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Air New Zealand Check-In & Boarding Pass Tips

Want to Know About the Check-In Policy of Air New Zealand?

Gathered your packs and prepared to fly inside New Zealand? The following stage is checking in – and you can even do it before you venture out from home.

What time do I need to check in?

  • 30 minutes before takeoff, for movement inside New Zealand 
  • An hour before takeoff, in case you’re interfacing with a global flight 
  • An hour preceding the flight, if your youngster is voyaging alone 

See your Air NZ portable application, a registration email, or an e-ticket for your flight’s careful registration timings. 

Recollect these are shutting times and they incorporate dropping your packs off on the off chance that you have them. 

It’s a smart thought to leave for the air terminal with a lot of extra time. There may be lines, or you may be deferred in transit.

Three ways to check-in for an Air New Zealand Flight Ticket

  • Check-in with the Air NZ versatile application

Check-in, pick your seat and get your entire gathering’s tickets on your telephone with the Air NZ portable application. You can even show your ticket on your versatile to enter the parlor or load it onto your plane. 

In case you’re handling in packs, print out your sack labels at the booths when you show up at the air terminal. At that point take your packs to the sack drop.

  • Check-in on the web

Steps for check-in Online through the Web and getting a boarding pass.

You can check in online as long as 24 hours before your flight. It is very easy through the official website and also get the boarding pass online.

  • First of all, open the official website of Air New Zealand and then log in with your credentials.
  • After login, you are on the homepage of Air New Zealand where you will find the check-in tab on the right side of the screen just tap on it.
  • Now the drop-down box is open where you have to enter the booking reference number and the family name or surname then click on the continue button.
  • After entering the details in the empty fields you will be able to retrieve the ticket details.
  • Now the next step is to pay for your baggage if you have any extra baggage according to the baggage policy of Air New Zealand. You have to choose your seat from the seat map.
  • Now you can access your boarding pass so download it for the print and save it on your device. You can also print your boarding pass through the kiosk machine at the airport.

Be among the first to check in and pick your favored seat. We’ll email you your tickets. At the point when you enter the parlor or board your airplane, we can examine them from your portable. All New Zealand air terminals acknowledge electronic tickets. 

In case you’re processing in sacks, print out your pack labels at the air terminal’s self-administration stands. At that point take your sacks to the pack drop counter.

  • Check-in at the air terminal

At the point when you show up at the air terminal you can check in at oneself assistance stands, or staff can help you at the registration work area. 

At the stand, you can pick your seat and print tickets and sack labels. Connect the names to your packs and take them to the sack drop. 

You can utilize self-serve stands in case you’re flying from: 

Auckland, Hamilton, Napier, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Rotorua, Tauranga, Wellington 

Blenheim, Christchurch, Dunedin, Invercargill, Nelson, Queenstown 

You unquestionably need a ticket 

You can just load it onto your plane with a ticket, either printed or on your versatile. These records won’t work: 

Standardized tags on printed e-ticket receipts 

E-pass labels 

What distinguishing proof would it be advisable for me to convey when going to New Zealand? 

In case you’re going inside NZ, you need a substantial photograph I.D. to get onto your flight.

Drivers permit 


You can likewise utilize Airpoints™ or Koru card, significant Visa, birth declaration, or a Community Services card.

For what reason do I need to show recognizable proof at registration for homegrown flights? 

Most carriers overall utilizing the e-ticket (ticketless) travel framework requires a type of recognizable proof to be introduced when clients register. This is to guarantee that the client named in the booking is a similar individual who sheets the airplane.

Worldwide registration 

Heading abroad? 

Here’s the beginning and end you need to know to get checked in. 

All travelers showing up in New Zealand should enlist their oversaw confinement convenience prerequisites to be allowed to load onto their flight. A Managed Isolation Allocation System Voucher should be introduced at registration. Convenience must be reserved a limit of 3 months ahead of time. We energetically suggest checking oversaw separation accessibility prior to booking your ticket and enrolling at the earliest opportunity.

When to check-in 

Your global registration time relies upon your specific flight. A few flights close registration an hour and a half before takeoff. Others can be 120 minutes previously. 

You can locate the specific time on the Air NZ versatile application, your registration email, or on your e-ticket. 

Keep in mind, that this is when registration and pack drop closes. Give yourself sufficient opportunity to show up well before that point. There could be lines, or you may be postponed en route to the air terminal. You additionally need to give yourself sufficient opportunity to experience security screening and customs.

What do you need to check-in?

It’s significant you have all your documentation. It’s unlawful to get onto your trip without it. 

You’ll require: 

Your ticket, either printed or electronic. 

Your identification is substantial for at any rate a half year. Check if the nations you’re visiting have other visa necessities. 

Your visas, whenever needed by the nations you’re visiting. 

There are exceptional passage and travel prerequisites when heading out to the USA. Be certain you have all the documentation you require in any event 72 hours before you travel. 

A few air terminals let you register for worldwide flights on the web. You’ll have to affirm your visa subtleties online first.

All New Zealand air terminals acknowledge electronic tickets. 

Whenever you’ve checked in on the web, it’s anything but difficult to handle in your packs when you show up at the air terminal. Utilize one of our self-administration booths to print your pack labels. Label your sacks and take them to the pack drop. Simple. 

Keep in mind, that pack drop closes when registration closes, so ensure you permit sufficient opportunity.

Check-in at the air terminal 

Skirt the lines and utilize oneself assistance stands. 

To begin with, filter your machine-lucid identification. (These have two lines of letters, numbers, and images underneath your own data.) 

At that point affirm your seats, print your tickets and pack labels. Connect the names to your packs and take them to the sack drop. Done. 

You can utilize self-serve stands in case you’re flying from: 

Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown 

Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane 

Los Angeles and Hong Kong. 

Flying with an accomplice carrier? Check-in at the accomplice carriers’ takeoff work area

On the off chance that you’ve mentioned an overhaul and haven’t got with us yet if you don’t mind check-in as expected. It won’t drop your redesign. 

In the event that your update comes through ultimately, we’ll let you know at the door and give you another ticket.

Significant data 

Because of expanded outskirt limitations, online registration may not be accessible. If so, registration should be physically finished at the air terminal. If it’s not too much trouble ensure you give yourself a lot of time at the air terminal. See IATA Travel Center for additional data.

Picking your seat 

You can in any case pick your seat when you check in on the web or on your portable. 

Handling your packs 

On the off chance that you have packs to check in, take them to the booths at the air terminal. You can print your pack labels, at that point take your things to the sack drop zone. 

Keep in mind, that you need to permit enough an ideal opportunity for us to approve your visa and cycle your sacks. See your flight subtleties for your registration and pack drop shutting time. 

On the off chance that you need more sacks, you can organize prepaid additional packs online before you get to the air terminal.

In the event that you just have portable suitcases, go directly to security screening and on to your door.

Your ticket

On the off chance that you check in on the web, we’ll send your ticket by email. You can print it at home, or at the registration stands at the air terminal. In case you’re in New Zealand, we can check your message ticket from your telephone. 

On the off chance that you monitor Versatility, we can check your ticket from the application. 

Once in a while, you need to check in at the air terminal 

We can’t generally offer on the web or versatile registration. 

You’ll have to check in at the air terminal if: 

The air terminal you’re withdrawing from doesn’t acknowledge home-printed or versatile tickets. These air terminals incorporate Norfolk Island, Singapore’s Changi International, and Bali’s Ngurah Rai International.

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