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Aegean Airline Cancellation And Refund

Aegean Airlines is a well-known and the largest flag carrier of Greece, which provides all world-class services to its passengers for comfortable travel. For the convenience of passengers, the airline offers easy reservations, check-in, manage my booking, and also provides a secure Aegean cancelation policy. After the cancellation of the reservation, the passenger can claim an Aegean refund also.

Are you trying to do Aegean Flight Cancellation but, Covid-19 rules and regulations make you worried about it? Don’t worry, we the Treknova, try to provide all the information about all the latest Aegean Airlines cancellation and COVID-19 policies. Please read the full article to get all the details.

Aegean airline refund and cancellation policy

COVID-19 Updates For Aegean Airlines Cancellation Policy:

The airline has provided hassle-free services to its passengers in this pandemic. As many passengers want to change or cancel their reservation, the airline doesn’t want that the customer will suffer any loss. They offer to change or cancel flights as well as provide the facility of refund also.

The passengers who are looking to cancel the Aegean flight or change their reservation, they can do so online themselves. Also, get a refund in the form of a credit voucher or bank transfer according to the fare rules of your Aegean airlines booking. You can use your credit voucher for the payment of your future travel with the airline. But remember one thing, the validity of a credit voucher is only for 18 months, your travel must be completed within the valid period.

Canceling the reservation can be done for all types of flights such as Domestic flights, International flights, Codeshare flights. But we strongly suggest that you must have to look at the fare rules of your reservation.

To know the details about the airlines’ Fare Rules, please click here.

Aegean Airlines Cancellation And Change Policy:

If you are thinking about “can I cancel my Aegean flight?” Then the answer is – yes, of course, you can easily cancel your booking.

Sometimes you need to change your travel plans or may need to modify your reservation. You can change or cancel your reservation at any time with Aegean air cancellation. It may also happen that due to Aegean airlines flight delay, you want to make a change in your reservation. In such a case, you will get flight delay compensation.

1. You can change or cancel your flight reservation according to your booking flights, which means the reservation contains different conditions depending on its fare class and category you have chosen at the time of booking. Also, the change and cancellation rules apply per itinerary.

  • You may bear some charges to make a change for specific fares (date, flight, or route).
  • You are allowed to make any change in the name with some change fee, but only in particular cases.
  • You can change flight or reissue your reservation at the same time.
  • For refundable reservations, you have to bear the refund fee for both domestic and international flights.
  • If your reservation is not in the specific fare categories, you may not be allowed to make changes in your reservation or may bear the specific charges.

2. As far as redemption tickets (Miles+Bonus Program/Alpha Bonus Scheme/€pistrofi loyalty Program/Bank of Cyprus Antamivi Scheme) are concerned, the following apply:

  • You are allowed to change the time and date of your reservation by paying the charges of 20 EUR per flight ticket, up to 30 minutes before the schedule of flight departure.
  • You can make a change in your reservation in the same fare category.
  • You are not permitted to make any change in your route.
  • After the change in your reservation, the passenger will responsible to bear the tax difference, if any.

3. You can change your flight reservation through the official website Aegean Airlines or you can do the same through the airlines’ Call Center (charges 20 EUR each transaction/ticket):

  • You are allowed to change partially used flight tickets also.
  • If you have not shown up the departure of your first flight (in case of round trip reservation or reservation with multiple segments), you are allowed to make any changes to the following flight.
  • You can change the points of departure or destination.
  • You are allowed to cancel your flight reservation.
  • Individual modifications in the batch booking.

How To Cancel Aegean Flight?

In urgency, you can cancel the Aegean Airlines flight. You can do cancellation in three ways – online or by telephone or by the airport window.

To begin the ticket cancellation process you need your flight confirmation number which is ready to enter or provide to the aviation executive. Once the cancellation process of the airlines is completed, you will be informed of the refund options you can choose.

The airline provides many options to cancel your flight reservation like

1. You can cancel your reservation yourself through the official website of the airline.

Here are some steps to cancel your reservation manually:

  • Step 1:- First, You just need to visit the official website of “Aegean Airlines” or
  • Step 2:- On the home page of the airline, you need to tap on the “Plan” option given or you can login too.
  • Step 3:- You will see many options under “Plan“, please tap on “My Bookings“.
  • Step 4:- Now, you have to fill the given form with your details of “Booking Reference” and your “Last Name“.
  • Step 5:- After that, you just need to tap on “Continue“.
  • Step 6:- Now, you need to proceed with the given command and cancel or modify your reservation.

2. You have another option to cancel your reservation, which is to contact directly to the airport:

You are allowed to cancel your reservation through the Airport Ticket Office directly. You can contact them face to face and provide your details like your name, reservation number, etc. They will simply cancel your reservation.

3. You can cancel your reservation through the call center of Aegean Airlines.

You just need to call the Reservation Department of the airline on the toll-free number +30 210 62 61 000 and tell the representative to cancel your flight reservation. You need to provide your details regarding the canceled flight to them and they will cancel your reservation easily.

Aegean Airlines Refund Policy:

If your flight has been canceled due to the necessary change of airlines’ future flight scheduling based on the new conditions, then you are eligible to make a monetary refund request for the amount of your reservation (all segments of the reservation). You will get the Aegean Airlines refund.

Alternatively, you can immediately get a credit voucher for your canceled reservation. You can use that voucher for your future travel plans with Aegean Airlines. But remember, you are only able to use it within the next 18 months. For the flights canceled from Jan 07, 2020, onwards, the airline offers 10% additional value to the credit voucher. If you do not want to use that voucher, you are able to raise a monetary refund request either for the total or for the unused remaining amount.

You are only able to proceed with the monetary refund request if you did not request or receive a credit voucher previously.

You can submit your refund request form here.

Terms and Conditions of Refund:

  1. After submitting your refund request successfully, you will receive a confirmation email with the registration number. All the refund requests will be operated individually.
  2. If you have booked your reservation directly through the Aegean Airlines or Olympic Air point of sale, as soon as you submit your refund request, eventually your reservation (including all segments of your reservation) will be canceled and they will automatically consider your consent.
  3. If you have booked your reservation through the travel agency located in Europe & Israel, as soon as you submit your refund request, eventually your reservation (only for the Aegean or Olympic Air Operating Carrier segments) will be canceled and they will automatically consider your consent.
  4. If your refund request meets all the criteria, then you will receive your refund amount of the same value as the ticket purchased (value of additional service purchased also). Please note, the value of specific services will not be refunded such as Travel insurance, other non-Air services (parking, hotels, etc).
  5. The airline will not refund the Rebooking fees or other penalties such as name change penalties, service fees, etc.
  6. You are eligible to get the monetary refund amount that you paid for the reservation, either you will receive it to your credit or through the bank transfer. If you don’t have enough information about the monetary refund proceeding, you will get an email with all the instructions.
  7. If you paid a combination amount (some through credit vouchers and some through the bank transfer) at the time of reservation booking, then you will get your refund with the same combination that you have paid.
  8. If you have booked your reservation from a travel agency located in Europe and Israel (whether it is online or offline) and additional services booked through the airline itself, then you will get a refund of the total value (ticket value+additional services value) of the flight reservation.

Aegean Airlines Customer Service

To learn more about the Aegean Airlines refund policy, travelers can contact the reservation center. The airline representative will provide full details and support for all questions and issues. Travelers can contact the support team by dialing a phone number or writing an email. Contact details are given on the website of Aegean Airlines.

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