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China Eastern Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy

If you have to cancel your China Eastern Airlines reservations and are looking for some information regarding the China Eastern Airlines cancellation policy, you are here on the right page and can go through the enlisted details to end your search.

To cancel a pre-booked flight may be a hectic task on a normal day. But now, in this unfortunate and long-term pandemic, knowing policies for canceling a flight has become Crucial because who knows when you would require to cancel your booking for a particular airline, right?

However, the best part of China Eastern Airlines is that it gives flexibility to the customers to refund the amount of the ticket within 24 hours.

China Eastern Airlines Cancellation Policy

China Eastern Airlines allows customers to cancel their tickets if they want a full refund of their ticket price. You have to cancel the ticket within 24 hours if you want a complete refund. After 24 hours you have to pay a specific amount to the airline.

As per the China Eastern flight cancellation policy, the airlines charge the cancellation fee as per the number of passengers. The Airline will provide a complete refund of the ticket cost if the booking was made a week or earlier than the departure date of your flight.

If you want to cancel your ticket for any kind of government emergency, Health issue, or maybe due to bad weather then you don’t need to pay the cancellation fee it will be waived by the airline. If you have plans to cancel your flight then you should take benefit of the no-cancellation fee policy in which you have to cancel the ticket less than 24 hours after the booking.

China Eastern Airlines 24-hour Cancellation & Refund Policy

China Eastern Airlines 24-hour Cancellation Policy is great flexibility which gives confidence to the passengers. Through this, they can save the excess amount which is deducted while canceling the ticket.

If the passenger cancels the ticket within 24 hours of the booking then it will be a good benefit for them. The cancelation policy will be eligible for those who have bought the tickets within seven days of departure. You have to pay some extra amount as a cancellation fee.

Under the 24-hour cancellation policy, both the refundable and non-refundable are eligible for cancellation. But the major twist in this is that the departure of the flight must be a week ago from the reservation date.

Cancel the Ticket on China Eastern Airlines

In some specific conditions, sometimes you have to cancel your flight ticket due to any reason. Once you have the flight confirmation number then you may apply for the cancellation policy. Below are the steps which will give you a guide to how to cancel a ticket on China Eastern Airlines.

  1. Open any web browser on your mobile or your computer then go to the homepage of China Eastern Airlines. Click on the Login/Signup symbol which will appear in the top right corner of the URL then add your login details.
  1. Now you have to open the cancellation URL and then enter your confirmation number and your name but the name should be the same as it was mentioned on the ticket. Now click on the “continue” bar for further process.
  1. Click on the Flight | Car | Hotel tab which appears on the top right corner of the URL and ti will take you to the homepage of China Eastern Airlines see the various options but you have to select “Manage China Eastern Airlines Reservations”.
  1. After Clicking on “Manage China Eastern Airlines Reservations” a new page will appear then you have to select ‘Manage reservations’. After this a new page will open with a few options then you have to select the ‘Cancel reservation’ tab.
  1. Once you click on the ‘Cancel Reservation’ then there will be three tabs appear which will ask for the permissions in which you have to mention your First name, Last name, and Number. After mentioning all the details click on the “Continue” tab.
  1. This step is called a review step in which you have to check your details and if you booked a one-way trip then you can cancel it without any issue. At the same time if it was your round trip then you have to cancel your whole trip. There is no option to cancel a single side journey if you booked the round trip.
  1. Now if you want to check the refund status then you have to open the ‘Travel Funds’ it will guide you that if your ticket amount is refundable or not. If it is showing the ticket price is Refundable then you have to click on the “Request on Refund” but if it is showing that your ticket price is not refundable then you can not get the refund.
  1. Last, at the bottom of the URL, you will see the “Cancel My Reservation?” tab. You can click on the cancel tab and cancel your ticket.

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