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VivaAerobus Contact & Customer Service

VivaAerobus is known to be the lowest-cost airline in Latin America, has an extensively stylish fleet in the locality, and is proudly ranked among the fastest-growing professions in the whole world. Ten years ago, few people in Mexico could afford air travel, but they chose cheaper alternatives, such as long-distance bus service, to commute between cities. On November 30, 2006, VivaAerobus embarked on their first journey, departing from Monterrey, Nuevo León, and arriving in Lyon, Guanajuato.  Since then, VivaAerobus has become Mexico’s first truly low-cost airline.

Further, On this blog page, we are going to tell you about the VivaAerobus contacts and customer care, support, and services in detail. And besides VivaAerobus contacts information, we will give an overview of their policies such as pet policy, baggage policy, check-in policy, and reservations of seats in the VivaAerobus flight.

VivaAerobus Introduction

VivaAerobus is certified as a two-star low-cost airline due to the quality of the airport, its products, and its personnel services. Product evaluations include cabin comfort, luggage or seat charges, in-flight food and beverage purchases, cabin cleanliness, and service levels covering cabin and ground personnel. VivaAerobus is operating 21 Airbus A320 aircraft, and the delivery period will continue until 2021. With their 1,100 employees, they now operate 115 daily flights on 60 routes, transporting more than 6 million passengers in 2016.

VivaAerobus Contacts Decoded

You can certainly call on several VivaAerobus contact numbers to talk directly to an expert and you can also email them at their official email address. Below we are mentioning various call center numbers for VivaAerobus contact details and their special email address and headquarter address too.

Toll-Free Number of VivaAerobus contacts for Insurance: +52 (55) 5169 3753

Toll-Free Numbers for Reservation:

For Mexico: 81-82-150-150

For the United States of America: +1-866-FLY-VIVA (+1-866-359-8482)

Toll-Free Numbers for Lost or Found Baggage:

Primary Number: +52 (81) 8215 0520

Secondary Number: +52 (81) 8215 0196

Email Address:

Written Correspondence:

Monterrey International Airport. 

Terminal C, C.P. 66600 Miguel Aleman highway Km 24, Apodaca, NL, Mexico.

Planet IFE Email & Contact

Email Address:

Mobile: +52 (55) 2434 1226

VivaAerobus Contacts Customer Service

The customer service plan of VivaAerobus for Flights to and from the United States of America is all you need to know before traveling.

Excessive Sale

If the flight from the United States of America is overbooked, VivaAerobus will first ask volunteers to voluntarily waive the reservation for payment made by VivaAerobus. If this is less than the number of passengers willing to participate, VivaAerobus will treat all passengers willingly denied boarding fairly and equitably inbyS Department of Transportation Part 250 regulations and the boarding policies and procedures included in the VivaAerobus regulations. 

Lowest Price

If a lower price can be verified through one of their other reservation systems, the price will be verified at the ticket counter, or on the website, or with the assistant who made the reservation.

Hold Booking

If you have booked at least a week that is 168 hours or more before the flight departure timing, the customer can book the ticket at the price of a round-trip ticket without paying any fees or cancel the reservation without penalty.

Delays, Cancellations & Diversions

On flights to and from the United States of America, VivaAerobus will instantly provide passengers who have purchased tickets, travelers with reservations, and general information about any change of flight status. VivaAerobus will provide flight status information through the VivaAerobus reservation center within 30 minutes of being notified of flight cancellations, or more than 30 minutes of delays or transfers. For the US customers, the VivaAerobus contacts number is 1888 9 FLY VIV (359848), on the VivaAerobus website, and the information found at  Gateway area out of the US airport as long as VivaAerobus can control these offers, or the information can be sent to the party controlling the offer.

Trip Cancellation Services

If a passenger flight is canceled due to VivaAerobus being unable to operate as planned, VivaAerobus will provide service to the passenger on the next flight to the passenger’s destination. If the delay exceeds three hours, the passengers will be provided with food and drink. Cancellation policies, frequent flight rules, flight seat configurations, and aircraft services can be found on the VivaAerobus website and will be provided by VivaAerobus Service Center staff upon request.

VivaAerobus will meet the essential needs of customers during long delays at any airport in the United States through the Tarmac Delay Drawer program. And if flight changes are made to the customer’s travel itinerary, VivaAerobus will promptly notify the customer of these changes using available VivaAerobus or any method specified by the customer.

Return policy

If a refund is requested for an airline ticket to and from the United States, VivaAerobus will provide an instant refund for credit card purchases and will refund the amount within 20 days of receiving the refund request for the purchase in cash. Any additional charges for optional services that passengers cannot use due to overbooking or flight cancellations will be refunded.

Baggage delivery

If the Premium shipment does not arrive with the Passenger to and from the United States of America, VivaAerobus will make every effort to return the shipment within 24 hours and will reimburse any reasonable expenses incurred due to the delivery delay, by the warranty limit set by Montreal. In the event of loss or damage to baggage, VivaAerobus will refund all baggage fees charged for the carriage of baggage.

Responding to customer complaints

Customers can file a complaint with VivaAerobus contacts email by sending an email to customer to the customer assistance section or writing to customer service for support.

Passengers with disabilities

VivaAerobus will make reasonable efforts to immediately accommodate all passengers with disabilities by Section 382 of the United States Department of Transportation regulations and the relevant requirements in Viva Aerobus’s conditions of transportation, including long delays on the United States airport route.

More Of VivaAerobus

Monterrey Airport, Terminal C. Carretera Miguel Alemán Km. 24, Apodaca, NuevoLeón, Mexico, CP66600. VivaAerobus will confirm receipt of the complaint in writing within 30 days, and provide a substantive response to customer concerns within 60 days. Please note that complaints lodged on social media will not receive a formal response. Notice of this restriction will be posted on any social media site used by VivaAerobus.

Customers can contact the ACPD office to file a complaint and respond to air services related to flights to and from the United States.

Aviation Consumer Protection Division, C-75

US Department of Transportation

1200 Southeast Jersey Street

Washington, DC 20590

Seat Selection

VivaAerobus charges most seat assignments on domestic flights, however, VivaSmart and VivaPlus passengers can choose seats for free. All passengers on international flights can choose seats for free. The costs are as follows:

  • For the front of the plane: USD 11.90
  • For the front row: USD 14.90
  • For the back of the plane: USD 7.90
  • For the doorway line: USD 13.90
  • For the window & course seats in series 29 & 30: USD 9.90
  • For the Centre seats rows 19 – 26: Free

While this article is about VivaAerobus contacts and customer service details, if you want more details on reserving flight tickets and managing booking online, you can check our VivaAerobus flight reservation page.

Online Check-In 

VivaAerobus flights can be checked-in online from 72 hours before departure until 4 hours before departure. All the passengers must print out the boarding pass before arrival, otherwise, $12 will be charged. Subsequent passengers are not entitled to print their boarding pass before boarding the plane, and they must be present at check-in to collect it.

Though you still need to have your luggage checked at the airport, and additional fees may apply. Passengers must arrive at the airport 2 hours before departure, and take the biozone flight to the airport 3 hours before departure.

Children traveling alone, pregnant women, passengers with reduced or inferior mobility, passengers with special baggage, passengers who have recently undergone surgery, travelers with pets, and disabled passengers who must notify the airline of their physical or legal condition to determine whether they can board a flight.

Baggage Allowance

At VivaAerobus under the specified allowance, luggage is free of charge. Any shipment exceeding the specified limit will be charged. VivaAerobus aircraft do not have a storage space under the seats, so all carry-on luggage must be stored in the large luggage compartment during take-off and landing. The VivaAerobus baggage allowance policy at regular base fares includes one personal item without a Carrying case without a bag. The cost of checked baggage depends on the ticket department. Excess baggage and oversize, depending on the route, the commission started per bag. Sports equipment charges all applicable fees.

VivaAerobus allows each passenger to carry one piece of luggage as carry-on luggage, as long as the width of each item is in the range of 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm Passengers can also bring personal belongings such as purses, bags, laptop bags, or camera bags but the overall weight can not exceed and the gross for the three parts is 10 kg.

The baggage allowance only includes passengers who have purchased VivaBasico or VivaPlus cards. There is no mattress fee for VivaLight passengers.  Each VivaBasico and VivaPlus passenger can carry a piece of luggage not exceeding 158 cm which is the sum of its three dimensions. The maximum weight of the VivaBasico is 15 kg, and the maximum weight of the VivaPlus is 25 kg. Passengers wishing to exceed the other luggage allowance will be calculated according to the time of luggage purchase and the weight of their luggage.

Pet Policy

The VivaAerobus allows passengers to carry cats, dogs, and rabbits only in the cabin. Each passenger can only bring one pet, a maximum of three pets for the flight, so you must reserve a place in advance to ensure that your pet is in the storage on board. Your pet and carrier must not exceed 10kg. During the flight, the kennel must be placed under the seat in front of you, and the animal must not leave the carrier at any time during the flight. Your pet must be at least 8 weeks old. You can call the VivaAerobus contacts number for a reservation of your pet travel along with yours.

Hopefully, this article about VivaAerobus contacts and customer service information has come across all your doubts. For more details, you can surely contact Treknova travel advice by calling the 24*7 available toll-free number +1-800-831-1547

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