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Icelandair Flight Change Policy in 2024

If you are in a confusion changing or rescheduling of flight and you have a ticket for Icelandair flight then we are here to help you overcome this situation. We are going to discuss Icelandair flight change policy which keep in your mind to find yourself out of trouble.

Icelandair understands the customer’s uncertainties about traveling and give full assistance to their customer by giving some exemption on changes of flight.

Icelandair gives a choice whether your ticket is purchased online or at the airport counter that doesn’t matter at all. Their customer support helpline +1-800-831-1547 is always available for the best customer convenience. Icelandair flight change policy is easy to understand for customers to know what to do in rescheduling.

Terms & Guidelines of Icelandair Flight Change

The terms and conditions of every airline will differ from each other and cancellations and refunds are given to customers on the basis of their policies made according to the company’s guidelines.

  • Icelandair tickets can be changed in the Icelandair tickets only and are valid only for 12 months from the date of purchase in that period you have an option to change or reschedule.
  • You can do changes only to refundable tickets or it may depend on ticket fare types which are valid for change of flight dates.
  • Changes can be done only on international flights, domestic flight is only valid for change which is purchased before October 2021.
  • You will get a refund on your Travel Credit Voucher which is used on future journeys.
  • You have to pay the fare differences while rebooking and changes in flight tickets.
  • Ensure the flight is functioning and seats are available for reservation on that day you are going to wish to travel.
  • Modification and changes should be done before the departure of the flight prior to 24 hours.

What if I need a Same-Day flight change

If anyone wants a same date flight change by its timing then Icelandair gives that option to customers but you may have to pay some extra penny for this service. It also depends on the availability of same-day flights.

If customers want to change the timing of flights then it may possible if seats are available at that time but customers have restricted to changing the itinerary. The origin of the flight also remains the same.

How to change the name on the tickets

The most common mistake which is done by the customers is that their name is mismatched with the ids of the original one on the tickets. So, what to do if this happened. You don’t have to worry about these silly things but it will cost some penny which is a burden for you.

If you may have misspelled your name on tickets then you have to pay 30 USD to get it corrected. 

So, always be aware of this silly mistake by your end and crosscheck before final payment to save your extra money.

The Procedure of Icelandair Flight Change Online 

  • Go to the official website of Icelandair or third-party websites wherever you booked your flight.
  • Log in to your account with your id and password.
  • Now go to the option of “Manage my Travel”.
  • Enter your last name and enter the booking reference no. of your ticket.
  • Change your date but make sure seat availability on that date which you wish.
  • Fare charges can be seen on the screen, you have to pay the difference if differences occur in price.
  • After getting your reservations you will get the confirmation mail of booking details on your email id.


Icelandair is known for the budget-friendly airlines which are operated mostly in America and Europe. This airline gives a world-class service to its customers. The complaint department is proactive to help you to get rid of any hassle.

If you talk about their flight change methods and policy then it is highly customer-oriented and customer friendly with just a call way of their customer support helpline and if you have done it earlier then go to online websites to change dates and flights easily with just entering reference booking number. Change fee depends upon the fare of the tickets. It’ll be waived off in some conditions.

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