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As you are very well aware of the world situation which has been affected by COVID-19. It has surely affected every aspect of human life as well as work. A similar situation goes with the airline’s company here below you will get to know more about changes done for Volaris Airlines cancellation.

Your health, at Volaris, is its priority. Volaris Airlines is completely aware of the fact that your travel plans will experience lots of unforeseen or unexpected changes, therefore they are giving you more flexibility when you fly. Read about the choices that we have for you should you not be able to make your trip on the date you booked.

In case you still find some issues you can directly contact us at +1-800-831-1547, our call center executives will be happy to help you or you can directly grab our services from treknova.com

You can directly call our toll-free +1-800-831-1547 to cancel your ticket within 24 hours of purchase. Get last-minute deals & discount for new booking & reservations. Also, get the best refund on airline cancellation. Dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to save your money, time & effort.

Volaris Airlines Cancellation

Steps to make Volaris Airlines Cancellation

  1. Go to the official website of Volaris Airlines.
  2. Check-in MyTrips and click on it.
  3. Select the flight that you want to cancel.
  4. Choose your desired destination and origin of flight. Also, don’t forget to put in the date of departure.
  5. Now select the new flight you want to change with.
  6. Now you are all set to go, just complete all your payments, and booyah you got your new flight.

Volaris Airlines Cancellation

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Before getting any deeper you all must remember that in a normal situation. Sadly, volaris only allows cancellation if your flight is to and from the U.S.

  1. Flights At Volaris Airlines that canceled due to extraordinary circumstances

    If the flights are canceled and delayed you will be offered an electronic for the amount of the base fare and the additional services you purchased. Specifically, you can use this to book a new flight in the next upcoming 180 days, for travel within 12 months. Volaris Airlines baggage policy, so that you can check-in your baggage online.
  2. For some reason, if the flights are canceled because of regulatory authorities.

    Volaris Airlines will offer you an electronic for the amount of the base fare and the additional services you purchased earlier. Which you can use in order to book a new flight in the next 180 days for the traveling process within 12 months. They have to policy of manage booking, if you like to change something in your ticket, do it with manage booking.
  3. The flights which are completely ready for departing before June 30: voluntary changes of dates, routes, or names, requested by customers.

    The flight change fee can be removed in the My Trips section on volaris.com, and you are able to book only covering the difference in fare for the new requested date. They also give you the opportunity to upgrade your seat online if you don’t like it. They also give you the opportunity to travel with your friends and family with group travel tickets.
  4. If voluntary volaris airlines cancellations are done by customers.

    Volaris Policy will not be applied at all, if your itinerary is affected and disturbed by Volaris Airlines’s policy, do not worry, they will absolutely contact you immediately at the email address that you registered on your purchase. If you are traveling within the next 24 hours, you can check the status of your flight on the official website.

All refunds arising from cancellations apply to the total cost of your ticket and to all the flights booked, that is,
if you purchased a round flight your cancellation and refund shall apply to both flight segments (round trip), so
that cancellations for only one segment or flight may not be accepted.
No check-in process must have been completed for any of the booked flights.

Get to know more about the terms and conditions of the Volaris Airlines Cancellation of tickets.

Volaris Airlines cancellation with no penalty

Volaris Airlines gives its customers to cancel their reservation and that too even without any penalty or cancellation fees. This is especially for the flights flying to or from the United States. The condition under which you will not apply for any cancellation fees for canceling the flight tickets.

  1. If you cancel your Volaris Airlines reservation within 24 to 20 hours of the purchasing time.
  2. If tickets canceled which have been booked under 7 days or more from the day of the scheduled departing flights
  3. And the last one is if you cancel your reservation by calling the Volaris customer support team and requesting for cancellation.

So call center within Mexico City and Metropolitan Area, you have to dial 1102-8000. Or to call Volarish Customer care from the rest of Mexico then dial toll-free number 01-800-122-8000 and you are staying in the USA the dial on 1 (866) 988-3527.

Volaris Airlines Refund Policy 

Generally, Volaris Airlines does not allow any sort of cancellation process for flights. And when you are not able to use your ticket for the indicated flight, then it would not be reimbursed, nor it could be used for the new or another flight or reservation. Volaris Airlines also allows you to sell your flight tickets to someone else so that you would be able to get your refund in this way.

It’s restricted that if you are canceling your Volaris reservation for domestic tickets within 24 hours of purchase. Then you can cancel the flight ticket with a refund.

If any case you have checked-in for the flight online or at the airport, and afterward you want to cancel your ticket, over such a situation, you can cancel the ticket but do not expect a refund of your ticket value.

Though you have purchased flight tickets whose scheduled departure timing is within 24 hours, then you can cancel the tickets with a refund by calling Voliris Airlines at least 3 hours before the flight timing. The only thing you have to notify is that you must not be checked-in for the respective flight you want to cancel.

COVID update from Volaris Airlines Cancellation Forum

They are all set to take you to places you want to without being tacky, they are the best in class at every situation and they have proved it again, in this pandemic they are all set to fly high and take you to the places you want to. If you need to check your flight status, you can do so here 24 hours before departure. Volaris flies to a large number of destinations, they have one of the best route map.

There are different procedures in different countries:

Flights from Mexico (domestic and international)

All customers traveling domestically and abroad must fill out the Federal Civil Aviation Administration (AF​​AC) Traveller Risk Factor Identification Questionnaire.

To access the questionnaire:

  • Use your mobile phone to scan the QR code located at all our check-in counters.
  • Answer the questions and keep the confirmation.
  • Show the confirmation letter to the airport staff before going through the security check.

If you travel to the United States on or after January 26, 2021, you must present the following documents to the airline before boarding:

  • Electronic or printed certificate of a negative test (PCR or antigen) for virus COVID-19 not more than 3 days before flight departure.
  • If you have received a positive virus test in the past 3 months, you can travel with a document of the positive virus test result and a letter from a medical service provider or public health official to show that you have been approved for travel. The positive test result and the letter together are called the ‘recovery file’.
  • A signed statement stating that you have received a negative COVID-19 test or that you have recovered and can travel. Fill out the online certification form and save the confirmation page for display at the airport.
  • For passengers between the ages of 2 and 17, their parents or guardians must fill in and sign the declaration.
  • These requirements apply to all air passengers over 2 years old, including U.S. citizens and residents.

Passengers are responsible for complying with the flight regulations of the US government. Passengers who do not meet these requirements will not be able to board the aircraft and will not be entitled to a refund.

If you are traveling to or from the US between January 26 and March 31, 2021, you may change your flight at no charge in the My trips section, only paying for the applicable difference in fare.

Flight changes

If your travel plans change, please rest assured that you can make changes through My trips. Just enter your booking code (6 letters and numbers) and the last name of any customer included in the booking. Keep in mind that you may have to pay the change fee and the fare difference.

To make any changes in My trips, please remember that:

  • You must do this at least 5 hours before departure.
  • You must have not checked in yet.
  • This only applies to the currently booked flight.

Please remember

  • As long as you leave the same country, you can change your route.
  • If the outbound flight has already taken off or you already have a boarding pass for that flight, you can only change the outbound flight (not the route).

If your flight comes under the following criteria, call their contact number to make your change:

  • Flights linked to the frontier.
  • If you buy a ticket at the basic fare of a v.club customer.
  • If you use electronic credit to pay for the ticket.

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