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Philippine airlines baggage policy

In this article, we will discuss Philippine airlines baggage policy. Before that let’s have an idea about Philippine airlines. Philippine Airlines is one of Asia’s first well-known elderly airlines, commercially operating about 54 international destinations along with only 31 domestic flight routes in the Philippines. They have the opportunity to do so with the aid of the love of their customers.

Philippine airlines baggage policy

Currently, the Philippines is a 79-year-old air carrier company that has grown up a lot until now, only with passengers’ confidence. They have the power to buy 72 age-old aircraft of the new model. Through the PNB Financial Center, they built their headquarters in a town called Pasay. Philippine Airlines realized by 2002 that they could have incentives for their frequent flyers.

Philippine Airlines Baggage Allowance

Philippine Airlines introduces a new set of Fare Families or Branded Fares which is completely focusing on passengers’ benefits, in which each fare family/brand is coupled with separate FREE BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE. In selecting the fare that comes with the requisite baggage benefits, travelers have versatility. Free Baggage Allowance is the amount of check-in baggage that will be permitted to be carried by Philippine Airlines per passenger, as indicated in the passenger ticket. Excess baggage allowance can be collected by Philippine Airlines or other carriers if the Free Baggage Allowance entitlement on connecting flights is lower.

Key Guidelines: Philippine Airlines Baggage Policy

  • when you check-in at the boarding gate, your baggage is taken into custody, and issue an identification tag for each of your bags.
  • It is up to the airline that your checked baggage Is delivered from the same flight or it may be a different flight because the airline decides this according to the available space.
  • Airlines may refuse to carry your checked baggage unless the executive gives permission to check in because some bags are not packed properly.
  • Some items are not acceptable according to the baggage policy like armed guns, firearms, and ammunition so they have the right to refuse the items as carriage if they found any suspicious things.
  • Passengers may bring their CPAP devices and use their portable oxygen, ventilators, and respirator. But contact airlines first to ensure your model is accepted or not.

Onboard luggage details- Philippine airlines baggage policy

One piece of carry-on luggage small enough to be put in the overhead bin or under the passenger seat of an aircraft cabin is permitted for each passenger, with a maximum total baggage size dimension is of 56cm x 36cm x 23cm and a maximum weight of 7 kg. An Excess Baggage Fee shall be collected and paid for a carry-on bag that exceeds the permissible weight or size.

In addition to the allowance for free carry-on luggage, a passenger can carry a limit of two (2) of any of the following items on board:

  • A Little Handbag
  • Pocketbook or handbag
  • An overcoat, blanket, or wrap
  • The tiny camera or binoculars
  • Notebook with case
  • A fair amount of content for reading
  • Free Duty Bag
  • Food for babies for flight intake
  • If the passenger relies on them, the pair of crutches and/or braces, walking stick, and other prosthetic aids for the use of the passenger

Economy class checked baggage allowance;

Fare Benefit(allowance)Economy SupersaverWeightallowedEconomy saverWeight allowedEconomy ValueWeightallowedEconomyFlexweightallowedPremiumEconomyweightallowed
Free baggage allowanceNo bags allowed10kg20kg20kg25kg
Philippines airlines baggage policy-Economy class

Business-class checked baggage allowance

Fare Benefit(allowance)Business value weight allowedBusiness flex Weight allowed
Free baggage allowance30kg35kg
Philippines airlines baggage policy-Business class

Check-In Free Allowance for Luggage

The Free Baggage Allowance of the Service Class per route should follow the total weight of the checked-in baggage. No more than 32kg can weigh a single piece of checked luggage, that’s not allowed at all. Any luggage that reaches the weight limit of 32 kg must be repacked or not approved for carriage. Check-in baggage exceeding the permissible dimension and maximum weight shall be treated as overweight or overweight and shall be subject to the collection of an Excess Baggage Fee. Go through Philippine Airlines Check-In

Assistance provided for luggage and tracking

For any questions about your luggage, you can approach the Baggage Assistance Counter located at the Arrival Area. Report any baggage incident you can experience during your arrival immediately.

Terminal 2 of NAIA

For Foreign flights – Counter Baggage Assistance

Contact number: (+632) 84017779 / (+632) 8401-76979 


Operating hours: 0600H-2300H PH local time

For domestic flights – Counter for Luggage Assistance

contact number: (+63) 917 621 7713

Email address:

Operating hours: 0600H-2300H PH local time

Missing baggage details- Philippine airlines baggage policy

You have to contact the Baggage Assistance Counter located at the arrival area as soon as possible if you find that your baggage is missing at the arrival airport and file a complaint about your missing baggage. At the conclusion of the reporting period, you will obtain a reference number. In order to monitor the progress of the search for your luggage, please keep this number. Use the mutual airline system to check your luggage and the airline staff will contact you directly for any updates.

For international flights, if the baggage is not located until the seventh day after the baggage has been reported missing, complete the baggage claim form and send it for further processing to baggage Please ensure that your missing luggage and its contents are listed in detail (i.e. clothing items, gadgets, or any other item). In finding your luggage, a full description is necessary.

What If I Found Damaged Baggage At Airport

If you have found that your luggage has been damaged upon arrival, contact the Baggage Assistance Counter at the arrival area immediately and file a complaint. We will document the specifics of the damage to your luggage and, if appropriate, you will be given immediate assistance.

Because of normal wear and tear, we are also not responsible for baggage loss, which includes:

  • Scratches, bruises, scuffs, stains, and dents;
  • Harm to, or loss of, protruding components, like braces, bags, pull handles, hanger hooks, wheels, outer locks, safety belts, and zipper tabs
  • The harm that is caused by inappropriate or overpacking
  • Baggage approved under Restricted Release Tag terms – including products seized or confiscated by airport authorities or security staff.

Philippine Airlines shall not be liable for any harm caused by normal wear and tears, such as minor cuts, bruises, and damaged zippers, including delicate objects and musical/sports equipment; damage to or loss of protruding components, including straps, pockets, pull handles, hanger hooks, wheels, external locks, safety straps or zipper tabs; damage caused by inadequate or overpacking; Baggage approved under the Restricted Release Tag conditions – including products seized or confiscated by airport authorities or security staff.

What If I Left My Baggage Behind at Airport/Flight

Passengers are reminded to pick up their checked luggage upon arrival, checking the numbers on the tag for baggage claim. Contact our Baggage Assistance Counter immediately if you have accidentally picked up someone else’s baggage or left the airport without collecting your baggage.

The following documents are needed for international flights when you claim your baggage:

1. A copy of a passport from you (photograph page and the page stamped at the time of entry to the country)

2. A completed Form for Customs Declaration. Please notice that it needs Customs clearance to retrieve your left-behind luggage.

For smooth baggage claiming procedure, please carry all the necessary documents to the airport.

The baggage release schedule is from 0800H-1700H on Monday to Friday.

Sports equipment Allowed as per Baggage Rules

Passengers carrying any of the following in excess of the usual free baggage allowance shall be paid an applicable excess baggage charge:

  • Golf gear in a golf bag and a pair of golf shoes
  • Ski equipment consists of a pair of skis, a pair of ski poles, and a pair of boots.

An applicable excess baggage fee will automatically be collected for passengers carrying any of the following sports equipment:

  • Scuba diving equipment, consists of an empty scuba tank, a regulator, a harness, a pressure gauge, a mask, two twins, a 

   snorkel, a knife, a speargun, a safety vest, and a weight belt.

  • Tools for surfboarding

For overweight luggage, an application fee will be collected. For more information and support, please call Philippine Airlines reservations or the sales office. Refer Philippine Air homepage.

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