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Air Dolomiti Check-in and Boarding Pass Tips

In this article, you will get an idea about Air Dolomiti check-in. Before that let’s know a bit about Air Dolomiti. Air Dolomiti was formed by the L.A.E in December 1989. The word ‘Dolomiti’ is derived from the Dolomites, the Italian region of the Alps. The airline began flying on a route from Trieste to Genoa in 1991 and began international flights from Verona to Munich in 1992. Air Dolomiti is a Lufthansa-owned Italian regional airline that serves passengers to Italian destinations with a fleet of 12 Embraer ERK-190. The airline flies to destinations such as Berlin, Ireland, Milan, Frankfurt, and Moscow from Ancona, Bari, and Bergamo.

Air dolomiti check-in
Air Dolomiti check-in

Check-in procedures- Air Dolomiti check-in

The online check-in service gives you the ability to check-in conveniently from home or anywhere else. You can choose to print your boarding pass or send it directly to your mobile device as soon as you have checked in. 

If you just travel with your hand luggage, you can go straight to the security controls with your online boarding pass. You can check-in through online 20-23 hours before departure, which is a compulsory matter that should be followed by you travelers, and pick your seat as you wish, and as well as print your online boarding pass or have it sent to your mobile phone, you can refer that later according to your feasible time you wish. “If you try to do this within 23 hours, the following error message will be displayed on the system: “We were unable to find a valid ticket for you. Please refer to the call center for Lufthansa. For all the flights operated by Air Dolomiti, online check-in is possible.

Passengers can choose seats and print boarding passes online or collect them on their cell phones: all this for themselves and accompanying people, from the comfort of their own homes, offices, or even while traveling.

With the following options, you can check in for your Air Dolomiti flight:

  • Check-in online (Web check-in)
  • Online Check-In through Mobile
  •  Airport self-service kiosk check-in
  •  Check-in ticket counter at the airport

Passengers with a ticket fare that includes luggage can check-in online at their convenience and simply and conveniently drop off their luggage at the airport’s check-in desk before departure. In this scenario, at least 40 minutes prior to departure, passengers must go to the check-in counter. Passengers with a fare that only includes hand baggage can proceed directly to the boarding security check with boarding passes without any other formalities.

How to Check-in for Air Dolomiti and get Boarding Pass online

  • Go to Air Dolomiti’s official website and log in with your registered account first. You can complete the process without a login ID if you don’t have a registered ID. But it is recommended to register yourself for the convenience in future.
  • The next step takes you to the Air Dolomiti homepage. There, you can see the check-in tab beside the manage my booking tab, simply click on it to proceed.
  • After clicking on the check-in tab you are on the check-in page where you have to enter the booking reference number and the first name and the last name of the passenger. The booking reference number is the unique code you received when you booked your itinerary.
  • You can obtain your all the details of the ticket after providing the necessary information, and the following steps are to pay for your baggage and select your seat.
  • If you have any extra bags or want to upgrade your seat then you have to pay the difference otherwise you can’t proceed further.
  • After your transaction is successful you get access to your boarding pass, save a copy to your smartphone, or print a hard copy for yourself. Another option for obtaining the boarding pass is to pick it up at a self-service kiosk or check-in desk.
  • Visit the airport’s designated “Drop-off” counters or desks to check in your bags. You can quickly head to your gate if you aren’t carrying any bags.

“Online web check-in”- Air Dolomiti check-in

For your trip with the Air Dolomiti flight, you can check-in in online to obtain a mobile boarding pass via email on your mobile device or a printable boarding pass from 23 hours before your scheduled departure time. Check-in closes 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time for your flight. You are entitled to use this option if:

  • You have an electronic ticket and your first flight will take you to Air Dolomiti.
  • You can view your reservation with your confirmation code, frequent flyer number for Miles & More, or e-ticket number.
  • You are not a traveler with special needs (for example an unaccompanied minor)

You can check to hold luggage or baggage, but you must drop them off prior to the check-in deadline for your flight at the airport baggage drop. To know more you can contact Air Dolomiti customer executives.

“Mobile check-in”- Air Dolomiti check-in

You can do your check-in using your mobile device and receive a mobile boarding pass for your Air Dolomiti flight starting 23 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight, so be ready to get your boarding pass at the mentioned time. Check-in closes 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time for your flight, so you should complete the procedure before the above-mentioned time. Please note that this is not a mobile app. This option can be used if:

  • An electronic ticket is available and the first flight is on Air Dolomiti.
  • You can view your reservation with your confirmation code, frequent flyer number for Miles & More, or e-ticket number.
  • You are not a passenger with special needs (for example, an unaccompanied minor)
  • You exit an airport that accepts smartphone boarding passes (if not, then you may perform your check-in and print a boarding pass at the self-service kiosk or at the ticket counter itself).

“Self-service kiosk check-in”-Air Dolomiti check-in

An easy way to check-in at the airport is to check in at a kiosk. You can also make updates and applications for trips and get ready to check your luggage. They also sanitize their kiosks, but at most airports, you can now search your bags in a hands-free experience. Before your flight, just check-in, pick up checked bags, and get your smartphone or printed boarding pass. At a kiosk self-check-in system, which is very simple to use and it will automatically print your bag number, you can scan your boarding pass at the airport using this same, then clip it to the bag drop for drop-off. You can check-in at the Air Dolomiti airport or Lufthansa self-service kiosk to receive your Air Dolomiti flight with a printed boarding pass starting 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight. Check-in closes 30 to 45 minutes before the scheduled time of departure for your flight, depending on the airport.

Air Dolomiti provides airport check-in counter tickets-Air Dolomiti check-in- Air Dolomiti check-in

You can check-in at the airport ticket counter to receive your Air Dolomiti flight’s printed boarding pass starting 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight. Check-in closes 30 to 45 minutes before the scheduled time of departure for your flight, depending on the airport.

Updated information for the travelers who would like to do online check-in

To everything, according to. 1 DPCM of 14 July 2020 Passengers departing from/to Italy are requested to complete the “COVID-19 Self-Declaration”: the online form is available here and can be completed up to one day prior to departure. A copy of your completed statement will be sent to the e-mail address stated in the form as a PDF and you will be asked to show it, at the airport check-in desks, on your personal computer, or in the written edition, to collect your boarding pass.  Please note that a form for each leg has to be completed and signed by each passenger. We kindly invite you to go to the airport check-in counters to collect your boarding pass if your flight departs from Italy and you are using online check-in. You can check the Air Dolomiti pet policy If you are traveling with your teeny tiny pet.

Some points should be noted for your trip

Printed or mobile boarding passes allow passengers to go directly to the gate. It is always advisable to verify that the monitors have not changed the gate numbers. In addition to boarding passes, presenting a valid identification card is compulsory, there is no consideration in that case. To avoid places being reassigned, it is advisable to comply with the boarding time indicated on boarding passes. The limits of hand luggage paid for by the fare scheme must be observed: Economy Class fare, 1 item of hand luggage (maximum of 8 kg, should not exceed that). Business Class fare, 2 pieces of carry-on baggage 7kg to 8 kg each, do not exceed the limit. Please also note that the overall size of luggage does not exceed 54 x 30 x 20 cm. If you have been denied travel, or if your flight has been canceled or delayed for more than two hours, please ask for a written statement of your rights at the check-in counter or gate, in particular about reimbursement and assistance.


Regardless of whether you’re anticipating carrying a bit of gear with you, online registration is as yet a superior alternative as you simply need to drop it off at the assigned counter, which will in general move quicker than the normal line. No compelling reason to sit around disinterestedly at the normal line where individuals both register and drop their bags.

Imagine a scenario in which you can’t print your ticket. Regardless of whether you don’t have a printer, you can at present register on the web and get your duplicate at the air terminal. In the event that you have a cell phone, certain aircraft will likewise have the option to examine it straightforwardly off your screen. Regardless of whether you don’t have a paper duplicate of your ticket, your seat is protected. Go through the Air Dolomiti homepage.

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