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Alaska Airlines is one of the most famous American airlines. That carrier, recorded as the 5th largest airline in the USA, covering 116 destinations, flying worldwide. Reservation with Alaska Airlines is quite a smooth journey for many customers worldwide, with their best route map guide.

In this article, you will get important information regarding Alaska Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy for booked or reserved tickets. You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to know about the current offer, promo codes & discounts.

But sometimes circumstances lead you to cancel your expensive flight tickets. So there is Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy and Refund Policy, under which you do not have to worried about the cancellation process and the respective Alaska Airlines refund policy, which you may get from the cancellation of a ticket’s valuable money.

It has been so easy to cancel your Alaska Airlines tickets simply by visiting the Alaska Airlines reservations option online. You will get the option to manage your booking, seats, and other options. Also read this article to know Alaska Airlines check-in policy, timing, boarding pass tips

While applying for Alaska Airlines cancellation, you should be aware of Alaska Airlines cancellation policies, refund policies, and updates regarding cancellation for CORONA-Virus. You can also do online baggage check-in and much more, which will help in saving time for you.

Alaska Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy

Steps for Alaska Airlines Cancellation:

Below are the steps to help you with Alaska Airlines cancellation of air tickets:

Step 1: At the official page of Alaska Airlines, Tap on ‘Reservation’, from the drop-down list click on ‘Cancel’.

Step 2: The Alaska Airlines cancellation page will pop up, which will ask for a confirmation number and your last name.

Step 3: If your ticket which you have canceled is refundable fare, then there are also steps for this too

  1. If you are a registered user with, i.e. having your profile in their My Account section. Then choose ‘Send The Credit To My Wallet’. or u can register here.
  2. If you have booked by any travel agent or broker or simply don’t have a profile in MY Account of Alaska Airlines then you should choose ‘Send The Travel Credit To My Email’.

Step 4: Confirm your cancellation in two ways:

  1. By choosing ‘Send The Credit To My Wallet’, whatever be the fund, it will be credited to your My Account of Alaska Airlines. Though it takes place immediately, if not then it may take 7 days of the period to happen. Credited funds can be reused while you are booking your next until you are signed into Alaska Airline Account.
  2. And when choosing ‘Send The Travel Credit To My Email’. You will be sent two emails. One having a certificate code, and the second is having a PIN. When you will be going to book your next flight ticket with Alaska Airlines, you will be needing both a certificate code and PIN at that time.

Alaska Airlines Cancellation 24-hour Policy:

Alaska Airlines

Above it has been clearly mentioned a set of steps on how to make Alaska Airlines cancellation of air tickets. Obviously, who would not want to get a refund for canceled tickets or changed tickets. So here are some guidelines for Alaska Airlines Cancellation 24-hour Policy which will give you profitable benefits for your cancellation/change of tickets. You can get a complete refund of your ticket just by keeping a simple thing in mind, make the cancellation within the first 24 hours of making the flight booking and get the refund on your booking. A full refund.

  • If you are canceling or changing your ticking within 24 hours of your booking, then you are fortunate enough to get a full refund of your tickets too even without any cancellation fees.
  • While going through the process of cancellation or change of ticket you should keep it in mind:
    • When you are trying to make an Alaska Airlines cancellation, you will get a complete refund of your unused ticket.
    • And when changing the ticket itinerary, then you will get a one-time change opportunity without charging any fees for it. But any change in fare must be accepted by you.
  • If you are changing your ticket itinerary or canceling it, after 24-hours of your booking, then make sure that you will be charged extra $125 fees with no refund of your ticket.

Important: Tickets from ‘Saver Fare’ don’t have an option for change but it can be canceled with a refund as informed in the above.

The passenger that travels is still responsible for any fare increases and taxes that apply to your new itinerary.

This required policy applies to tickets booked for travel starting more than 24 hours from the time of purchase. If you change* or cancel tickets purchased within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time, your ticket is subject to a $125 change fee.

For any query, you can contact Alaska airlines directly and can even dial our treknova toll-free helpline number +1-800-831-1547 or contact us by mailing us at to get solved your doubts.

Alaska Airlines Change your flight online.

Prepare a passenger’s last name and verification code or e-ticket number to change flight online.

All changes must be made before our no-fly policy is first scheduled.

To be eligible for online changes, the purchase must do the following:

  • Take trips only in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
  • They contain no more than 8 air chambers.
  • They are provided by, Alaska Airlines Booking Center, or Alaska Ticket Counter.
  • Say no more than 6 passengers on standby.
  • It does not contain savings.
  • It does not charge a government fee.
  • It will not be a partner award given by the Alaska Airline Booking Call Center or Alaska Ticket Counter.
  • Not more than 13 months from the date of purchase.
  • They are not part of a group or vacation package.
  • Cancel your flights within 24 hours of purchase for a full refund, or make a change to your itinerary within 24 hours of purchase with no change fees.
  • When your plans change within the first 24 hours following your ticket purchase, here’s what you need to know:
    • If you need to cancel your flights, we will refund you the cost of your unused tickets.
    • If you need to change your flights, you can do so one time without paying any change fees.
  • You’ll still be responsible for any fare increases and taxes that apply to your new itinerary.
  • If you were recently charged a fee for a change or cancellation made to a trip that now falls under one of our flexible travel policies, please contact Reservations. We’ll take care of the change fee to your original form of payment.

Alaska Airlines Refund Policy:

While looking for the criteria to make an easy Alaska Airlines cancellation of your air ticket or change in itinerary, you should keep in mind who will get this refund facility and who will not. So below we have mentioned some who will get a refund:

  • The refund amount has been issued on Alaska official site, or Alaska Airlines reservation call center, or an Alaska ticket counter.
  • Who had his/her booking directly with or calling Alaska Airline reservation or by Alaska ticket counter will get a refund.
  • Tickets with Saver fare will not get a refund if canceled after 24-hours of booking.
  • The Purchase is Not more than one year from the date of original or for partially used tickets, are also not be more than one year from the original outbound travel date.
  • It can not be merged with a group or vacation package booking.
  • On a carrier other than Alaska Airline’s unaccompanied minors booked can not be contained. 
  • If containing any type of government fare will not get a refund.
  • Reservation tickets or ticket partially used are must not be more than one year from the original date of purchase will get a refund
  • If ticket booking is done under any vacation package or comes as a part of group travel then also will not get any refund.
  • Tickets booked using currency like US dollars will get a refund.
  • The refunded to the original form of payment are also maybe the refundable reservations that meet the criteria.

Tickets that are nonrefundable tickets may be issued a credit certificate or credit deposit into your wallet after the first 24 hours. Changes into the fee are according to the airline’s rules and the time of the credit certificate or deposit is issued.

You may still cancel your reservation online and use the value in exchange if your reservation is not eligible for an online refund or credit.

Latest Update for Corona-Virus Policies

As the COVID situation hit us hard. Travel is something that has been at stake. You never know when you have to cancel your ticket and buy a new one just for your travel abroad.

In such a situation booking, canceling, re-booking, or simply saving money by refunds, are also very fundamental to every individual.

Even the airlines understand this situation of their passengers. Thus, Alaska Airlines has come up with many no-fees cancellation policies for a certain period of time.

Let’s Go through some of these policies to make your life easier in this pandemic:

  1. New tickets bought among February 27, 2020, and September 8, 2020: Non-refundable first-class, foremost cabin, and award tickets can be modified for no charge, with new tour finished with the aid of using August 31, 2021, or canceled with tour price range located into your Alaska Account or a credit score card certificates thru email. Fare distinction applies.
  2. For the ones of you who make an Alaska Airlines cancellation of flights because of COVID-19 influences between March 1 and August 31, 2020, the credit for your Wallet could be prolonged to buy thru July 5, 2021, for a tour thru May 31, 2022.
  3. Your Mileage Plan status will automatically be extended at the end of the year to reflect the new December 31, 2021 end date.
  4. All status benefits will apply, with the exception of the 50,000 bonus miles associated with earned 75K status. Look for more details in a few weeks with info on how 75K members can earn additional bonus miles for travel this year.

Here we have given you all the information that would be helpful to you to make a cancellation online. In case you still have problems you can directly call us on +1-800-831-1547, or you can take our services directly by

If you obtain your tickets via a 3rd party, some other tour agency, or some other airline, touch them immediately for assistance.

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