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Japan Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy (FAQs, Rules, & Terms)

If you want to cancel your reservations and seek some information regarding the Japan Airlines cancellation policy, you are on the right palace, you can go through the enlisted details to end your search.

Japan Airlines allows the passengers to make the desired modification to their booked flight and also gives the flexibility to cancel the flight with a full or partial refund according to ticket fare (depending on the terms and conditions).

You booked a flight with Japan Airlines but, because of any circumstance, you want to cancel the reservation. Now no need to take stress, because you have an option for changing your flight ticket date. Japan Airlines gives us a manage booking option in which you can do modifications according to your comfort. But, always remember to check out all kinds of fees that will be charged to you while making any sort of cancellation or change of your flight.

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Change Your Booking

The procedure for making changes in the reservation or contents (such as date and flight) of booked flights is explained below.

Before Going Further, please confirm that you are booked your flight according to the below, you can surely change your reservation through the “Rebook” button on the “Manage to book” displayed on the screen of the JAL website. 

  • Your reservation ticket must be booked online to make the cancellation online, or it must be booked on the JAL official site either by a PC or a smartphone site.
  • Your ticket charges should be paid by your regular or any credit card.
  • The fare guidelines of your Airfare reservation must permit reservation change.
  • The change you want to try to do on your booked flight must not be an upgraded booking. It must come within the same pricing and the same type of booking.
  • Your Airline reservation should not contain any infant who is not occupying a seat on a previous flight.
  • After booking the flight, Changes can be done within 72 hours of flight departure.
  • After the journey commenced, the online reservation changes can be done until 24 hours after your authentic flight. 
  • Your booking must not contain a Deutsche Bahn Rail Services clause.

Ticket Rebooking date

All international tickets are issued between June 11, 2020, to November 30, 2021. If your tickets were booked between these dates you are eligible for rebooking.

*Tickets originating from Indonesia to Japan between October 30, 2020, and November 30, 2021. These passengers are also eligible for Rebooking.

Making The Changes in Your Booking VIA a Phone

Please observe the following procedures and regulations to change your tickets. You can also change your booking Through the Japan Airlines call center (International Reservation and Information).

You will pay the Required fees which are charged when making any sort of reservation changes through Japan Airlines.

  1. Have your ticket in your hand

Please have your ticket in hand before taking a call. Because you might need the e-ticket itinerary/receipt while making a cancellation.

  1. Follow the given procedure that appears on your screen

To verify that it is your reservation and you are the right person who is requesting the changes, they can ask you, for your flight number, departure date, name, and reservation number or ticket number. So, keep this information handy while making changes.


Japan Airlines is handling the refund of the ticket or EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) as below.

Where to apply for a refund

  1. Japan Airlines website

Japan Airlines provides all the information regarding all international flights. Japan Airlines has an international reservation center or city counter in each country where they provide their service.

  1. Japan Airlines international reservation center, city counter, airport counter

As a standard rule, on the Japan Airlines Cancellation and Refund can happen worldwide reservation middle or town counter of that country to make a purchase (*2)

  1. Travel agent

Travel Agent, which booked the ticket

You can not request directly for a refund from Airlines. Firstly, you need to talk with the travel agent who booked your flight.

Also depending on the currency of the original payment, which you have made while booking a ticket, a refund can not possible if you want your refund according to another country’s currency.

Refund application period

Application at Japan Airlines Cancellation worldwide reservation middle or town counter

  • Before graduation of travel: inside 12 months and 30 days From the issue date of the ticket
  • After graduation of travel: inside 1 year and 30 days from the date of tour commencement
  • When the primary area of the price tag has been changed, within 1 year and 30 days from the date Of change (reissue date)

Application from the Japan Airlines Cancellation website

  • 23:59 on the day before the commencement of travel
  • Within one year and 30 days from the issue date of EMD

Reservations must be canceled before the departure of the flight. Please mark that after an Air Ticket has been bought thru www. Ar. Jal. Co. Jp, all refunds can be a situation to money back carrier price or a cancellation penalty according to the fare rules, whichever is higher.

Refund without fee is to be had no matter the fare rules. Refund via the JAL internet site is to be had till 11:59 P.M. Of the day earlier than of flight departure. … If you’re not able to continue via JAL Website or in case you come upon the extra charge, please kindly touch the JAL workplace. 

The refundable amount of Japan Airlines

Before You made the commencement of travel:

The amount calculated by subtracting the cancellation charge (when set in the fare rule) from the paid fare and taxes/fees/charges etc. may be refunded.

After You made your commencement of travel:

The refundable amount is calculated by subtracting the cancellation charge (i.e when setting in the fare rule) from the difference that they get between the paid fare and the fare applicable to the sectors on board, along with unused taxes/fees/charges, etc. may be refunded.

  • There might be some ticket fares that are non-refundable which are according to the Airline’s Ticket fare rules. In such cases, only the unused tickets/fees/charges, etc, may be refunded.
  • There might be no refundable amount left on your ticket. This will be the result of a refund fare calculation.
  • Depending on the payment method at the time of purchase, that can be an amount that is not eligible for a refund.
  • Ticket Service Fee accumulated upon buy or extrude of price tag, and they not be refunded.


Unused fees/charges and refund amount as a result of ticket change may be refunded.

  • Depending on the payment method at the time of purchase, the EMD may not be eligible for a refund.

The Processing Time Required for Refund

Purchase by Credit Card

The amount which is deducted by the credit card company while doing payments for the previous ticket is also refunded in the credit card account. The time required for giving a refund, may also rely on the recognition date of the refund, or the bill’s last date according to The credit score card company, and the timing of refund processing might take about one to 2 months.

Also, there can be conditions in which refunds with additional costs are subtracted, which is made after the complete quantity of charge is deducted, or where deduction and refund are carried out simultaneously but only the handling charge is deducted. For more details, touch every credit score card company.

  • There can be instances wherein beyond regular time can be required consisting while modifications with different airways are needed.
  • For details, contact the JAL international reservation center or city counter of each country as the required time may differ by country.

Purchase by cash

You can get a refund within 2 weeks which is directly credited into your designated bank account but all this process happens when your refund application is accepted by the Airline.

  • As a general rule, the amount will be transferred to that bank, when the bank details are matched by the ticket details.
  • Additional time may be consumed because Airline also proceeds with other customer refund applications which are applied before us.
  • For details, contact the JAL international reservation center or city counter of each country as the required time may differ by country.

Extension of Ticket Validity

Due to some reason, you are not able to travel with your current flight date and you want to extend your booking date. without a new itinerary is available on/before  November 5, 2022, or a refund without cancellation charges.

When your new extended date is ready you can change your booking dates which are available with your current ticket.

If your previous booked date is not expired you can book your new travel date booking.

Please request the “Ticket Validity Extension Form” before the Extension process.

Ticket Validity Extension Form

FAQ about cancellation and Refund.

  1. How many times can I rebook for free?
    • You can rebook your flight only once after December 1, 2021. Booking can occur with unlimited change for subsequent flight sectors.
  2. I want to postpone our trip and also change my travel dates
    • Airlines give us an offer to change to an alternative flight once on/before November 5, 2022.
  3. I want to cancel my booking and request a refund.
    • If the tickets are booked in Japan country between June 11, 2020, and November 30, 2021, your booking changes will be approved without charging a change fee. Depending on the fare rules that apply after the reservation change, a change fee may apply, or changes may not be permitted. But for another country Airlines may be charged a change fee, you can see your country information by clicking on this link. Other countries.

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