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Air Dolomiti Cancellation Policy

Air Dolomiti is a leading carrier airline in Italy serving a wide range of domestic and international flights. If you want to cancel flights of Air Dolomiti, it is recommended to get the information about Air Dolomiti Cancellation Policy. Air Dolomiti allows 24/7 hours cancellation policy. Air Dolomiti offers more flexibility and benefits for the passengers while managing their booking.

air dolomiti cancellation policy

According to the Air Dolomiti 24 hours cancellation policy, passengers are allowed to cancel the flight booked within 24 hours of the purchase. They provide a total refund of your flight cost in case the booking was made a week or more before the departure date of your Air Dolomiti Flights. 

To cancel my flight on the Air Dolomiti 

You have two options to make Air Dolomiti  Cancellations – At the Airport, Telephone or Online. To begin the cancellation process you need your flight confirmation number which is ready to enter or provide to the aviation executive. Once the process of canceling the Air Dolomiti is complete, you will be notified of the refund options you can choose.

Cancel your flight through online

Steps 1:- Visit the official websites Air Dolomiti. Click on the ‘Sign In’ or ‘Login In’ button at the top right corner of the webpage. 

  • Enter your login credentials on Air Dolomiti.
  • Enter the login-in button.
  • If you forget your login credentials, then go to the link  ‘Need help logging in?’
  • You should check out the “remember me” box after listing your Air Dolomiti login credentials if you’re a frequent flyer for Air Dolomiti. That’s why you don’t need to put stress on your brain to memorize user id and password.

Step 2:- If you don’t have an Air Dolomiti account, then visit it Air Dolomiti Cancellation web page. Enter the confirmation number, your name with correct details. Select the Continue button. According to the Air Dolomiti Cancellation Policy, you must enter the exact name of the person who originally booked the air ticket.

Step 3:- Click on the flight | car | hotel tab present at the top of the homepage. Click on the ‘Manage Air Dolomiti Reservation

Step 4:- Click on ‘Manage Reservation.’ They provide you with some different options. Click on the Reservation of Air Dolomiti button.

Step 5:- 3 boxes will pop up on your desktop screen, asking for a confirmation number, first name, and last name. Tap the ‘Continue’ button.

You must enter the original name that you used during the Air Dolomiti flight ticket reservation.

If you do not know your flight ticket confirmation number, then check your booked ticket history in your Air Dolomiti account.

While booking a flight ticket, the air ticket confirmation number can also be found in your registered email.

Step 6:- You can check your flight details on Air Dolomiti, if you booked a round-trip, then you can cancel the entire trip. Passengers are not allowed to withdrawal from just one segment of the journey. Sadly, it is not a concern if you have booked a one-way airfare.

Step 7:- Visit travel funds to check the refund status. It will assist you in whether or not the ticket amount you paid is refundable. If it says “Non-refundable” you will not get any amount back and if it says “Refundable”, you can check the box next to “Request a fund”.

Step 8:- Finally passengers can see the “cancel My Reservation?” options. Click on the Cancel button to cancel your Air Dolomiti ticket reservation.

Cancel your flight through call

Step 1:- Dail toll-free number +39-045-288-6140 on Air Dolomiti Reservations Department. If you have any questions or specific queries related to your flight ticket reservation fare, refunds on Air Dolomiti online air ticket cancellation, contact  Air Dolomiti through Phone.

Step 2:- You want to cancel your Air Dolomiti tickets and tell the aviation executive.

Step 3:- Please check your air ticket refund policy.

Cancel your flight at airport

Step 1:- Firstly, you need to go to the airport where you have decided to board the flight.

Step 2:- Then you need to visit  Air Dolomiti Airport Ticket Office(ATO).

Steps 3:- Passengers can take face to face with the Air Dolomiti executive and ask him or her to cancel their flight ticket. The refund will be sent back to the same credit card, same debit card via which you had made the payment.

Sum it up!!!

For further more queries and questions, do feel free to contact the Air Dolomiti customer support team. They are ready to answer your problem with a suitable solution. If in any case, you can’t get to them, you can contact us, Treknova in our toll-free helpline number +1-800-831-1547 for getting information to you regarding Air Dolomiti airlines. Treknova is here to solve all your queries and keep visiting our sites for more information.

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