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Japan Airlines Baggage Policy

Japan Airlines has the best faculty and specialists to provide you with the most suitable journey assistance. While talking about the Japan Airlines baggage policy, it is pretty complicated. As you may know, freight is not only tricky to travel but also troublesome for the airport. The Japan Airlines baggage policy is quite strict as no checked luggage is allowed which are more than 203 cm or 79.9 inches in entire dimensions.

Japan Airlines is not a low-cost airline so it tends to be a bit more strict about this, but sometimes it does add weight. If your luggage is extra, you will be charged the extra weight or have to check. Your clothes should primarily be in your checked luggage. If you are still experiencing weight issues with the PS4 then you should consider buying and purchasing new clothes in Japan as they are easy to purchase. Let us discuss more of Japan Airlines baggage policy further in this blog post. 

Japan Airlines Baggage Policy
Japan Airlines

About Japan Airlines

JAL Japan Airlines is about 69 years old and owns 17 different types of aircraft which are all reliable they have 213 planes and 24 leased planes. Japan Airlines currently operates approximately 279 aircraft. Japan Airlines Group Business includes planned and unplanned all domestic and international passenger and freight services, including code sharing for 220 destinations worldwide in 35 countries or regions.

Japan Airlines has become the first Japanese airline to do business abroad, their ancestors have lowered their values ​​of airlines. These include the technical knowledge and wisdom gained from their rich history, the invincible spirit, and the incredible determination to support dreams and make the dreams come true.

Japan Airlines continues to face new challenges to meet the needs of all its guests and strives to become the most valuable and preferred airline in the world. They welcome every guest, even in places that are not normally seen. No matter what their guests say, Japan Airlines will meet all their needs and serve them wholeheartedly. Just as they care for their precious guests, their special hospitality comes from caring for each guest. They do their best to provide the best possible experience by enhancing their love for the guests.

Japan Airlines Baggage Policy In Detail

As we mentioned above, the Japan Airlines baggage policy is quite strict. While flying with Japan Airlines, they permit you for two bags as carry-on luggage. One of which must be a personal travel bag, such as a handbag, purse, small laptop bag, etc. The free checked baggage allowance for the J Class and Economy Class customers is 20 kg. The checked baggage of first-class customers can weigh more than 45 kg. For free baggage with a gross weight of more than 100 kg with each piece weighing a maximum of 32 kg, you can pay for excess baggage.

If you are thinking that Japan Airlines’ baggage policy also allows pets as checked luggage in the cabin then you might be wrong. Pets whether a dog or cats or any other animals are not allowed inside the cabin of Japan Airlines. While you are traveling with your pet at Japan Airlines, or if your pet is an animal other than a dog or cat, or the flight time is longer then Japan Airlines may place the pet in the cargo area of ​​the plane.

Japan Airlines may not enable pets into the cabin but will take precautions to ensure that your pet can conveniently travel in the cargo area. The pet is stored in an air-conditioned room, is well guarded in the cargo section, and is passed shortly to you by the operator after the flight. Know more about Japan Airlines Pet Policy on our additional page.

Carry-On Baggage

Japan Airlines baggage policy allows you to carry two carry-on bags with you in the cabin, one should be a personal travel bag such as a handbag, shopping bag, or laptop bag, and the other bag can be in the 55 cm x 40m x 25cm range. Remember that the total weight of the two pieces of luggage should not exceed 10 kg.

  • Your carry-on baggage should be in size and be fitted in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.
  • The combined weight of carry-on baggage should not exceed the weight limit of 10 kg.
  • Some items are restricted to carry-on within the flight which could be used as a weapon so don’t keep these types of items.
  • If your baggage is oversized or overweight your baggage is counted as checked baggage.
  • If you have any valuable items in your baggage then take them with you in the cabin.

Japan Airlines baggage policy prohibits certain dangerous items like a knife, scissors, guns, etc., and such things are neither counted as checked nor carry-on luggage while lighters and matches (only small) are allowed one per passenger and counter as carry-on baggage. You can carry Liquids as carry-on baggage but with some restrictions as all fluids should be packed in a container no larger than 100 mm and there will be one bag per person. 

Checked Baggage

The Japan Airlines baggage policy permits the first two bags free for First class and Business Class customers. If your baggage exceeds the free allowance, additional baggage fees (including taxes) will be charged according to your route. There is a fixed size, weight, and a number of bags allowed in the Japan Airlines baggage policy for Checked Baggage of different class passengers.

For infants in all classes, the weight of luggage must not exceed 10kg. The number of bags must be 2 and the weight should not surpass 23kg for economy and premium economy class travelers. While the number of bags can be 3 and the weight has to be 32kg overall for Business class travelers and for first-class passengers the weight of baggage also has to be 32kgs.

Regarding the Japan Airlines baggage policy and allowance for checked luggage, the airline’s management on which the ticket was purchased will be approved, but please check with the airline or contact the Japanese Airlines booking center for details.

Travel ClassFree Baggage AllowanceWeight/Piece
First Class332kg
Business Class332kg
Economy Class223kg
Premium Economy223kg
  • A total dimension (L+B+H)of 203 cm is allowed according to the checked baggage policy of Japan Airlines.
  • Any valuable items such as gold and any ornaments are not allowed in checked baggage because Airlines don’t take any responsibility for valuable items.
  • If you have any electronic items in your checked baggage then switch off your item during the journey for the safety and security of the aircraft it is to safeguard against any miss happening in the aircraft.

Excess Baggage

The Japan Airlines Baggage Policy for excess baggage, as we mentioned earlier if your luggage is more than a free allowance, you will be charged additional baggage fees (including taxes) depending on your route.

The service provider’s responsibility for the checked bag is limited. At the time of enrollment to increase the liability, applicants may pay more than the specified amount and pay a maximum of $5,000. Damaged, lost, and forgotten items and luggage will be handled carefully until they reach their destination. Though, due to bad weather and airport requirements, suitcases may be damaged or delayed.

Suitcases registered with the Airlines will be handled with care until they reach your destination. However, in some cases, such as bad weather or airport conditions, luggage delays, or damage.

Damaged Luggage

Injuries that fall within the scope of the compensation are generally treated accordingly at Japan Airlines. The Japan Airlines baggage policy reserves the right to take remedial action outside of repairs, depending on the extent of the damage and the length of time. Please remark that compensation is not always available. If you do not find your luggage within approximately 30 to 45 days after your search for your luggage, the airlines will provide compensation by Japan International Cargo Terms. Japan Airlines will extend the luggage search up to 100 days upon request. Their professional support staff can provide more detailed information about compensation methods and amounts.

While in custody, Japan Airlines will do its utmost to ensure the safe passage of the luggage. Japanese Airlines is responsible for any damage to such luggage, regardless of the knowledge, unless the luggage is defective, quality or malfunctioning. Therefore, passengers must be careful and safe with perishable items such as musical instruments, sports equipment such as golf clubs, surfboards, surfing equipment, diving equipment, bicycles, etc. Other items like pottery, glass products, and canned alcohol are also included.

What if your luggage is lost?

If you are unable to find your luggage upon arrival, please contact the Japan Airlines staff as soon as possible. They can help you find luggage and perform the necessary procedures. If you find a suitcase, they’ll let you know when you return the luggage. Upon arrival at the airport, they will arrange customs clearance for you and deliver it to your address.

If you drop your luggage with no luggage information, you can fill out a form on Japan Airlines’ official Website. From the day you submit your application, you will receive the most up-to-date information about your lost luggage status every day. If your luggage is not available after about a month, Japan Airlines will help you file a claim.

Electronic Devices On Flight

The Japan Airlines baggage policy has changed the electronic restrictions inside aircraft. This change is based on the announcement of ministers by the Civil Aviation Act. You have to place electronic devices in a location that does not transmit electronic signals, or turn off the device when staff asks you to turn off the device after all doors have been closed. You will have to give a fine of up to 500,000 yen for violations of the law. Also, you must turn off the electronic devices in your checked bag.

Pet As Baggage

Pets that meet the required qualifications can travel as checked baggage if the carrier meets all requirements and your pet can conveniently stay in its crate for the entire flight journey you must be having all the necessary health documents of your pet required by your destination.

Japan Airlines’ baggage policy does not allow a dog, cat, or other animals to travel in the cabin. If you are traveling with your pet at Japan Airlines, and your pet is other than a cat or dog, or the flight time is too long, Japan Airlines is authorized to put the pet in the cargo area of ​​the plane according to its regulations. Depending on the animal’s breed, size and requirements, it can be taken with you for examination or transport with American Airlines cargo.

The transportation methods provided by Japan Airlines for pet travel Include checked luggage in the temperature-controlled and pressurized area of the Airplane or Inside the passenger cabin with you on your seat or else they will be transported as cargo in the temperature-controlled and pressurized area.

Pet Documents for international transportation

Due to various procedures, customers usually place orders through air freight forwarders. You have to keep in mind that Japan Airlines may refuse to transport animals due to aggressive behavior, disease, or extreme temperatures at the airport before departure, transit, or destination. Due to lockdown and other reasons, documents and procedures differ depending on the country of destination. You are advised to talk to the pet closure service in advance.

All documents must be attached to air transport, in general, the subsequent documents are required such as Export Quarantine Certificate that is issued by the Animal Quarantine Department. And the Rabies Vaccination Certificate which is issued by a veterinarian.

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