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Condor Airlines Flight Change Policy

It is quite common in the busy world that everyone has to face reschedule their plans at some moment. It may occur frequently through the nature of the profession or it may happen at the time of emergency, no matter what but modification in journey plans is inevitable. And if you purchased a flight ticket then the first question that arises in mind is whether it would be possible for the airline gives an option to change the flight. The answer is ‘yes’. Condor Airlines flight change policy is too flexible for the customer to make modifications and changes in flight.

Condor Airlines always gives value to their customers and customize their journey according to their wish. They have hired soft-spoken and highly skilled professionals who are available on the Helpline number+1-800-831-1547 for sorting out your queries.

Important Guidelines for Changing Flights of Condor Airlines

Some of you are facing trouble every time while changing the flight because airlines levy some penalties which you don’t actually realize about it and pay your hard-earned money.

But if you are aware of the policies then you may be free from the burden of extra charges or may pay minimal charges. Here we go through all in and out of Condor Airlines flight change policy which you should need to keep in your mind.

  • You can make a request for change on the official website of condor airlines. If you booked your flight with your travel agency then you will have to contact your travel agencies for the same.
  • If anyone wants to reebok the flight then they abide by the fare rules to do this before 24 hours of the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • Passengers are not allowed to change their phone numbers and details.
  • You can’t upgrade the class of your ticket. You have to allow make changes within your fare categories.
  • If you rebook your flight and the price is higher than the original you have to pay the difference between the rebooking price with the original one. In case your rebooking price is lower than the original one then the original ticket price is applicable.
  • Passengers have the option to rebook flights an unlimited number of times with some change fee.

Can I Rebook My Flight Free Of Cost?

The answer is big ‘Yes’ but a condition applies for making changes in flight without paying any fee. When you make changes the first time in the ticket for rescheduling you get an exemption to pay a single penny but only pay the difference of the price of the ticket if it is higher than the original ticket. 

If you want to rebook free of cost then it applies only if you make a request 14 days before the scheduled flight.

Fee-free rebooking condition is also applied to all the booking classes including Economy, Premium economy, and Business.

What If I Make an Error In My Name?

In the busy world, people are always in hurry to meet their accomplishments and in that case, they made small errors especially errors while typing their names on the forms. It is quite common while give details at the time of booking. This problem is acknowledged by this airline to make it convenient for customers.

  • You are allowed to make changes in name but 7 days prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. You can email them at their website and if you book from any agents then contact them directly.
  • If you failed or forget to mail them and the given time period is over then you have to call the reservation department 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure.
  • Your name change-related problem is only will hear during business hours from 10:00 to 17:00 hr and Monday to Friday.

How Much I Pay as Changing Flight Fee?

Airline generally gives a chance to their customers to make changes and modifications to their flights but it comes with their respective changing or rebooking policies. Condor has their own changing policy in which they levied some fees as per their rules which are as follows.

ConditionsChange fee/Rebooking fee
From the date of booking until 29 days before the departure10% charges apply
From 28th day until 15 days before the departure25% charges apply
From 14th day until 1 day before the departure40% charges apply

How Do I Modify My Booking with Condor

Here, Condor gives an option to change in flight by two different methods in which you can either make a direct call to the Helpline number+1-800-831-1547 or you may change by yourself on the website by entering your asking details.

Rebook Through Website

There are some simple steps to be followed for rebooking through the website.

  • Firstly, open the official website of the condor or the website of your travel agents where you booked your ticket.
  • Login to your account with the valid id and password. 
  • Enter your booking reference number in which you want to change and rebook after that your ticket is fetched by the system.
  • The system shows your ticket on the screen where you can see the “Rebook” button simply click on this.
  • Then you’ll be shown all the alternative flight dates and destinations which you want to wish as per your plan. But reservation is subject to availability.
  • Hereafter confirmation of your new booking, you may be asked for the payments of the new booking where you need to pay as per fare rules.
  • After payment, you get some confirmation mail on the registered email id.

Rebook via Call

Many passengers get stuck during rebooking on the website so, condor gives another way to call directly on the helpline number and speak to the well-trained executive who helps you out in needy situations.

  • Customer support staff may ask some questions over the call to verify your details and the reasons behind rebooking. 
  • After convincing you of all your given details they check the alternative flights and dates according to your wish and inform you about the rebooking amount with a change fee if applicable.
  • After doing all the measures they may ask for payments which you can pay through your cards and get the confirmation mail or ‘SMS’ on your registered phone number.

So, if you are thinking to make any change in the flight whether it is the date or destination, take the help of the support staff and enjoy your changes before the scheduled flights.

All the course of action is a matter of services ensured by Condor who assures you to fly safely and in a hassle-free situation.

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