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In this era of the pandemic, the worst-hit industry is definitely the travel industry. But, we care about our clients even if it causes us more. No penny can compare the relation where we bond with our clients.

So, here is a hard hit but full conversation about Porter Airlines Cancellation, Changes, and refund policy. Without a doubt, these are something one must know before making a positive booking on any flight reservation.

Porter Airlines is a Canada bases airlines, which comes in the mainstream of air flyers in 2006, and giving is mind-blowing service in-board or over lands to its customers.

Reservation of Porter flight tickets is quite easy with many special discounts and offers. Whereas Porter Airlines cancellation of tickets is also easy and even some give you back refunds & some do not.

As the entire world is aware of the fact that, the disease called Coronavirus or COVID-19 has been increasing and spreading rapidly across the globe from person to person. And due to which a large number of people got infected and lost their life.

Therefore, in order to save and protect people by breaking down a chain of this deadly virus called  COVID-19 by maintaining social distance and avoid traveling whether it is domestic or international, Goververonment or officials has instructed Porter Airlines to cancel or call off its flights and inform the travelers with the proper information regarding change, cancel, refund policy.

As per following the instruction of officials, Porter Airlines has taken this matter seriously and made some valid changes for the sake of the people or passengers in terms of cancellation and refund policy due to coronavirus.

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Porter Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy

Porter Airlines Cancellation Policy

According to the reports, Porter Airlines has shared some required and relevant policy about the refund and cancellation process.

Porter Airlines help the governments of Canada and the USA in their responses to strict monitor COVID-19 spread. Apparently, it’s clear that limitation practices are what’s needed to keep people safe and alive, and eventually end this rapidly spreading pandemic.

On a temporary basis, Porter Airlines is suspending operations at the end of the day on Friday, March 20 to support public health efforts, with plans to resume service by end of July 2020. 

Also, Porter Airlines have waived their change/cancelation fees to get you home safely as immediately as possible. If you don’t have to fly, they will help you to cancel your reservation and provide room for those who need to get home. Changes / Cancelations for all flip tariffs can be made online.

Here are the steps for easily change and cancel your flight with Porter Airlines:

  • At first, go to the booking site and proceed
  • Then log in to your account using the correct email address and password.
  • Select the options that you are looking for.
  • Click on the management tab to enter the correct flight name and number in the fields.
  • Now select the edit flight tab and check the fee.
  • Then click on a flight to book if you are willing to proceed to the next simple process.
  • Click on help and additional flight change information and cancellation help to simply cancel your flight.
  • Enter the passenger name and mobile number and proceed to the next process to submit cancellation information.

Many customers asked that if they cancel their Porter flight tickets within 24 hours of its purchase, then would they get a full refund of the airfare of the ticket they booked and then canceled?

The answer to this question is yes, you will get a refund for your cancel tickets which you purchase and canceled within 24 hours with zero penalty charges, i.e full refund of the value of the ticket.

You can even cancel your booking online or you can call directly to Porter Customer care to cancel and apply for a refund you will get for your cancel ticket.

Porter Airlines Refund request form to get credited your Porter Airlines cancel ticket value.

Though, there are expectations of everything, and thus the same with Porter cancellation policy too:

  1. Porter Airlines cancellation of ticket whose reservation has been done within 24 hours of your departure.
  2. Ticket booking under the use of Porter Pass.
  3. Porter flight reservation of tickets using VIPorter points.
  4. Reservation flight ticket of Porter Airlines has been purchase by paying with Porter credit or gift certificate.

Porter Airlines Cancellation of ticket whose payment has been done with Porter Pass voucher, VIPorter points, or a reservation/account credit, etc will not be permitted to cancel.

Porter Airlines refund policy

Porter Airlines logo, porter airlines cancellation

This method is to apply for a refund a non-refundable ticket which is unused due to a delay of travel or those services from Porter airlines that you paid for but did not get due to the current situation.

It should be remembered that refunds are not assured. All requests for refund will be checked and handled on the basis of our tariffs and regulations, and the terms and conditions of your order.

Also, If you have made your reservation and paid for services directly with the help of using Porter’s website flyporter.com, with the call center or at the airport, proceed only. Your original confirmation number is needed (booking reference).

So here is some information regarding the refund of your cancel tickets.

  • Cancellation of Porter flight tickets within 24 hours of purchase is fully refundable tickets.
  • Though tickets which are booked with freedom fare are eligible for a refund if it’s been canceled within a minimum of 1 hour before the departing time of the flight you have a booking on.
  • And if tickets are booked under basis fare type then, the ticket owner is not eligible to make any changes or cancellation of tickets.
  • For Standard or Flexible fare type tickets, if you get canceled or changed in these tickets then your ticket will are not refundable.
  • Refund payment to the registered customer who cancels the ticket will be the same way you purchase the ticket.
  • Porter flight tickets which are been cancel are not all eligible for an online refund, like booking of tickets with payment is done using a gift certificate, flight credit, debit, or an expired credit card, then for refund request contact Porter customer care center.
  • If you have booked your tickets of Porter Airlines with the help of any travel agent, then in this case you have to get in contact with your agent for direct assistance.

Porter Airlines Cancellation Fees:

When you book your ticket from Porter airlines, you will get 4 options for booking your tickets, and they are basic, standard, flexible, or freedom.

Basic StandardFlexibleFreedom
Flight changes or cancellations within 45 days of departureNot applicable$100
Applicable for free
Flight changes or cancellations outside of 45 days of departure Not applicable$25
Applicable for freeApplicable for free
Flight changes or cancellations for VIPorter points redemptionsCall and confirm from Porter Airlines customer service$50
Applicable for free

If you have purchased your ticket or paid for service from a third party travel agent, online travel agency, or another airline. Not To Worry For YoursTravelling!

If you want to cancel or change ticket purchase under basic fare, then you are not permitted to do so as a basic fare owner. Apart from this any changes or cancellation in flight tickets must be done a maximum of 1 hour from the departing time.

Fees which are been charged to you as the penalty of cancel or change is taken on the basis of per passenger, the direction you are flying, in an additional fare difference or tickets booked within VIPorter points, or dollar and points depending on the initial payment process. Further, there will be applicable taxes that will be added.

According to Porter Airlines, no-show is not permitted as for it you will get back the full refund amount at the time of departure flight. It must be noted that no-shown at the original departure destination will lead you to as a reminder of cancellation of connecting flights too.

Porter Airlines’ call center will continue to serve you with fewer operating hours at the time of temporary service suspension due to COVID-19 between 21 March and July end 2020.

Porter Airlines Cancellation

COVID update for Porter Airlines Cancellation Policy

In the past few months, the numerous modifications and waiver procedures for the individual airlines have changed exponentially, as COVID-19 has gone from a localized epidemic to a global pandemic.

The situation appears to be extremely dynamic, and we would recommend waiting until 48 hours before departure for travel in the next week or two to cancel any flights. The waiver policies have been changing nearly daily, so a change that might have a penalty today may not tomorrow.

According to the new update, Porter airlines have canceled or you can say suspended temporarily all the flights scheduled till 6 October. So flights whose booking are done in between 31 august 2020 to 6 October 2020, will be soon contacted by the airlines itself. They will ask you what would you select from the airlines’ given options and will be suggested with future travel plans.

Good news for customers of Porter Airlines that facility of flexible travel policy of Porter Airlines for reservation is available for the passengers whose flight has been canceled. And if you ate making Porter Escapes package, then make it by 6 October 2020. To know more about flexible travel policy, Click Here.

Try changing your flights or demanding a refund online or with a Porter Airlines Twitter handle, DM whenever possible. Networks are overwhelmed, so hold times are insane, even if you can get through more easily by calling international or foreign numbers.

For additional support and information regarding the Porter Airlines reservation, flights, or ticket booking or cancellation tips you must feel free to contact Treknova. We are always available to answer your problems and questions 24*7 at our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547.


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