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Kuwait Airlines Cancellation Policy, Refunds FAQs & Support

Every time when we book a flight there is any uncertainty in our mind whether we will be able to complete the journey or not and if we require to cancel the ticket, can we get a refund? If you have these thoughts in your mind while booking the ticket, then yes you have landed at the right place. Here we have prepared you some tips and tricks through which you can easily understand the Kuwait Airlines cancellation policy and will get the refund with minimum effort.

Most of the time a passenger thinks in their mind that airlines charge a lot if we cancel our flight ticket but it is partially correct. That means if we cancel the flight then there are some loopholes in the cancellation policy because in some circumstances airlines allow customers to cancel their flight ticket at no cost or by paying minimum charges which can give the passenger extra confidence. But people are not aware of that.

If any passenger wants to cancel their flight then it requires some research, knowledge which takes time and it is not a day to day task so, why spend extra hours on researching and comparing the charges when we have prepared you a complete guide which will help you to make the cancellation process much easier and smooth.

Kuwait Airlines Refund Policy

  • When you apply for the refund from Kuwait Airlines then the airline will refund the amount within 7 business days from the approval of the application.
  • The amount will be credited into the same bank account from that you made the payment while booking the ticket.
  • If you made the payment from the cheque or cash then it takes 20 business days to credit the balance into your account.
  • If you booked the ticket from any online travel agency and they booked from their account then you have to contact them for the refund because the amount will be credited into their account.
  • If you want to rebook the ticket then the amount of the cancellation will be adjusted into your next booking.

Kuwait Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

Every time we are a little worried about our journey plans and sometimes we book our tickets even when we are in dilemma. But due to some circumstances, we have to cancel the ticket. This is the best policy for those who are uncertain about their plan because within the 24 hours of booking you can apply for the refund and you will get the refund within 7 business days. And some of the points you should know before canceling the ticket:

  • If you cancel the flight ticket within 24 hours then you will get a complete refund without paying any cancelation charges and penalties.
  • If you want a complete refund then your flight must be scheduled after 7 days from the day you are booking the ticket.
  • If you are canceling the ticket within 24 hours but the flight is scheduled within 7 days then you have to pay a penalty to get the refund.
  • The refundable amount will be credited to your original bank account from which you made the payment while booking the ticket.
  • If the ticket is non-refundable then the airline will not refund any amount whether you cancel the ticket within 24 hours.

Kuwait Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

At the time of canceling the ticket, every person is anxious about how much refund he will get. Because in most cases airline charges and cancellation fees are much higher and the refundable amount is less. In this particular situation, the passenger thinks twice before canceling the flight ticket because of the lengthy process and typical airlines norms. After knowing thing all these things we have prepared a guide which will help you to make a better decision and also this guide will help you to save your precious time and extra bucks as well.

Online Ticket Cancelation

  1. To cancel the Kuwait Airline ticket online you have to visit the official website and open the Cancellation and Refund section.
  2. Now click on the ‘Manage My Booking’ tab to make the further process.
  3. Now you have to enter the last name of the passenger along with the 13 digit ticket number which you get after the booking of the ticket.
  4. Now click on the ‘Retrieve Booking’ to select the booking you want to cancel.
  5. Now click on the ‘Cancel Kuwait Airways Ticket’ for the further process.
  6. Once you read all the terms and conditions which the website will show before canceling the ticket you have to agree to the conditions then only the airline will be able to proceed with the cancelation.
  7. Now click on the ‘Cancel My Booking’ then the cancellation process will be started by the end of the airline and you will get the refund within 7-10 business days.
  8. You will receive the amount on the bank account from which you made the payment while booking the ticket.

Canceling Ticket on Telephone

If you feel that canceling a ticket online is a typical process then you can choose the telephonic process. Because in this process you feel free and the only thing you have to do is make your all details ready and you have to tell the customer executive your all required details.

  1. To start the telephonic cancellation process you have to call the official customer executive number of Kuwait Airlines.
  2. Now the customer executive will ask you for the booking number or the 13 digit ticket number.
  3. Once you give the ticket number then you have to tell him the last name of the passenger.
  4. Now executive will send you a confirmation email on the registered email address.
  5. You have to give the confirmation code to the executive then he will share with you the details of the ticket and the charges that will be deducted if you cancel the ticket.
  6. Once you give the confirmation to the executive then he will apply for the cancelation process and the amount will be credited to your bank account within 7-10 business days.

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