WestJet Flight Cancellation and Refund Policy

WestJet provides all the facilities, reservations, and manage to book of flight to cancel or change your booking. Apart from the reservation of flight, they serve easy checking of reservation and WestJet Flight Cancellation And Refund Policy or change in pre-reserved flight bookings with refundable and nonrefundable tickets.

Cancellation and changing your prebooked flight reservation could be a hectic thing but in that pandemic, canceling or changing your flight policies become more imperative as you don’t know when you will have to cancel or change your prebooked flight, right?

So, we the Treknova, are here to help you by providing the official details about the WestJet flight cancellation and refund policy. The airlines banned all the modification fees that passengers have to pay to make the change or cancel the airline tickets of domestic or international flights.

We got your back. Need no worries just read the article till the end to find all information about the cancellation and refund policy of WestJet Airlines as well as get the best offer and discounted price.

WestJet Flight Cancellation

COVID-19 updates for WestJet Flight Cancellation Policy:

According to AirlineRatings, WestJet Airlines is one of the Top-20 of most COVID complaint airlines in the world. They take all the safety measures regarding COVID-19 and also provide an easy and very flexible WestJet flight cancellation policy:

  • If your plan changes for whatever reasons, they are not charging any fees regarding changing or cancel airline tickets booked before August 31, 2021.
  • The amount of your canceled flight ticket will be credited to your WestJet’s Travel Bank. This refund amount is valid for 2 years (24 months) from the date of issue.
  • If any changes are done by the passenger with their reservation booking, then the difference in the amount will be paid by the passengers, not by the airline.
  • The airline tickets booked under WestJet Vacation Packages before August 04, 2020, can be canceled, as refund value credited in WestJet Dollars. This refunded amount is valid for 24 months from the issue date with some restrictions.

Note: If you booked your airline ticket through the Travel Agent or any Corporate Travel Arranger (it may be directly or online), then you should have to contact them directly.

Changing Travel Policies During COVID-19:

Airlines are getting canceled or change their schedule due to COVID-19 and sometimes, passengers also need to make changes in their pre-booked reservations. In such a situation, you can go with the WestJet Airlines Manage Booking to manage your flight reservation.

  1. WestJet Airline offers you that you can manage your reservation, which is booked between 03 March 2020 to 31 August 2021 once without paying any extra charges. The change/cancel policy of airline is very simple.
  2. The request for cancellation or make any change will rise before 24-Hours or more than that of departure the flight.
  3. The canceled flight amount will be returned in Travel Credit, and it will valid for 24 months from the date of the flight ticket being canceled.
  4. If you want to change your flight, then the difference will be charged by the customer. If an exchanged ticket is of less amount, then the extra remaining amount will be credited to Travel Credit.

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WestJet Flight Cancellation and Airline Refund Policy

WestJet’s 24-Hours Cancellation & Refund Policy:

  1. Ticket Cancellation within 24-Hours of reservation:

You can change or cancel your WestJet flight until 2 hours before its departure schedule:

  • If you want to make any change in your flight reservation, you can do it within 24-Hour of the original booking time. The difference of fare will be bearable by the passenger if any.
  • If you want to cancel your flight within 24-Hours of booking the reservation, you can do that also. Your full reservation cost will be refunded to the original source of payment.

2. Ticket Cancellation after 24-Hours of Booking:

After the period of 24-Hours of reservation booking, the cancellation fee will be changed:

  • Basic Fares: If you want to cancel your flight reservation after 24-Hours of booking, you can do but you will not receive your refund amount to your original source of payment, not even in your Travel Credit.
  • Econo, Business, Premium, & Member Exclusive Fares: If you want to cancel your flight even after 24-Hours of booking, it will be possible to do so but with some restrictions. For the reservation for the flight to or from North America including Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America, you will be able to cancel your flight after 24-Hours of booking or a Same-Day flight, but the amount will not be refunded to your original source of payment. Also, the cancellation fees of 100$ CAD/USD will be charged per person, after that the remaining amount will be refunded to your Travel Credit account.
  • EconoFlex Fares:
    1. Travel within Canada:- You can cancel your flight after completion of 24-Hours without paying any extra charges, but your refund amount will not be returned to your original source of payment. The refund amount will be credited to your Travel Credit. You will not bear any type of cancellation fee.
    2. Travel to or from North America including Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America:- You have the option to cancel the flight after 24-hours of booking, but your amount will be credited in Travel Credit after charging cancellation fees of 100$ CAD/USD per person.
  • Econo, Premium, EconoFlex & Member Exclusive Fares: (travel to or from outside North America) You may cancel your flight reservation after 24-Hours of booking or for same-day bookings, but you will not receive your refund amount in original source of payment. Your amount will be refunded to Travel Credit of WestJet after charging the cancellation fee of 250$ CAD/USD per person.
  • Business Fares: The reservation to or from outside North America could be canceled after the 24-Hours, but the customer will not get his refund amount in original source of payment. The cancellation fees will be charged with 600$ CAD/USD. The remaining amount will be credited to the Travel Credit of WestJet.
  • PremiumFlex and BusinessFlex fares: In this category, the amount will be credited in the original form of payment without charging any cancellation fees.


  1. If you booked your reservation for a same-day flight (departure scheduled within 24-hours of the original time of booking), then the cancellation fee will be charged per person and your refund amount will be credited to the Travel Bank.
  2. If you reserve the flight ticket under round trip or multi-segment reservation and you fail to check-in for the first segment, then your returned or remaining segment will automatically cancel. Also, the fare of these canceled segments will not be returned to you. It will be forfeited.

How Do I Cancel / Change WestJet Flight?

  1. Firstly, you have to visit the website of “WestJet Airlines“.
  2. Then tap on “Manage trip
  3. Tap on “Manage Flight
  4. Now all you need put your details over there like:
    • Enter your confirmation code
    • Enter your last name
  5. After doing the above-mentioned steps, tap on the “search” button.
  6. As you finish reading all the instructions thoroughly, now you can click on the “Manage booking” page for further procedures.
  7. There will be many options, But you need to select “cancel” the flight.
  8. Now, you will receive an email with the Code.
  9. Save this code for future use at the time of rebooking.

WestJet’s Refund Policy:

If the flight is canceled or changed schedule by them, where the changed schedule was more than 90 minutes or stops were added, in such case, the passenger is eligible for the refund to his source of payment (if he/she wants).

As there are a lot of requests during that period, we are not able to make your refunds through the contact center.

  • WestJet: If your flight ticket is only for air, then you are eligible for the refunds. But the passenger must have to fill the form to Request A refund.
  • WestJet Vacations: If you reserve your flight ticket under WestJet Vacation, then you are eligible to get your refund by filling the form of WestJet Vacations Refund request form.
  • WestJet Air Groups: If your flight ticket was booking under the WestJet Air Groups, that means you are also eligible to collect your refund amount. You just need to complete the form of Air Groups Refund.
  • WestJet Vacation Groups: If your reservation was done under WestJet Vacation Groups and you want to cancel it. You can do that but you need to contact your travel agency or travel agent to fill the refund request form.

The passenger can fill only one form per booking.

Feel free to get in touch with the Westjet Customer care center, here are the contact sources.

These are Some Important Normal WestJet Flight Cancellation Policies

Below is the cancellation policy WestJet implies routinely on a normal basis:

  1. If you buy a flight ticket and now you want to cancel it 24-hours before the departure schedule, in such case, you’ll now no longer require to pay any cancellation charges.
  2. Also, the 24-hours flight cancellation is free if the Aeromexico flight cancellation is made 7 days preceding its departure.
  3. Besides, after 24-hours of flight reserving and seven days previous to the flight departure, you need to pay the cancellation charges.

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