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Qatar Airways Baggage Policy

Qatar Airways Baggage Policy Fees Rules & Restrictions

Known for its excellent customer service and world-class services, it is the flag airline of Qatar and wholly owned by the government, operates from its hub at Hamad International Airport, flies to over 150 international destinations. here you will get to know about Qatar Airways baggage policy.

This article will help you to get more tips on Qatar Airways and mainly it’s Qatar Airways baggage policy.

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What is Baggage Allowance?

To get started, Let’s understand what Qatar Airways baggage policy allowance is. A baggage allowance is a maximum amount of checked or hand baggage that you can carry while you travel for free of charge. Of course, it varies depending on the airline and the country.

Types of Baggage

Let’s also understand the types of baggage used in the airline industry. There are 2 types 

Checked Baggage – Here the limiting factor is the weight of the luggage and the bags are weighed by the airline while travelling. You will be informed accordingly if it exceeds the weight limit which is specified by each airline. You might be required to transfer some of the items to another bag or suitcase so as to avoid the excess Qatar Airways baggage policy rates.

Cabin/Carry-on or Hand Baggage: The size of the luggage is taken into consideration. Basically, it’s the luggage that you hold and carry it into the plane with you and will have access to these during the journey.

Baggage  concepts

There are two types of baggage concepts that are commonly used :

  • Piece Concept 

Here you can Qatar Airways check-in for a certain specified number of bags or suitcases provided you are travelling to or from the Americas.

  • Weight concept 

Another concept that is mainly used is the weight concept. Here the traveller can check-in as per total weight irrespective of the number of suitcases.

Now let’s take a look at the Qatar Airways Baggage Policy.

Some of the general checked  baggage guidelines for Qatar Airways is as below :

  • Maximum dimension 158 centimetres by piece concept and 300 cm by weight concept.
  • They have also specified that the maximum weight for a single checked-in suitcase should not be more than 32kg or 70lb. If it weighs more, then it should be broken down with each bag weighing less than 32kg.
  • If you exceed this limit, then excess baggage charges may be applied. This varies depending on the regions covered by your trip.

Excess Baggage rates 

For flights to/from Argentina, Brazil, Canada and the USA, the excess baggage rate for an extra piece would be 200 USD and for an overweight piece for economy class between 23 to 32 kg is 52 USD.

If you require more information, please contact the nearest Qatar Airways office or the official website.

Baggage Tracker 

You can trace or find the status of your baggage online from the official website of Qatar Airways. You either have to provide your booking reference number or Bag Tag number along with your last name and click on search.

Mishandled Baggages 

Delayed baggage – Usually delayed baggage will be found within 24 hours and then delivered to your home or hotel. The airline will compensate the passenger if any expenses are incurred due to delay or if it’s lost although conditions apply.

Damaged Baggage 

If you find your checked-in baggage damaged, you should report it to the baggage desk under the Baggage Claims area before leaving the airport where you will be issued a  PIR known as Property Irregularity Report. The airline also requires you to submit a claim using the “My Baggage” option within seven days.

Baggage allowances in Qatar Airways  

 Baggage Allowance on Qatar Airways flights may vary depending on the cabin class and route of the flight, and also on the weight and dimensions of the baggage you provide.

Checked-in baggage

Baggage allowance as per Economy class is given below

Economy classicEconomic convenienceEconomy comfort
Flights to/from all destinations25 kg 30kg35kg
Flights to/from America2piece(23kg)/pc2piece(23kg)/pc2piece(23kg)/pc
Hand baggage1piece(7kg)1piece(7kg)1piece(7kg)

Baggage allowance as per Business class is given below

Business-classBusiness classicBusiness comfortBusiness Elite
Flights to/from all destinations40kg (88)lb40kg (88)lb40kg (88)lb
Flights to/from America2piece(32kg)/pc2piece(32kg)/pc2piece(32kg)/pc
Hand baggage2piece(15kg)2piece(15kg)2piece(15kg)

Baggage allowance as per First class is given below

First-classFirst Elite
Flights to/from all destinations50kg (110)70lb each
Flights to/from America2piece(32kg)/pc
Hand baggage2piece(15kg)

Checked baggage Guidelines

  • Baggage allowance varies from each category and class of the ticket but generally, acceptable baggage dimension does not exceed 158cms (linear)by piece.
  • The weight of the bag does not exceed 32kg or 70lbs.
  • If you are travelling with extra bags or are overweight then you have to pay extra charges of around $20- $50 per kg.

Hand baggage

Economy class – Passengers belonging to the economic class (classic /convenience and comfort classes)are allowed to carry one bag piece that weighs up to  7kg. Dimensions are 50x37x25.

Business Class – Travellers belonging to this class can carry around 2 pieces weighing up to 15kg each. (Dimensions are 50x37x25)

First Class – Allowed to carry 2 bags free about 15kg each,(50x37x25).

Baggage fees for Qatar Airways 

This varies depending on whether you purchase the additional fees online or offline. The online purchase would be cheaper or 20% off the cost. 

Tips to note while packing baggage 

  • Laptops can be packed into cabin bags as they are not counted as personal items and should be within the correct dimensions of your hand luggage.
  • A single piece of luggage should not weigh more than 32kg, so try to split the load or contents into one or more suitcases as required. 
  • Smart packing or use smart luggage accessories like tiny pocket bags which can fit into the suitcase instead of just folding your clothes and placing them directly into the bags. You can also use large zip pouches or bags that can hold your items so that they are neatly stacked into different areas of the suitcase. This will help you organise your packing more efficiently.

Animals or pets 

  • QA allows you to take your pets or animals as checked baggage on the same flight or a separate one as per the rules.
  • Service dogs are allowed free of charge in the cabin for specific routes so as to support disabled persons, etc. 
  • You are required to maintain enough food and water for your pet during the journey. 
  • Restrictions apply to certain breeds of dogs and cats 
  • Travel documents like a pet passport or health certificate are necessary 
  • The price for the transportation of animals will vary as per the weight and size of the animal. If its weight is more than 75kg, then it will be carried over as cargo.

Sporting Equipment 

Normally they allow these as checked baggage provided it does not exceed the free allowance mentioned on your ticket. Otherwise, excess baggage rates will be applicable.

Bicycles, golf equipment and so on are carried as checked-in baggage or cargo if they are of greater length. However, they need to be neatly packed as per their guidelines.


Wheelchairs are allowed or the airline can provide you assistance if you seek help from the airline. You are required to inform them at the time of the booking at least 48 hours prior to departure.

Baggage restrictions

Some items are classified as dangerous and you will not be permitted to carry these on your hand luggage or checked baggage  

  • Guns, toys, antiques or other devices that discharge projectiles that can cause injury.
  • Sharp Pointed objects that can cause harm like razor blades, knives of more than a certain dimension.

Some items are permitted 

  • Medical and toilet articles in specific quantities are permitted 
  • Liquids in not more than  100ml containers or in a resealable 1-litre bag can be taken on board.

Electronic items 

Rules on electronic items may vary depending on your destination

  • Electronic items are subject to enhanced security screening for all USA flights like radio, DSLR cameras, laptops, electric guitars and so on.
  • If you do not want to use personal electronic devices during the journey, then consider packing them into your check-in baggage. 
  • Make sure these personal devices  are well charged 

These are all general guidelines, for more specific information visit their website or contact the nearest QA office.

Qatar Airways App 

The airline had also introduced a mobile app for the convenience of its customers that can be downloaded via google or apple play store.

So enjoy your travel and hope this article helped you in providing more information about the Baggage Policy of this prestigious and your favourite airline Qatar Airways

If you have more queries about Qatar Baggage Policy, you can visit Qatar’s website or you can just visit at Treknova homepage too and you can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get more information about the latest offers and discounts.

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