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Bangkok Airways Cancellation, Changes & Refund Policy

About Bangkok Airways

Bangkok Airways is the regional flag carrier in Bangkok, Thailand which was established in 1968 as Sahakol Air operating. The airline has been operating its scheduled flight operations or services to various destinations in Thailand, Malaysia, India, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Maldives, Myanmar, and the Airways has its main base in Suvarnabhumi Airport.

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Brief Overview Of Bangkok Airways Cancellation And Refund Policy

The plans and preparations we make, especially during the holidays to travel to our dream destination and think of enjoying our trip with our loved ones have no possibility that it will be attainable with no trouble. Our plans for traveling to our desired location can fail when something urgent comes up in our way and even when we have booked our flight ticket in advance. 

When you have spent your money on purchasing a flight ticket and before your departure you find out that some sort of emergency has come up in your way which you can not neglect then what will you do in that circumstances? Of course, you will look out for how can I cancel my flight ticket, and am I eligible to demand a full refund for my canceled ticket or unused part of the ticket? 

Passengers who have a pre-booked ticket of Bangkok Airways and due to some unavoidable reasons and situations do not want to want to fly to their destination and want to cancel their flight with a complete refund, then Bangkok Airways allows doing so very easily and effortlessly provided the nature of your ticket(what fare category you have selected, is you ticket refundable or not, etc) must follow the cancellation and refund policies of Bangkok Airways.

But before passengers want to cancel their Bangkok Airways ticket they should be aware of or have some basic understanding of how the cancellation and refund process works and what important policies are associated with the refund and cancellation procedure before canceling any flight ticket. Here we will discuss all the policies and terms and conditions under which you can cancel your flight ticket for requesting a full refund or amount of money.

Guidelines: Bangkok Airways Cancellation And Refund Policy

Bangkok Airways easily allows passengers who have some urgent situation to avail of the facility and flexibility to cancel their flight online without any trouble or standing in a long queue. Also, passengers who face some emergencies and cancel their flight tickets can make a request for refund money for a full ticket or unused part of the ticket online by filling out the refund request form at Bangkok Airways’ official website –

  • The refund fees of canceled flights will only be given to the eligible Bangkok Airways flight tickets that are canceled within the active span of time.
  • Bangkok Airways will not offer passengers to get refund fees once the time frame or specific period of the ticket is finished or expired.
  • When passengers cancel their flight ticket of Bangkok Airways and make a request for a full refund fee then this process no doubt will take some time to be done and your refund requirements must match up with Bangkok Airways’ refund policy. And refund fees will be granted within 7 to 10 working days. 
  • When Bangkok Airways cancel the flights themselves due to some unavoidable reasons or circumstances then the passengers or travelers or Bangkok airways will be provided compensation to book the next subsequent Bangkok Airways flight. Thus, you can easily cancel your flight and get a refund on Bangkok Airways.

How To Cancel Bangkok Airways Flight Ticket:-

If passengers have reserved or pre-booked a flight ticket of Bangkok Airways, but due to some urgent reasons, they need to cancel their flight ticket. Then they can cancel their pre-booked flight ticket of Bangkok Airways cancellations by using two simple ways – you use either online functionality from Pc, tablets, mobile phones, smartphones, etc or you can dial the customer care telephone or helpline number. 

In order to start the Bangkok Airways Cancellation process here, passengers need to make sure that they have their flight confirmation number and all the required details of the ticket and journey ready to enter the cancellation form or to provide to the aviation executive to begin the cancellation process. Once the Bangkok Airways flight cancellations process is completed successfully, then passengers will be informed or notified about the refund options which can be chosen to get all assured money back.

Online Way To Cancel Bangkok Airways Flight Ticket:-

Passengers who wish to cancel their Bangkok Airways flight ticket can use two ways either they can visit the official website of the airline or they can contact customer care staff to do so. Use any web browser on your Pc or computer. In the online method, you visit the Bangkok Airways homepage at this given address – And after clicking on the login button at the top right corner of the web page, you can enter your Bangkok Airways login credentials. 

  • Passengers who do not have a Bangkok Airways account, then they can skip the log in process.
  • If don’t have a login id then it is recommendable that you have to register yourself with your email. this step is very helpful in future journeys it helps to gap the bridge between the passengers and Bangkok Airways.
  • After login, you’ll land on the homepage of Bangkok Airways where you can find the “Start your Trip” tab just move your cursor on that there will be a drop-down box open downward where you can see Manage my bookings click on that.
  • Now the manage booking page is open where you have to enter the Booking Reference Number and the Last Name of the passenger. Make sure you will enter your correct details in the empty fields and then click on the search button.
  • On the next page, you will see your ticket details to which you are going to make a cancellation.
  • After clicking on the next you will see all alternatives regarding manage booking (flight change, cancellation, seat upgrading, check-in, order meal, and many more ). Choose cancellation if you want to make a cancellation.
  • If your ticket permits you the for the cancellation then your request will be accepted. It totally depends upon the ticket fare class. Because all the tickets are not lie in the refundable category.
  • After doing the aforementioned steps you will be notified of your status regarding your request through email.
  • In order to check the refund status of your Bangkok Airways ticket, you can visit ‘Travel Funds.’ there you will be assisted whether the ticket amount you paid at the time of flight booking is refundable or not. And in case it is ‘Refundable, then you can then choose the option to ‘Request a refund. If your flight ticket is Non-refundable,’ then, unfortunately, you will not get any amount of fees back from Bangkok Airways.

Note* Always Keep in mind that you have to do your refund request after completing the cancellation process.

Offline Way To Cancel Bangkok Airways Flight Ticket:-

  • You can request Bangkok Airways ticket cancellation by dialing toll- a free number Bangkok Airways customer care number +66 (2) 270 6699. If passengers have any specific queries or questions related to flight ticket reservation fares, refunds, or Bangkok Airways’ online air ticket cancellation policy, they easily get in touch with Bangkok Airways’ customer service provider via phone.
  • Then, inform the aviation executive or staff that you want to cancel your Bangkok Airways tickets and be ready with all ticket details for the cancellation process.
  • And then check your air ticket refund options
  • Give all the details which are asked by the customer care member to cancel your ticket and more information about refunds.

Note:- Passengers can also cancel the flight booking by visiting the Airport where you can talk face to face with the Bangkok Airways executive or staff members and you can ask them to cancel your Bangkok Airways flight tickets. The refund will be credited back to the same debit card or credit card which you would have used to make an online ticket payment.

Bangkok Airways 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

For passengers who are willing to cancel their Bangkok Airways flight, then before the scheduled departure time of their flight, it is suggested to get all the necessary details of the Bangkok Airways cancellation and refund policy.

Here Bangkok Airways Pay full attention to the requirements and situations of the passengers, it allows passengers to take full advantage of 24 hours cancellation and refund policy. Because Bangkok Airways has been known for providing lucrative flexibility and air services for passengers while managing their bookings.

According to the Bangkok Airways Cancellation and refund policy, passengers or travelers can easily cancel their flight reservations on Bangkok Airways within 24 hours of the purchase or booking of the flight by using the customer care help-line number or by visiting the official website of Bangkok Airways. When passengers comply with the refund and cancellation policy of Bangkok Airways then he or they will be able to get a complete refund of the ticket cost or unused ticket especially when the booking was done a week or more prior to the scheduled departure date and time of your Bangkok Airways flight.

In case, passengers are going to cancel a Bangkok Airways flight some hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight and the flight ticket was purchased not more than a week before then Bangkok Airways wants passengers to pay the penalty fees that will be dependent upon the fare rules and regulations of the Bangkok Airways.

Bangkok Airways Cancellation Fees

When passengers cancel their flight ticket of Bangkok Airways after the end of 24 hours ticket cancellation process, then it is compulsory for the passengers to pay some required fees for the ticket cancellation process. Bangkok Airways have also decided on a ticket cancellation fee for both domestic and international flights and passengers. And passengers who do not have any idea about how and which amount of fees the Bangkok Airways flight cancellation process will charge them for international flights, then they can read out the below instructions:

The ticket cancellation fees of Bangkok Airways will be from $100 to $500 in the case when passengers fill out the ticket cancellation form after 24 hours of booking as a risk-free cancellation. And when passengers cancel their Bangkok Airways flight within 24 hours from the scheduled departure time of a flight, then a fee from $100 to $400 will be charged as a Bangkok Airways cancellation fee and that will also include some taxes for the government. Passengers can also make a cancellation request after canceling their flight tickets.

And in order to get some more or further information about the Bangkok Airways cancellation policy, you can contact Bangkok Airways cancellation number +66 (2) 270 6699 who are always ready and stand on their feet 24 hours to assist the passengers. You can also get details of the procedure to cancel your flight or to request a refund just by dialing the helpline number +66 (2) 270 6699 of Bangkok Airways customer care office.

Sometimes our plans get changed and we are forced by unavoidable circumstances to cancel a Bangkok Airways flight that we were looking forward to for months. If the passengers ever have been in a position where they need to cancel a Bangkok Airways flight, then it is obvious that the entire process will be both expensive and complicated.

Passengers who book your flight with Bangkok Airways and due to some situations they need to cancel their flight ticket, then they are in the perfect place! Here you can find all the information you need to navigate the Bangkok Airways cancellation and refund policy and determine what policies apply to your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Cancellation And Refund Policy

  1. Can I Cancel Bangkok Airways Flight Ticket Within 24 hours Booking

Yes, absolutely all customers who have an emergency of skipping their flying journey, can easily cancel their Bangkok Airways flight within 24 hours from the time of their original booking without paying a Bangkok Airways cancellation fee, irrespective of the fare you have selected.

  1. How Can I Check whether Bangkok Airways Flight Ticket Is Refundable Or Not?

In order to check, if a Bangkok Airways ticket is refundable or non-refundable, you can go to the official website of Bangkok Airways – and then you need to enter the ticket or document number and Bangkok Airways will display refund eligibility and information of your ticket. 

  1. Things Need To Know If I Cancel Bangkok Airways Flight Ticket

First of all, passengers who are going to cancel their Bangkok Airways flight ticket need to know what fare type you have booked their flight ticket and whether they have booked a refundable Bangkok Airways ticket or not.

Passengers who have bought a basic economy Bangkok Airways ticket, then they are not able to cancel the ticket for a refund after the 24-hours booking period from when your ticket was booked.

Passengers who have a non-refundable Bangkok Airways ticket will have to pay about $200 for domestic tickets and for international ticket fees will range from $200 to $500 depending on the length of the flight. And Passengers who have a Bangkok Airways refundable or flex ticket then they can cancel it anytime they want prior to the scheduled departure of your flight and you will be reimbursed on your original method of payment.

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