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Aeroflot Airlines Flight Change Policy – Reservation Changes

In Today’s world, there is a lot of confusion going around in the mind of people regarding rescheduling their pre-plans while already having tickets for the flights. The first question to be confronted is there is any possibility to make changes to the dates and destination of the flight. And if the airline allows rebooking then how much burden will be imposed on my pocket.

Don’t get panic about all these problems Aeroflot Airlines flight change policy provides flexibility to the customers to get out of these problematic conditions.

If you want to get any help then Aeroflot also has a Helpline number+1-800-831-1547 where you connect with the customer’s support staff. They may give a quick response and sort your queries. Here you can also manage your bookings by making payments.

Here, we discuss some flight change policies of Aeroflot which may help you in making changes if you read this carefully thoroughly.

Key Guidelines: Aeroflot Rebooking Policies

If you haven’t made rebooking and modifications in the past then this page will surely help you out to save the levied amount to be paid. Go through all the points to fetch the details.

  • Passengers can make changes absolutely free of cost if they make changes or rebook a ticket within the 24-hours of booking. It is considered a 24-hour risk-free window. 
  • If you want to make changes option for the earlier flight then you can pay for rebooking by the time you make changes but 2 hours before the new flight departure.
  • And, If you want to make changes option for the later flight then you have to pay for rebooking within 24 hours of making the change but not later than 30 minutes after the departure of the actual flight which you booked earlier. Otherwise, the airline may cancel your rebooking and also not be liable to give refunds.
  • Rebooking is applied on the nature of the ticket fare or ticket class which is according to ticket fare rules. However, every ticket is not allowed for making changes. Check your ticket eligibility on the website before going for the modification.
  • It may possible that the cost of a new ticket is higher than the original ticket which you booked previously. In that condition, customers are liable to pay the difference in the price.
  • Passengers can make changes in their seats 2 hours before the scheduled flight and if you miss this check-in then you can make a change within 1 hour of check-in.
  • If you make a request for change earlier, then you need to wait for it. It may take time and reissue at least 2 hours before departure.
  • If you reissue your ticket then reservations of seats are subject to a matter of availability.  

How Can I Change My Name On Ticket

The correct name on the ticket is one of the important things at the time of the journey. It may be a serious concern if your name is not matched by your legal document or id issued by the government and It is necessary for flight security reasons.

Aeroflot understands that some errors may happen during final flight booking and give some flexibility to make changes as per rules.

If you want to change an entire name on the ticket then it can’t be possible however surname change is allowed by the airline if you provide a piece of solid evidence or legal document to prove the surname get that needs rectification.

You also have the option of rectifying your names but it has a limitation up to some characters in the middle name and the first name.

Passengers are allowed to make corrections in name at online websites or apps and also have a chance to call directly to the customer care who assists you and gives details of the change fee if applicable.

How do I Know The Fee/Charges Applicable or Not on Flight Change

The airline is always providing a customer to make amendments respective to their flight change policy. In some cases, passengers need to pay some change fee which depends on the ticket fare category.

If you want to know the change fee eligibility of your ticket then you have to open their website and enter your ticket details in the “My Booking” tab where you can check the ticket change fee is applicable or not. It’ll show on your screen where you may see the amount of the total fee which is going to charge on rebooking.

Some passengers may get into trouble on the website then Aeroflot Helpline will manage your calls if you want to stay out of the online mess. Here, skilled executives help you to get know about the rebooking fee is applicable or not on your ticket and if applicable then at what cost.

Here below we give a table to get to know easily your ticket eligibility.

Fare GroupFare Class
Economy Comfort Business
MaximumNo change feeChange-fee ApplicableNo change-fee
OptimumChange-fee ApplicableChange-fee ApplicableChange-fee Applicable
Basic Change-fee ApplicableChange-fee ApplicableChange-fee Applicable
Budget Change-fee ApplicableN/AN/A
LightChange-fee ApplicableN/AN/A
PromoChange-fee ApplicableN/AN/A

Note*- All the rebooking is applicable 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of your original flight which was booked previously.

You are liable to pay the fare difference if applicable according to fare rules.

Procedure: How to Make Flight Change

If you are unknown, about how to make changes in flight then you should follow some given steps which are simple and convenient for rebooking your flight.

  • First thing you need to open the official website of Aeroflot or if you booked your ticket through travel agencies then go to their website or call them directly.
  • Then log in to your registered login id and password and open the home page.
  • On the home page, you can see the “My Booking” section just click on it.
  • Enter your details like names booking reference numbers for fetching the ticket in which you want to make a change.
  • Now you have to click on the change button and search according to your next wished plan, if the system shows you the availability then click on the Next button.
  • On the next page, you’ll ask for a payment for the final booking which shows the total amount including the change fee or any charges if applicable.
  • Pay for it through your card and get the confirmation mail on your registered mail id.

How Do I Rebook Through Helpline

If the customers get stuck and can’t handle the mess of the technical things on the websites or it may possible that nearby you there is no availability of the computer system and the internet.

Then, what are the possibilities and how to make changes in flight?

The simple answer is to dial Helpline number+1-800-831-1547 to speak directly to the customer care executives.

They are well trained to sort and handle the customer’s queries. 

Support staff may ask you for some details to crosscheck your details and try to resolve the problems regarding flight change. They fetch all details about the change fee and the ticket fare rules according to your ticket and convey you as it is.

Lastly, they may ask for the payments which you can pay through your payments cards to get the confirmation of the rebooking of your ticket.

In The End

Aeroflot Airlines is one of the oldest airlines in the world and is also a flag carrier of the Russian federation. Its headquartered in the capital city of Russia that is Moscow. It operated in more than 50 countries. So here more experienced airlines in their industry will not let you down if we speak in terms of their in-flight or even pre-journey services.

Aeroflot makes their policies very flexible regarding flight changes, cancellations and refunds they take care of every possible thing that customer wants to expect for their convenience.

So, go with the Aeroflot and fly with safety and with the ease of flexible policies. 

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