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Southwest Airlines Phone Number, Official Contacts & Emails

Contact Southwest Airlines Customer Support Team For Services

Southwest Airlines is well known to be the cheapest airfare and even the world’s largest airline. It’s a 53 years old air carrier set up in 1967, and build its headquarters in Texas of USA.

Southwest airlines have been able to cover 101 destinations all over the world. They don’t have one such hub center but they schedule flights to point. They have a great service. According to them, they got their strength from their hard-working team who are always ready to take care of and comfort their customers.

We will provide you with all the information available online related to the southwest airlines company contact. And we agree that they are quite good at customer service, on any day if they don’t pick up your call that simply means that they are busy, high on demand they are helpless in such a situation but we aren’t. In any case, they are not able to resolve your issues, you can contact us directly through [airlines] or you can contact us on treknova Our call center executives will be happy to resolve your issues.

Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines Customer Issues

Southwest Airlines has as same as other airlines’ loyalty programs. Rapid Rewards is for the frequent flyer of the airline, where you have to earn points, not only by flying but also can earn points when you are shopping with the partnered online markets. Give a read to Southwest Airlines cancellation and refund policy. This might help you in getting rid of some issues. Many people don’t know but actually, there is a best and worst times to book a Southwest flight. You might get an awesome discount during that time.

They are always eager to know their customer feedback whether it’s compliments or complaints. They have upgraded their customer care service to give attention to customers’ queries and questions. You may contact them directly from helpline numbers, mail, post messages to them or register your question online.

Steps to Contact Customers Support Staff Directly

Southwest Airlines has a great support staff to help the customers instantly through their helpline number 1 (800) 435-9792 which is available for different countries in their local language. They render their service to different countries so if you are from other than the US then you can find your origin country’s helpline number to resolve your queries. To know more about the helpline contacts click on the link Contact us. Emails are also available to coordinate with the customers but it may take time maybe 2 to 3 days so in case of instant help customers avoid doing emails.

For your uncommon concern, the airline provides assistance by categorizing the question and forwards it to their respective department for specific concerns. If passengers don’t want to wait in the phone queue and get hold or long waiting time on the phone then airlines have an option of live chat where passengers can chat in real-time and get revert instantly. But you need to install the app on the system or on the mobile. For Live chat, you have to do this because the live chat option is available only on the application.

Southwest Airlines set a benchmark for giving the service that could be post-flight or pre-flight service. They aim to satisfy their customers by taking their comments and question very seriously and rendering the service which may as much as possible.

Southwest Airlines Address & Official Site

2702 Love Field Drive
Dallas, TX 75235

Phone Number To Reach Southwest Airlines Customer Service Team

Customer Service: (800) 435-9792
For status of delayed baggage: (888) 202-1024

Note Company Main number ((214) 792-4000) is for Switchboard and Southwest has pointed out it will not direct Customers to anyone who can help them.

Email Contacts

Email us page link is for compliments, comments, or any queries in your mind.

Online contact form

Southwest Airlines Social Media Contacts

You Can Contact Them For:

  1. Cancellation process
  2. Refund Process delay
  3. Issues related to Southwest Airlines reservation online
  4. Any other Onboard issues
  5. Baggage misplaced or lost
  6. Employer issues
  7. Issues related to compensation, discounts, or deals

Executive Contacts

Primary Contact
Michelle Buckley
Director Customer Relations
2702 Love Field Drive
Dallas, TX 75235

Secondary Contact
Jim Ruppel
Vice President Customer Relations
2702 Love Field Drive
Dallas, TX 75235

Chief Executive
Gary Kelly
Chief Executive Officer
2702 Love Field Drive
Dallas, TX 75235
(214) 792-4000

Feedback Form

They have a special section where you can fill out your feedback. This section is known as the ”feedback form” you can fill out this feedback form from here.

Contact Us Page By Southwest Airlines

Their contact us page contains many features such as:

  • Contacting them directly via their contact number
  • Contacting them through the FB messenger
  • Contacting them through many social media portals
  • Contacting them through their community, which has been built specially by the Airline to give an insight to all its users and to make things much more transparent than ever before.
  • They also have a small section that contains the FAQ’s browsing feature in this section you can browse the question you have and get auto answered to many of your queries.
  • They also have a section for ”Search”, here you can simply put your query in the search section and you will be automatically taken to the blog that will help you with it.

Phone Numbers For Different Services

  • Baggage – (Delayed/Damaged): 1-888-202-1024
  • Flight Information: 1-888-792-8747
  • Group Travel: 1-800-433-5368
  • En Espanol (In Spanish): 1-800-826-6667
  • Cargo: 1-800-533-1222
  • Property Left at TSA Check: 1-866-289-9673
  • Teletypewriter (TTY): 1-800-535-1305
  • International Customer Service: Click here for more

Contact Them with Live Chat Options

1. Update your app to version 6.1.0 or 6.1+ or Download the Southwest mobile app here.
2. Once in the Southwest mobile app, log in to your account.
3. Go to the main menu in the upper left-hand corner.
4. Scroll down to Contact Us.
5. Click on the Chat icon to connect with a live Customer Representative.

Ques 1. I have a child traveling on one of your flights as an unaccompanied minor. How does this program work?

Unaccompanied passengers aged 12 or over who are traveling with children aged 5 to 11 must travel as unaccompanied minors (UM). In addition to the ticket for each child, a one-way fee of USD 50 (USD 100 for a round trip) is charged. UM can only fly by direct or direct flight (one or more groundings without changing the plane or flight number). We will not transport UM on flights that are diverted or canceled due to bad weather or other operational abnormalities. In addition, UM must follow certain procedures before, during, and after travel.

Ques 2. How much luggage can I take with me, and do you charge for checked luggage?

The carry-on items are limited to one bag plus one smaller personal item. Each ticket allows you to carry two (2) pieces of checked luggage, but there are certain size and weight restrictions. We only charge overweight and excess items. Check out southwest airlines’ mobile boarding pass in detail.

Ques 3. This ‘no seat assignment’ thing is new to me. How to check-in?

We believe that our unconventional boarding method can actually make you reach your destination faster. Know how to save with Southwest airlines here.

Ques 4. I forgot to give me my quick reward number before traveling. How do I earn points?

It only takes a few seconds and it’s worth it. You can request past flight points up to 12 months after the flight. To claim points for a past flight, simply login to your account, select ‘My Account, and then select the ‘Management’ tab in ‘My Quick Rewards’. Select ‘Request past points in the grey bar and enter your record locator (confirmation number) from your booking. After confirming your flight information (about 3-5 days), the points will be deposited into your account.

Ques 5. Oops, I left something on the plane. Can I get it back?

If you realize that you have left an item on the plane, please notify the Southwest Airlines customer service agent before leaving the airport so that he or she can try to retrieve the item. If you have left the airport, please contact our lost and found office. Please provide detailed information about the item (ie model/serial number, brand, size, color, etc.). We will make every effort to find your item and return it to you. If you provide an email address, you will be regularly notified about the status of your product search, and you will be contacted via email and phone (if available). If you don’t provide an email address, you will only be contacted by phone if your item is found. If we haven’t found your item within 30 days of the report, it’s unlikely to hand it in. Although we make every effort to find lost items, Southwest Airlines is not responsible for unchecked items left on the aircraft.

If the following information is not enough and you still have issues related to the services that are being provided by Southwest airlines then you should call us on +1-800-831-1547 our call center executives will be happy to help you out in any situation or you can simply get the services directly from our website i.e. treknova and all your services will be on us. We will take care of all the rights and we will make changes and cancellations according to your needs.

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