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Air Canada Airlines Phone Number, Official Contacts & Emails

If you are in any trouble and want to contact the official customer support team of Air Canada Airlines, then you are in right place. We will try to provide you with important toll-free numbers, contact form links, and other useful links using which you can get in touch with their customer service team. Also, you can contact our travel experts at +1-800-831-1547.

There are many reasons why passengers need support from the support staff especially when they get stuck at some points while doing their own on the website. Then this time Air Canada is here with their Help Center department they improve their service much better with experienced and skilled professionals who are always ready to help you out. In case you are unable to handle your issues on the website by yourself then you need direct contact with customer help support and dial 1-838-247-2262 (Toll-Free).

Some issues may arise before the flight and some issues may arise after the flight but the customer’s representative is always there to help you you may be asked some questions before processing your request to verify your ticket with the original passengers. For your uncommon concern, the airline provides and categorized the question and forwards it to their respective department for specific concerns.

If passengers don’t want to wait in the phone queue and get hold or long waiting time on the phone then airlines have an option of live chat where passengers can chat in real-time and get revert instantly. If you want to Live Chat then go to the website and click on the contact us page where you can find a chatbot live at the bottom of the page that’s available 24×7. If you redirect to Live Chat click on the link.

Air Canada Centre
7373 Côte-Vertu Blvd. West
Saint-Laurent, Quebec H4S 1Z30

Email Contacts

  • Online webmail page for ticketing, payment, and billing issues.
  • Do you have a travel-related concern or compliment you would like to submit? Send an email here Contact us form.

Air Canada Airlines Social Media Contacts

Air Canada Airlines Contact Number To Reach The Customer Service Team

Main: (514) 422-5000
Toll-Free: (888) 247-2262

Air Canada – Customer Relations

PO Box 64239,
RPO Thorncliffe
Calgary, AB, Canada
T2K 6J7

  • Flight Info and Reservations 1-888-247-2262 Toll-free 24hrs/7days within Canada and the U.S.
  • Missing or Damaged Baggage 1 888 689-BAGS (2247) Toll-free 24hrs/7days within Canada and the U.S.

Here is the list of the country and the contact number of the Helpline center so the passenger can get easily help in their origin country in their own language.

ALEGRIA0 982 402372
AUSTRALIA0011 800 6699 2222
AUSTRIA00 800 669 92222
BAHRAIN+ 1-514-393-3333
BELGIUM00 800 669 92222
BOTSWANA+ 1-514-393-3333
BRAZIL0 800 591 8842
BULGARIA 00 800 66 99 2222
CAYMAN ISLANDS 1-514-369-0113 
CHILE800 231 100
CHINA(BEIJING)400 1122 776
COLOMBIA 01 800 518 9401
COSTA RICA0 800 032 0066
CROATIA0 800 223 043
CUBA00 52 55 9138 0261
DENMARK00 800 66 99 2222
ECUADOR1 800 001 415
ESTONIA 00 800 669 92222
ETHIOPIA 1-514-393-3333
FINLAND00 800 669 92222
FRANCE00 800 669 92222
GERMANY 00 800 669 92222 
GREECE 00 800 1612 2040 038
GUADELOUPE 0825-880-881
GUATEMALA00 502 22 78 6748
HUNGARY00 800 669 92222
ICELAND 00 800 669 92222
INDIA+ 0008000401885
INDONESIA+62 21 295 33 366
IRELAND00 800 669 92222
ISRAEL00 800 669 92222 
JAPAN0033 010-800-6699-2222
KENYA + 1-514-393-3333
LATVIA00 800 669 92222
LEBANON+961 1 760544
LESOTHO + 1-514-393-3333
LITHUANIA00 800 669 92222
LUXEMBURG00 800 669 92222
MACEDONIA+ 1-514-393-3333
MALAYSIA 60-3-2715-2053
MALTA39-06-6501-1462/ 0991
MARTINIQUE0590 21 12 77
MEXICO800 461 0361
MONTENEGRO 1-514-393-3333
MOROCCO0 800 092303
NAMIBIA + 1-514-393-3333
NETHERLANDS00 800 669 92222
NEW ZEALAND00 800 6699 2222
NIGERIA 1-514-393-3333 
NORWAY00 800 669 92222
PAKISTAN92-21-356-77395 / 77212
PANAMA 507-836-6225
PERU0800 74 551
PHILIPPINES00 800 8822 1111
POLAND00 800 6699 2222
PORTUGAL00 800 6699 2222
PUERTO RICO1 866 257 0333
QATAR974-44429377 / 44484877
ROMANIA0 800 895 324
RUSSIA +7 495 771 6471 or +7 495 744 0490
SAUDI ARABIA800 844 1952
SLOVENIA+ 1-514-393-3333
SOUTH AFRICA09 800 66 99 2222
SOUTH KOREA 001 800 6699 2222
SPAIN900 943 476
ST. KITTS 1-800-300-2610
ST. LUCIA1-800-300-0545
ST. MAARTEN52-55-9138-0280
ST. THOMAS1-514-393-3333
SWAZILAND+ 1-514-393-3333
SWEDEN00 800 669 92222
SWITZERLAND 00 800 669 92222
TAIWAN, CHINA080 909 9101
TANZANIA+ 1-514-393-3333
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO1-800-204-0342
TURKEY +90 212 465 33 03
TURKS & CAICOS1-514-369-0113
UGANDA + 1-514-393-3333
UKRAINE +49-69-27115-300
UNITED KINGDOM00 800 669 92222
URUGUAY00 800 669 92222
VENEZUELA0 800 722 2222

Executive Contacts

Primary Contact
Twyla Robinson
Director of Customer Care & International Operations
Air Canada Centre
7373 Côte-Vertu Blvd. West
Saint-Laurent, Quebec H4S 1Z3

or try

Secondary Contact
Anthony Doyle
Managing Director, Call Centre & Air Canada Centre Customer Relations
7373 Côte-Vertu Blvd
West Saint-Laurent, Quebec H4S 1Z3


Craig Landry Executive Vice President, Operations
Craig Landry Executive Vice President, Operations
Air Canada Centre
7373 Côte-Vertu Blvd
West Saint-Laurent, Quebec H4S 1Z3

Landry has oversight for Contact Centres and Customer Relations.

Chief Executive
Calin Rovinescu
President and Chief Executive Officer
Air Canada Centre
7373 Côte-Vertu Blvd.
West Saint-Laurent, Quebec H4S 1Z3

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Air Canada Brief History

Air Canada is proudly flying Canada’s flag with them. It was formally founded in the year 1937 as  Trans-Canada Air Lines, but in 1965, it was renamed Air Canada. Headquarters has been established in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Air Canada is a carrier of 189 fleet flights, covering 222 destinations from around the world.

As a former member of Star Alliance which was awarded Best North American Airline for International Travel in 2019. Not only this in the same year but it was also been announced by global travelers to be the 2019 Airline of the year. In 2018, it was affiliated as  North America’s only Four-Star, Full Service International Carrier.

When talking about the services of Air Canada, they have a priority service from the start of your journey at the time of booking to onboard services, whether it’s check-in, baggage, or boarding. Apart from normal services for their reservation, cancellation or changing facility online is very well settled. You can even contact them directly at their customer help center.

Aeroplan is a program organized by Air Canada for its frequent flyers. Under this plan, your flying miles are been counted and credited as a reward in your booking. Apart from flying, you can earn miles by shopping from the partnered marketing outlets of Air Canada. You can even purchase miles to redeem rewards for your flight tickets.

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Still, not able to contact the officials or fix your problems? For additional support and information regarding the Air Canada Airlines reservation, flights or ticket booking, or cancellation tips you must feel free to contact Treknova. We are always available to answer your problems and questions 24*7 at our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547.

Disclaimer: The names, phone numbers, contact form, links, and email addresses on this page are provided for informational purposes and we have ensured the greatest possible care regarding the reliability & completeness of the information provided. However, doesn’t claim or guarantee 100% accuracy. If you detect any omissions, errors, or changes that need to be done, please contact us.

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