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VivaAerobus Baggage policy Fees & Rules

Aeroenlaces Nacionales, buying and selling as VivaAerobus, is a Mexican low-price airline absolutely owned by the most important bus employer organization in Mexico, IAMSA.

VivaAerobus is Latin American with the lowest fee airline. Also the most cutting-edge fleet in the place and the fastest-growing airline inside the world. A decade in the past Mexican couldn’t afford traveling by means of flight and instead, they were opting for alternatives like traveling via buses.

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VivaAerobus Baggage Policy


VivaAerobus baggage policy includes the following for the regular basic fares:

  • 1 personal item – Fee free
  • 1 Carry-on item – Fee free
  • Checked baggage – Applicable costs according to the ticket class
  • Overweight and Oversized bags – Applicable costs according to bag depending on the route.
  • Sports equipment – Certain items may have relevant charges.

VivaAerobus Carry-On Allowance Baggage Policy

  • Viva Aerobus (VB) allows each passenger to carry one piece of luggage as a carry-on as long as each object is within 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. Passengers may convey a personal object, which includes a purse, briefcase, computer bag, or digital camera bag. The general weight of all three pieces cannot exceed 10 kg.

Lap-Little one carry-on policy:

Any item you need to be carried in the adult’s carry-on, infants are not allowed any carry-on allowance.

Stroller Check Policy:

  • Large strollers and car seats need to be checked at the luggage counter or gate free of cost. These must not be permitted as a carry-on allowance.

VivaAerobus hold luggage policy

Hold luggage policy includes only for those passengers that purchased a Viva plus or VivaBasico tickets. Checked baggage allowance not included for VivaLight passengers. The maximum dimensions of baggage allowance in the VivaAerobus baggage policy are 158 centimeters as a sum of its three dimensions for Vivabasico and viva plus passengers.

The maximum weight allowance is:

  • 15 kilograms for VivaBasico
  • 25 kilograms for Vivaplus.

VivaAerobus Allowance Fees

There is no fee for via Aerobus allowance in the Viva Aerobus airline baggage policy for your given allowance.  There is a fee for beyond the provided allowance.

Viva Aerobus Airlines Excess Baggage Fees

Passengers wishing to test additional luggage past their allowance will be a situation to prices primarily based on while the bag turned into bought and the weight of the bag. The costs of global flights are as follows:

Purchased online, via the Call Center or a VivaTienda:

  •  USD 60 additional bag no more than 15 kg
  •  USD 70 Additional bag no extra than 20 kg 
  • USD 80 Additional bag no more than 25 kg
  • USD 100 Additional bag no more than 32 kg

Purchased on the airport:

  • USD 85 Additional bag no more than 15 kg 

The prices for home flights are as follows:

  • MXN 460 Additional bag no extra than 15 kg
  • MXN 560 Additional bag no greater than 20 kg 
  • MXN 660 Additional bag no more than 25 kg
  • MXN 860 Additional bag no more than 32 kg 

VivaAerobus Overweight baggage fees

Passengers wishing to boom the weight of their checked bag or carry-on bag will be subject to fees based on the growth. The charge for global flights is as follows:

Purchased online, through the Call Center or via a VivaTienda:

  • USD 25 for Increase carry-on from 10 kg to fifteen kg
  • USD 10 for Increase additional checked bag from 20 kg to 25 kg 
  • USD 30 for Increase extra checked bag from 20 kg to 32 k Ing
  • USD 40 for crease VivaBasic allowance from 15 kg to 20 kg: 
  • USD 50 for Increase VivaBasic allowance from 15 kg to 25 kg: 
  •  USD 60 for Increase VivaBasic allowance from 15 kg to 32 kg
  • USD 40 for Increase VivaPlus allowance from 25 kg to 32 kg 

Purchased at the airport:

  • USD 48.50 for Increase carry-on from 10 kg to fifteen kg 
  • USD 12 / kg over checked bags past your luggage allowance 

The price for domestic flights are charged on the airport, and are as follows:

VivaLight passengers:

  •  MXN 100 / kg for Baggage beyond the bought weight

VivaBasic passengers:

  • MXN 300 for Increase luggage weight from 15 kg to twenty kg
  • MXN 400 for Increase baggage weight from 15 kg to 25 kg 
  • MXN 500 for Increase bags weight from 15 kg to 32 kg

VivaPlus passengers:

  • MXN 300 for Increase luggage weight from 25 kg to 32 kg 

Oversized Baggage Fees of Viva Aerobus Airlines 

In VivaAerobus the bags that exceed the required dimensions will charge $48.50 on international flights.

Fees for sports equipment 

Viva Aerobus (VB) fees passengers for sports activities equipment primarily based on whilst the carrier is booked. Sports equipment may be subject to additional costs based totally on size and weight. The costs are as follows:

  • 45 USD for Purchased online, via the Call Center or through a VivaTienda
  • 61 USD for Purchased at the airport.

Additional Baggage Fees of Viva Aerobus Airlines 

At the point of sale up to 4 hours or online you can purchase additional baggage before the flight departure. Details of increasing weight at domestic routes are given below in the tabular form:

Viva BasicAirportPoint of saleOnline
20 kilogram or 44 pounds$36$20$20-$23
25 kilogram or 55 pounds$60$30$30-$35
32 kilogram or 70 pounds$89$40$40-$46
Viva SmartAirportPoint of saleOnline
32 kilogram or 70 pounds$36$20$20-$23

 Details of increasing weight at International routes are given below in the tabular form:

Viva BasicAirportPoint of saleOnline
20 kilogram or 44 pounds$25$13$13-$23
25 kilogram or 55 pounds$40$20$20-$35
32 kilogram or 70 pounds$60$27$27-$46
Viva SmartAirportPoint of saleOnline
32 kilogram or 70 pounds$25$13$13-$23

Adding an extra piece:

Details of adding an extra piece at domestic  and international routes are given below in the tabular form:

Domestic RoutesAirportPoint of saleOnline
15 kilogram or 33 pounds$85$54.90$54.90-$63
20 kilogram or 44 pounds$119.90$64.90$64.90-$75
25 kilogram or 55 pounds$139.90$74.90$74.90-$86
32 kilogram or 70 pounds$169.90$86$86-$99
International RoutesAirportPoint of saleOnline
15 kilogram or 33 pounds$85$30$30-$63
20 kilogram or 44 pounds$67$35$35-$75
25 kilogram or 55 pounds$75$37$37-$86
32 kilogram or 70 pounds$87$86$86-$99

Credit cards for wipe away your fees

VIVA Aerobus doesn’t offer a U.S.-issued credit score card with loose bags, however, there are still approaches to avoid paying baggage fees while you fly with the carrier. Our favorite way to do this is to charge VIVA Aerobus baggage expenses to a Capital One® Venture® Rewards card. Then, you can use the card’s Purchase Eraser tool to “erase” the fee.

This tool helps you to use Venture card’s factors to cowl travel fees at 1 cent in line with a point. So when you have a $23 bag fee, you’ll pay just 2,300 Capital One factors to cover the fee. Just make sure to erase the purchase in 90 days or less.

Recommended Cards:
Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card – This no annual charge card comes with a 20,000-mile welcome bonus (well worth $200) once you spend $1,000 within the first 3 months. When you use your card for tour purchases (e.G. Baggage charges), use your miles to repay all, or component of, your statement! This is why we love this card.
Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card – With a bigger 50,000 welcome bonus (worth $500), it is the “large brother” card to the VentureOne®when you spend $3,000 in the first three months.

Restricted Items

Any object with the capacity or apparent possibility of causing a wound through the discharge of a projectileAll types of firearms (guns, rifles, revolvers, shotguns, etc.). Replicas or imitations of firearms, components, and/or firearms, components, and/or parts of firearms (including telescopic aim), air guns, rifles, and dart guns. Guns used for aid signals and starters, toy guns of all kinds *, Gotcha guns, guns and staplers, industrial, crossbows, catapults, harpoons and throw guns or any weapon that constitutes a risk to the physical integrity of a human being or animal, electroshock devices, laser guns, lighters with the form of a gun.
Sharp or puncturing objects capable of causing a woundIncluding arrows and darts, steel staplers or steel picks, steel plaques with picks used for alpinism, harpoons, lances, ice axes, ice picks, ice skates, any type of knife or blade without limitation, sables, swords, covered weapons, scalpels, scissors with blades of any size, skies, and sky poles and mountain walk sticks, metal puncturing stars. Tools that may be used as sharp or pointy weapons, such as drills, pieces or loose parts of drills and/or screwdrivers, all types of saws, screwdrivers, clippers, levers, hammers, pincers, adjustable wrenches, welding devices, harpoons, submarine weapons, arches, bayonets, arrows, similar objects.
*Electronic DevicesElectronic hand tools that use gases to cut/weld (drills, portable saws, welding guns, hammers, screwdrivers, hammers, clamps)High-intensity lamps with bulbs and batteries. Their components (batteries, coils) must be separated and identified with labels. Tongs, hair irons, and curlers.
ExplosivesMunitions, detonators and fuses, explosive artifacts as well as replicas and imitations thereof, mines, bombs, including “party-poopers” (party cartridges) and “toy caps” 
Chemical and/or toxic substancesAcids and alkaline, liquid batteries, corrosive substances and/or bleachers, for example, mercury, chloride, radioactive material, commercial or medical isotopes, biological and/or infectious material, poison, contaminated blood, virus, bacteria, radioactive material, susceptible of instantaneous combustion, extinguishers.
Gas and any type of gas containerButane, propane, acetylene, oxygen in large amounts
Flammable liquidsIncluding methanol, oil, gasoline, diesel, alcohol, ethanol, aerosol paint, paint thinner, alcoholic beverages exceeding 70 degrees of alcohol volume
Oxides and organic peroxidesIncluding treatments for the repair of car paint.
Electronic cigarettes.The use of electronic cigarettes is forbidden in all areas of the VivaAerobus aircrafts
Use of cell phonesCell phones, personal electronic devices with the wireless connection may only be carried in the hand pockets and have to be turned off when the plane signals or crew instruct it.

* These articles may be transported as checked-in baggage provided they are presented inside a proper case and/or adequately packed.

** These articles might also NOT be transported in any aircraft of VivaAerobus underneath any circumstance.

*** Ground connections authorized by “VivaAerobus”.

For Help

Contact Number
(55) 40.000.180
Write To
Aeropuerto Internacional de Monterrey. Terminal C
Carretera Miguel Alemán Km. 24.
Apodaca, NL, Mexico. C.P. 66600

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