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Philippine Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy (FAQs, Rules, & Terms)

Are you want to do any kind of cancellation with Philippine Airlines?

If you’re trying to cancel your booking from Philippine Airlines due to any reason or something else. If you also want to know information regarding the Philippine Airlines cancellation policy, you’re on the right website and after reading this article you end your search.

So, you made a reservation with Philippine Airlines? But due to any circumstance, you would like to cancel your flight from Philippine Airlines. Now not take any kind of stress, because Philippine Airlines give an option for changing your flight ticket on another date. Philippine Airlines gives us a flight Manage booking facility during which you’ll make modifications to your booking. But, always remember to check out all the kinds of fees which will be charged while making any sort of cancellation or changes to your flight.

In this article, you read all the updated policies like Cancellation policy, Manage booking, Refund policy.

If a passenger was booked an Air Ticket with Philippine Airlines and now desires to cancel the ticket, it’ll be done cancellation but according to the Philippine Airlines cancellation policy.

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Cancellation Policy of Philippine Airlines

You can ask for changes in any of these cases:

  • If your flight is getting effected Philippine Airlines cancellation or a travel ban, processing Of the preliminary request are going to be allowed even after the network quarantine period, or even after your original Requests for conversion to travel vouchers.
  • If your flight isn’t suffering from Philippine Airlines cancellation or travel ban, and you’re choosing voluntary changes, rebook a minimum of 7 days before flight departure to avail of the free rebooking, or a minimum of 24 hours for refund requests to avoid no show fee.

Philippine Airlines Cancellation subsequent points

  • If your flight canceled by Philippine Airlines itself then sure Airline provide you option for rebooking and refund. If you booked your flight through a travel agent, airline advice you to talk with your travel agent for taking back refund.
  • Airline will provide you all the alternate options which is available for such cases. Philippine Airlines will provides all the option which is best for your problem with according to relevant laws, rules, and regulations. 
  • If your flight is missed due to some circumstances, then please approach their ground staff for assistance.
  • Rebook your flight with rembering, what is your previous booking class and seasonality (government taxes may apply)? Otherwise, fare difference, or taxes can also be collected.

Rebook or Re-route your ticket.

You can Rebook another flight that is available with space or within 60 days after the original flight. But your flight is booked in the same class or same cabin or the selected date is within the period of validity of the original ticket 30 days before from expiry date of the original ticket. So no additional charge is required.

For rerouting, fare difference, taxes, and no-show fees may be collected.

Philippine Airlines refund Policy.

If your flight is suffering from a Philippine Airlines cancellation or a travel ban, you’re eligible for a refund without penalties. If your flight isn’t affected by Philippine Airlines cancellation or travel ban, we’re also offering you the option to refund your ticket subject to fare rules. The refund could also be subject to applicable penalties depending on the schedule, status, and issuance date of your ticket. 

Due to the high volume of requests and limitations from the improved Community Quarantine within the Philippines, there could also be some delays within the processing of refunds. They invite your patience and understanding during this busy period.

Convert your ticket to Travel Credits.

Your unused ticket net value and unused takes are equal to plus 5% bonus incentive. This bonus incentive is only applied for conversions that are made from 26 January 2022 to 15 March 2022. The unused net value refers to the unused base fare net of commission and other charges/fees. Voucher validity is 2 years from the date of issuance. Travel Credits conversion must be done before ticket expiry. Travel is subject to fare rules of the redeemed ticket


  • For cash payments made through PAL Ticket Offices, your refund is often processed at any of our Ticket Offices once operations resume after the improved Community Quarantine is lifted. Please ask to the list of PAL Ticket Offices.
  • For cash payments made through Payment Centers, your refund is often processed at any of our Ticket Offices once operations resume or our PAL Reservations Hotline.
  • Please be advised that cash refunds may take 3-5 months, counting on the lifting date of the community quarantine period.   


  • For Mastercard, Visa, American Express, JCB Credit, or Open-end Credit payments, your refund is often processed through our myPAL Request Hub or our PAL Reservations Hotline. The refund shall be credited back to the card account that has been used in the first booking used.
  • If the Mastercard used isn’t beneath the passenger’s account name, the passenger and Mastercard holder each agree that:
    • Either the passenger OR MasterCard holder may apply for a refund, as long as the Mastercard holder must present a replica of the passenger’s government-issued ID and passenger’s duly signed authorization letter for the stated purpose.
    • PAL shall not be held susceptible to the passenger and/or Mastercard holder for any and every one damage which will result from the ticket cancellation.


  • For Alipay, PayPal, GCash, or WeChat payments, your refund is often processed through our myPAL Request Hub or our PAL Reservations Hotline. The refund will be credited on any of the following Alipay, PayPal, Gcash, WeChat account used.
  • For Alternative Payment Options via 2C2P for Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, you can also request through myPAL Request Hub or our PAL Reservations Hotline. PAL may contact you to request additional information (e.g. Checking account number) to process the refund.

Passenger Service Fee Refund

If the Mastercard used not under your account name, you and therefore the Mastercard holder agree that:

Whether you’re a credit cardholder, you’ll apply for a refund online;

The refund is going to be automatically credited to the used Mastercard account; and

The Philippine airline won’t be held susceptible to you and/or the Mastercard holder for any damages which will result from the cancellation of the ticket.

If you’ve got a non-online refund request, then you or the Mastercard holder can request a refund, provided the credit cardholder presents a replica of the government-issued ID and authorization letter duly signed for the aim. mentioned.

Please note that some rates are non-refundable. you ought to check the fare conditions for the chosen airfare.

FAQ about Cancellation and Refund.

  1. How long are you able to expect your refund to be credited back to account?
    • For tickets purchased employing a credit card, Alipay, Gcash, Paypal, and WeChat Pay, the amount will be credited back to the account used at around 5 months or 5 billing cycles from the date of processing, counting on the bank’s turnaround times
  2. How much Cancellation fee is charged by Phillipine Airline?
    • Philippine Airlines charged $100 to $400, if you cancel your flight after departure of your flight within 24 hours. But you have some solid reason to oppose rules and regulation of Philippine Airline, so you can request for a refund.
  3. Can I refund my travel fund?
    • Yes, you can refund your travel fund but only if, when you request for travel fund after your flight cancelled. You can used your travel fund till after one year validity.

For more FAQs, you can click on this link. FAQ

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