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Virgin Atlantic Cancellation, Changes & Refund Policy

About Virgin Atlantic Airlines

Virgin Atlantic is a prominent British airline and successfully has established its head office in Crawley, England. The airline came to light in 1984 as British Atlantic Airways and the airline was founded and invented by Randolph Fields and Alan Hellary in order to fly or serve flight operations between London and the Falkland Islands. Virgin Atlantic Airways has codeshare agreements with various Airlines such as Aeroméxico, Delta Airlines, Gol Transportes Aéreos, Virgin Australia, WestJet, Air France, Air New Zealand, KLM, and Singapore Airlines. Know more about Virgin Atlantic Cancellation.

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Virgin Atlantic Airways Cancellation And Refund Policy

At times, things do not go or work well in the way we have planned and thought about them earlier and it can be seen apparently when we have some travel plans or when we have a pre-booked flight booking of our desired destination to enjoy and spend our quality time with our loved ones. And due to some unexpected events or unavoidable situations that come in our way, we in that emergency are very forced and pressured to change or cancel our flight ticket which was purchased before.

So, in order to deal with that kind of situation or emergency that stops us from flying to our dream place and having fun with our family, Virgin Atlantic Airways easily allows us to cancel or change our flight ticket but what we have to do is following and understanding some rules and regulations of cancellation and refund procedure.

So that we would be able to easily cancel our flight ticket within the time period of the ticket cancellation process set by Virgin Atlantic. And once our request for canceling the flight ticket is accepted and confirmed by Atlantic Airways, then we would be eligible to demand and claim a refund of our canceled booking and unused part of the flight ticket. 

Certainly, when it comes to changing or canceling the flight booking, it always seems a tedious and troublesome thing to do. But thanks to Virgin Atlantic Airlines which has made some flexible provisions for its passengers regarding the Virgin Atlantic Cancellation and refund policy and has been designed to keep in mind the comfort and convenience of the passengers. And of course, Virgin Atlantic Airways cancellation charges are not as hefty and expensive as charges of any other airline.

If you are the one who has some emergency and due to which you want to cancel or change your flight ticket then you must know how the refund and cancellation process works and in which time period set by Virgin Atlantic airlines so that you will not face any trouble while filling an application form for canceling ticket and requesting a refund for a canceled flight. 

Ways To Cancel Your Virgin Atlantic Flight Ticket

And by using the 3 methods you can easily cancel your Virgin Atlantic flight ticket in a first way, you can visit Virgin Atlantic Airways’ official website and can fill out an online application form to cancel your flight but make sure you have all the required details of your flight and documents.

And in a second way, you can dial the toll-free number or customer service number of Virgin Atlantic and talk to your executive to cancel your flight booking, and to do that you must have your booking reference number and passengers’ first and last name, etc. And in 3 ways, you can yourself go to the airport and cancel your flight there but make sure you meet all the conditions and time frame set by the airlines. 

Steps to cancel Virgin Atlantic Flight Ticket Online

Now, Canceling scheduled tickets is not a hectic job. Follow the below steps for canceling your tickets:-

  • Just Open the Official Website of Virgin Atlantic in the browser.
  • Now log in with the official account or registered account and if yet to register your id then do it soon for communication with Virgin Atlantic.
  • Now you are on the home page of the Virgin Atlantic, you can see here the ‘My Booking’ tab on the upper side of the screen click on this tab.
  • Now you have to enter the Booking reference number, First name, and Last name of the passenger and click on the arrow button.
  • Now you are allowed to retrieve the ticket details in which you want to make changes or cancel.
  • Choose your ticket and click on the Cancel Ticket option.
  • If your ticket permits you to cancel the ticket then you can cancel your ticket. Refunds and cancellation charges depend upon the ticket fare class.
  • After successful cancellation, you’ll get the confirmation mail on your email.

Some Guidelines of Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy

  • For cancellation policy, Virgin Atlantic airlines implement and enforce the law or rule prepared by the U.S. Department of transport. If passengers book or purchase a non-refundable ticket, then you will get no refund for sure. 
  • It is recommended to passengers by the Airlines that they should always prefer or purchase a refundable ticket against non-refundable tickets, as a non-refundable ticket has no security of fare amount in for canceling it, despite the fact that refundable is a more expensive and non-refundable ticket.
  • As per the Virgin Atlantic cancellation policy, the refund amount of money will be sent or credited in the same process as flight booking. The flight has arrived and if you cancel the tickets then you will get a refund and the full amount is forfeited as No Show fees.
  • Passengers can get a full discount with no additional derivation if they cancel the journey or Virgin Atlantic flight ticket prior to a week to the scheduled flight inside the initial 24 hours of Virgin Atlantic flight ticket booking.

Virgin Atlantic 24-hour Cancellation Policy

If passengers want to cancel their scheduled ticket within 24 hours of flight booking or reservation, then they can do so by visiting the official site of Virgin Atlantic, and there they will not need to pay any charges or amount of money as the ticket cancellation fees. As per the terms and conditions of Virgin Atlantic Airways’ cancellation 24-hour policy, passengers or travelers do not need to pay the cancellation charges for the canceled tickets.

But passengers will be required to pay additional charges as per the cancellation policy if they cancel their flight after 24 hours of booking according to the 24 hours cancellation policy. The 24 hours cancellation policy of Virgin Atlantic covers both refundable and non-refundable tickets.

Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Fees Or Charges

If the Virgin Atlantic Cancellation request is made a month before the scheduled departure of the flight, passengers will get or receive the government tax amount in the form of a refund and the rest of the amount is deducted as cancellation charges. If you have purchased cheap awards tickets then no cancellation charges will be demanded from you by Virgin Atlantic Airlines cancellation.

To cancel the flight ticket of Virgin Atlantic Airlines with a Flying club membership, passengers or travelers will have to pay $50 as cancellation charges or fees. But make sure you inform airlines at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of flights about the ticket cancellation process. If you are confused about booking tickets, you have 72 hours to hold a booking ticket without paying for the tickets. Virgin Atlantic Cancellation charges will depend on the time of canceling flight tickets or bookings. The passengers buy non-refundable tickets then they will only get the tax amount in the form of a refund and the rest of the amount will be forfeited.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines Refund Policy

As per the Virgin Atlantic refund policy, passengers will have to pay a cancellation fee for canceling tickets after 24 hours of booking is finished. Your refund will be calculated as per the Virgin Atlantic Cancellation refund policy. The cancellation fee will be subtracted or deducted from the total fare and the rest of the amount or residual money or remaining amount of money will be sent to your account within 3 weeks. 

Note:- Passengers who are flying in Virgin Atlantic with Flying club memberships will have to pay $50 for claiming a refund. If passengers fail to cancel flight tickets after 24 hours, then they will be required to pay more money for non-refundable tickets.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to cancel tickets through the website or by Virgin Atlantic Official Mobile App. You can still use various options to cancel your flight such as Emailing, calling the ticket agent or contacting Virgin Atlantic reservation, visiting the airport counter, etc for canceling your tickets. You may connect to the Virgin Atlantic Reservation number and grab your preferred seats in a quick time. The Virgin Atlantic allows you to cancel tickets at ticketing offices present in various regions of the world.

Note* From 24th June 2022 onward new rules will be imposed on the cancellation and changes which depend upon the type of ticket or ticket fare class.

If you booked your flight for holidays between 16th Feb to 23 June then you can make changes including your name and destination as many times as you need.

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