggage according to EL AL (weight and size) conditions properly will help you quickly and easily go through the security check and check-in phase at the airport. For any piece of luggage you send to the aircraft hold, precise measurements, and weight have therefore been calculated according to the class that appears in your reservation and/or your flight ticket. For the check-in details go through El Al Airlines check-in.

el al baggage policy
El Al baggage policy

Baggage allowance – El Al baggage policy

You can bring one checked baggage of 23kg in economy class according to the El Al baggage policy. In the case of premium class, you can bring 2 bags of each 23kg. In the case of business class, you can bring 2 bags each of 32kg. On their Dreamliner aircraft, Premium Class is only available.

According to the El Al baggage policy customers who bought or earned Business Class or Premium Class seats would be entitled to a luggage allowance on the basis of the original cabin ticket purchased or on the basis of their Matmid Club membership tier entitlement. All passengers are reminded by EL AL not to pack important things in the luggage sent to the aircraft hold. In hand baggage, these things should be carried baggage policy shall be in compliance with the Sun d’Or Ticket and Baggage Terms and Conditions for Sun d’Or Flights.

EL AL makes every effort to ensure that your flight is both safe and comfortable and to give you ideal flying conditions. According to the El Al baggage policy in addition to your baggage that is held in the hold of the aircraft, you are allowed to take hand luggage into the passenger cabin at no extra charge. This carry-on luggage must be placed above the seats in the designated bins or in the room underneath the seat in front of you. In rare situations, where there is insufficient storage space in the passenger cabin, the carry-on luggage can be placed in an aircraft hold.

  • First and Business Class passengers are permitted to carry a laptop case on board the flight, which will be counted as one of the two approved bags.
  • Flex – Two sets of hand luggage weighing a total of 12 kilos, up to 8 kilos of hand luggage.
  • Company passengers are entitled to two suitcases weighing 20 kilos in total.
  • First-class passengers are entitled to 2 pieces of hand luggage weighing a total of 24 kilos, while hand luggage cannot exceed 16 kilos in weight.

The size of a single-hand baggage unit permitted on EL AL flights is up to 56 cm (length) and up to 44 cm (width) and up to 24 cm (width) respectively (depth). The maximum size of a piece of carry-on luggage does not exceed 114 cm in any case. Such metrics include spokes, handles, side pockets, etc.  For more information go through El Al Airlines Official Site & Customer Service Detail.

Carry-on Baggage Policy Of El Al

  • For El Al Airlines, carry-on baggage is applied as per the ticket fare class you have purchased.
  • In economy class, there is only one bag allowed as carry-on.
  • If you have an economy class flex ticket then you are allowed 2 carry-on baggage a total of up to 12 kg.
  • If you have an economy class lite ticket then you are allowed only 1carry-on bag with a total weight of up to 8 kg.
  • Your Carry-on baggage should be in a proper size that is mentioned by El Al or fulfilled the Criteria of El Al’s Carry-on baggage policy which is 56cm x 45cm x 25cm.
Economy Class
Silver1 pc X 8 kg1 pc X 8 kg2pc total up to 12kg
Gold1 pc X 8 kg2pc total up to 12kg2pc total up to 12kg
Platinum1 pc X 8 kg2pc total up to 12kg2pc total up to 12kg
Top Platinum1 pc X 8 kg2pc total up to 12kg2pc total up to 12kg

Premium Class

All Matmid club member2pc total up to 12kg
Business Class
All Matmid club member
2 pc Total up to 20kg

Checked Baggage

  • If you have a piece of luggage then it is counted as checked baggage.
  • Your luggage should be fulfilled the criteria of the El Al Check baggage policy. They mentioned the proper size and weight for each fare class.
  • The maximum dimension allowed is 62 linear inches or 158cm(length+width+height).
  • In Economy class, 20kg of luggage is allowed per passenger.
  • If you have a ticket for Business class then you can bring up to 30kg of luggage.
  • In First class, you can bring up to 40kgs of Luggage.

Details regarding excess baggage expense- El Al baggage policy

On EL AL flights, the allowed baggage limit is determined by the class appearing on the booking and/or flight ticket, but we would be pleased to assist and provide proper service to the passengers arriving with baggage that exceeds the permitted allowance. Either when buying your flight ticket on the website, you have the option of purchasing a luggage entitlement for an extra piece of baggage.

  • The first piece of excess baggage up to 3hrs before the flight is $95, and 3hrs or less before the flight is $110.
  • An extra piece of excess baggage that is 2-5, 3hrs before the flight is $185, and 3hrs or less before the flight is $200.
  • 23-32 kilos overweight 3hrs before the flight is $95, and 3hrs or less before the flight is $110
  • An oversized piece of excess baggage (158-277)cm,  3hrs before the flight is $185, and 3hrs or less before the flight is $200.

Regulations for Luggage Outside Destinations

Please note that different baggage regulations might be in place over the course of your trip if many airlines are involved on a flight route. If you are flying with several airlines, please note that during your flight, baggage regulations can differ.

The allowance they award will be decided by each carrier and the allowance will differ from one airline to another. It should be noted that, depending on the carrier operating the flight, your ticket can represent distinct baggage allowances during your journey.

The free baggage allowance on your ticket is obvious and can also be viewed on the website of the respective airline.

Please note: If there is no baggage allowance on your ticket, please check with your travel agent or the appropriate operating carrier. We would like to clarify that the baggage allowance shown on your flight ticket is based on other carriers’ details. The quality of this information is not the responsibility of EL AL. Tickets given prior to 1 April 2011 will be awarded in compliance with the free baggage regulations that were in effect at the time. A handling fee per suitcase can be levied by some carriers (mostly American carriers). Codeshare flights: The operating carrier normally determines the customer’s free baggage allowance and other services, except for some routes from or to the USA where the marketing carrier’s free baggage allowance applies. 

Details regarding traveling with hand baggage only- El Al baggage policy

For flights to Europe, EL AL provides three new Economy Class flight ticket forms. When you people are ready to select the flight package that best suits your needs, you can purchase tickets and enjoy the high standards of EL AL and pay only for what you want. Lite tickets are a simple item that helps you to spend as little time at the airport as possible. You can incorporate additional paid facilities, including seat selection or checked luggage if you wish. Buyers of Lite tickets would be able to board the Hand Luggage Unit (please do not exceed 8kg) aircraft and enjoy a light meal and as well as other entertainment facilities. The Lite ticket is for immediate ticketing only and, with the exception of the statute, cannot be changed or canceled.

Today, waiting for a security check is easier than ever before. Travelers with hand luggage only enjoy shorter lines for your convenience during the check-in procedure. See more descriptions as follows:

  • Express check-in allows travelers on international flights to save even more time at the airport. 
  • Travelers who have printed their boarding passes in advance have access to this facility.
  •  Passengers traveling with hand-held luggage only complete their security check-in in the W inspection area after self-check-in
  • Go straight to the gate for boarding. A safety check will be carried out at the entrance.

If you want any further details go through El Al homepage.

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