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Allegiant, being a renowned and people-friendly airline company came up with its new Allegiant cancellation policy to deal with this COVID situation.

Allegiant Airlines is one such USA airlines which have been flying over different destination with smooth and comfortable flight journey to their customers. There are certain rules for Allegiant Airlines reservations as well as the Allegiant Airlines cancellation policy for booking or cancellation of Allegiant flight tickets quite easy.

Thus similarly now passengers of Allegiant if want to make any change in their flight itinerary or cancel the flight ticket. Then they can simply do so this now online or directly call to the customer support team of Allegiant Airlines.

The Outbreak of Coronavirus has caused various concerns and difficulties all over the world especially in the field of the airline’s agencies. Therefore, Allegiant Air is changing its strategies or policies to accommodate passengers who have been affected. As the pandemic spreads, the strategy of Allegiant Airlines becomes more complicated, which leads to questions from confused customers.

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Allegiant Air is a domestic airline and does not serve Europe and Asia. But it has close communication with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the U.S. Department of Homeland Security / TSA, and the U.S. Department of Transportation. And no proposals have been made at this time for domestic airlines to change its services.

Customers who book will make a one-time adjustment to their travel arrangements without altering or canceling fees. Changes and cancelations can now be made by going directly to Handle Travel. Vouchers for the full amount of the current itinerary will be given for cancellations and forwarded to the address on the initial booking.

Under the Allegiant Cancellation policy, you can cancel Allegiant flight tickets within 24 hours for a full refund of the ticket fare, whereas after 24 hours of ticket purchase, if you try to cancel or change ticket then its strictly goes to non-refundable tickets and that too with some penalty fees charged.

Allegiant Airlines refund for a ticket whether you cancel or change is only accessible if you booked your ticket under Trip Flex travel protection. While changing tickets you will not change with the penalty fees.

Allegiant Air knows that the decision to travel is personal and includes several factors. And it also made it easy for you to alter or cancel itineraries without any fees to help.

Changes and cancelations can now be made directly by visiting Manage Travel For cancelations a voucher will be given for future travel on Allegiant for the full cost of the current itinerary. Vouchers must be used for buying and completing travel within one year from the initial date of booking.

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Allegiant Cancellation & Change Policies

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The airline made the process easier for passengers to change or cancel itineraries with no penalty fees. For Cancellation and changes, you can visit Manage Travel, and go ahead with the procedure. Though there are three-way of cancellation or change your booked tickets under the Allegiant Airlines cancellation policy.

1. By confirmation

By choosing this means to cancel or change flight tickets of Allegiant Airlines online, then you need, first name and last name of the passengers on which flight ticket has been registered for booking, and lastly a confirmation number sent to your registered email or phone no. 

2. By email

By opting for this method to cancel or change flight bookings, then you have to log in to your account by login with your registered email id and the correct password. After this, you can access your itinerary for anything you want to form your booked or reserved Allegiant flight tickets.

3. By debit/credit card

If you have given your payment for booking your tickets with a debit or credit card, then if in case want to cancel or want to change in itinerary then you can access it by login with last & first name of the passenger and date of departure i.e date on which you have booked your tickets and lastly you need to enter 4 digits of credit or debit card which you have used for payment.

Some important notes to pay attention on;

  • For the cancellations, there will be a voucher for the entire amount of the current itinerary to issue for future travel on Allegiant. These vouchers have to be used for purchasing and completing travel within a year of the initial booking date.
  • For those reservations acquired along with a reservation of a hotel or car, need to contact Allegiant Airlines Customer Care Service Center at 702-505-8888.

Its been important to know that to change or cancel your flight booked tickets with Allegiant Airlines you have to do so online in their site. As if you come over airport ticket counter of Allegiant to make a change or cancel the ticket, then staff at airport will not able to help you with this stuff, i.e you can not access this facility offline.

Also, you can get in touch with the airlines through any of the following modes:

The recent situation is causing travel uncertainty and made many questions for customers. 

Trip Flex

With Trip Flex
If you pick to cancel a reservation which incorporates Trip Flex, credit score is issued minus provider charges, TripFlex and reserving fees. Remaining finances can be implemented as non-refundable credit score precise for destiny tour on Allegiant Travel.
Without Trip Flex
If you choose to cancel your reservation, a fee of $75.00 in line with passenger, in line with section will observe and credit score can be issued minus cancellation, service costs and reserving fees.Remaining finances might be carried out as non-refundable credit score true for destiny tour on Allegiant Travel. No credit score might be issued for no-indicates or cancellations made inside 7 days of flight departure.

Allegiant air covid changes

Allegiant maintains constant contact with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/TSA, and the U.S. Department of Transportation, and currently, they do not recommend changes to domestic airlines.

Customers who booked can change their travel plans in one go without having to pay for changes or cancellation fees. Now you can directly make changes and cancels by visiting

 Manage Travel.

For cancellation, you can use the following options:

  • You can change your flight to another scheduled Allegiant flight for free. You may be charged or credited due to the difference in fares.
  • You can cancel your reservation and get full credit in the form of Allegiant coupons for future travel, valid for two years from the date of initial booking.
  • You can call 702-505-8888 to contact our customer service center for other options.

For reservations purchased with hotels, cars, coupons, or promo codes, our team will need to help you. Please call 702-505-8888 to contact us. You can also contact us by email by visiting this address.

To expedite your request, please provide your confirmation number, email address on file, and whether you want to cancel or change your itinerary. If you want to change the travel date, include the new date. As long as you request before the flight departure time, we will honor the current change/cancellation policy. Thank you for your patience.

Please note that the staff at the airport ticket counter will not be able to change or cancel the itinerary.

Allegiant will not use third parties or travel agencies to process changes or cancellations to existing itineraries. When making these adjustments, Allegiant team members will not ask for credit card information.

To view available options to change, cancel or upgrade your reservation online, visit Manage Travel.

To check the latest status of your flight, and to sign up for automated flight status updates, please visit the Flight Status page of the Web site.

All passengers must be checked in at least 45 minutes prior to the revised flight departure time. For your convenience, advance check-in is available via the Allegiant App or by visiting the Online Check-In tab.

Although TSA’s identity verification technology (CAT) scanners are now used in some airports, all Allegiant customers are still required to check-in at least 45 minutes before departure and present a valid boarding pass at the boarding gate. Failure to check-in on time will result in denied boarding.

Allegiant Airlines’s Aircraft cleaning & onboard atmosphere

Onboard of the aircraft, Allegiant teams guarantee the highest standards of disinfectant protection and cleaning. The aircraft cleaning program is according to the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization (WHO). Allegiant make sure that all touch surfaces like, seat belts and tray tables even galleys and lavatories, are cleansed fully and disinfected to the maximum possible standard.

Also, Allegiant is now taking care of all aircraft with an advanced protectant solution that performs a microscopic film proved to kill any virus, bacteria or germ touching with a treated surface. This way is safe and efficient because it is made of an odorless, colorless and protective barrier on all the surfaces of the aircraft to take care of the infection.

The air onboard all-Airbus fleet of aircraft of Allegiant is a mix of fresh air and air filtered within VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) filters, and submit all of the benefits of HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate) filters, also has capabilities to filter organic compounds.

Per Airbus, the air in the cabin is changed every three minutes regularly during the cruise. According to the CDC, germs, and viruses can not be spread on airplanes because of the circulation of air and filtration process.

Note: To know more about the options for changing, cancellation or upgrading your ticket online, please visit Manage Travel

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