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Air Transat Check-in Policy

Air Transat Check-in & Boarding – Easy From Home Online

In Montreal, Quebec, Air Transat is a Canadian corporation. The Carrier was founded by Air Transat Transat Inc. in 1986, providing scheduled and charter flights in 25 countries and served in 60 destinations and is the third biggest airline in the world, owned and operated by Air Transat Transat A.T. Inc. It has access to a fleet of 38 aircraft.

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Air Transat Check-in and Boarding Pass

Air Transat took its first flight from Montreal to Acapulco on 14 November 1987. Six years later, Air Transat Check-in Policy found NationAir’s maintenance base and aircraft to be poor. Today, the company books more than 3.5 million passengers a year. This Transat A.T. Is a wholly-owned Inc. branch.

After Air Canada and WestJet, Air Transat is also one of Canada’s biggest airlines. There are 5,000 workers of Air Transat Check-in Policy. Numerous Skytrax Best Holiday Airlines Awards were won by the carrier, including in 2012, 2018, and 2019.

Types of Check-In Methods Of Air Transat

Air Transat Check-in Policy provides the two options. You can choose any one options among this:-

  1. Check-in online.
  2. Check-In Self counters and Service Kiosks.

Online Web Check-In

Passengers traveling with reserved e-tickets from Air Transat will review the PNR number online to book their preferred seats. Air Transat Airlines’ online check-in starts 48 hours before departure and ends 12 hours before departure for business classes. Travelers may also make an online check-in to pick a seat that is available at a negligible cost via mobile check-in. The boarding pass along with the approval is sent to the registered mail ID of a passenger following the use of the mobile device.

Process of  Online Web Check-In of Air Transat

Wanna do Web Check-in for Air Transat? The steps is given below follow the steps:-

Steps 1:- Click the online check-in button for Air Transat. You are being redirected to the official site check-in page for Air Transat.

Steps 2:- Fill in the information you need – your name, PNR, number of flights,  etc.

Steps 3:- Pick up your seat and check-in confirmation.

Steps 4:- The screen shows the air transit boarding pass. Either you can print your boarding pass directly or print it later when Air Transat sends you a boarding pass e-mail.

You will check your baggage in advance with Air Transat Web Check-in, pick your seat, choose available food choices, and many more.

Note: Air Transat’s online check-in phase begins 48 hours before scheduled flight departure and lasts for up to 2 hours before departure. Passengers in wheelchairs, unaccompanied children, and children are not permitted to take part in the building. Even for foreign visitors, this service is not available. Reservations can be canceled up to 2 hours before scheduled leave, including after the completion of the online check-in process.

Benefits of Air Transat Web Check-in:-

One of Air Transat’s main benefits is that you don’t have to go to the airport 3 to 4 hours before the planned flight departure, saving a lot of time.

Normally, flight check-in is due to long queues a time-consuming operation. Web check-in will save you time, on the other hand. All you need to do is leave your baggage in the area after you check-in online and carry out a compulsory security check.

You can sign in from home with your laptop by merely signing into the official website. You can use your Air Transat Airlines.

Check-In Deadline for  Air Transat Airlines

Depending on the check-in option, various check-in deadlines apply:

  • Check-in online up to 2 hours before your planned time of departure.
  • Check-in is available between 8 and 75 minutes before departure from Canada and the United States, from London Gatwick Airport to Paris–Cancun, Montego Bay, de Gaulle Airport, and Punta Cana.
  • The check-in counters are shut down by Air Transat at the terminal.
  • Domestic flights: 45 minutes before takeoff.
  • Air travel abroad: 1 hour before your departure.

The boarding may be declined to passengers who do not meet the check-in deadline.

Check-in counters are open at airports three hours before scheduled departure and four more hours before scheduled departure for flight departs from Latin America, Mexico, Latin America, or the Caribbean. Passengers are expected at least 3 hours before departure to arrive at the check-in location.

An air carrier other than Air Transat can operate your flight (CanJet Airlines or others). As the rules and regulations of operating carriers can differ, you can review the e-ticket to validate the operating company name and be aware of the transportation laws of your carrier. Details of all the check-in procedures for CanJet Airlines can be found on our website. Moreover, the flight schedule can not be re-added at least 24 hours before the initial time of departure (but not for longer than 72 hours).

Air Transat Baggage Allowance

Hand luggage: One carry-on bag is allowed per person in size 20 cm x 40 cm x 51 cm, including handles and wheels. For flights departing from the United States, Ireland, and the UK, the weight cannot exceed 5kg (11lbs). For all other destinations, 10 kg (22lbs) is allocated.

Checked: Checked baggage allowance varies by destination. Any number of pieces is accepted as long as the overall weight does not exceed the allowance. From the South of America, you are allowed a check-in bag weighing up to 20 kg.

There is a fee for extra baggage.

Air Transat Legroom

The pitch of the seat: 73 to 84 cm, according to aircraft type.

Pre-arranged seating

For flights departing from Canada and Southern destinations for most destinations, select seats up to two days before departure and three days before departure for flights departing from all European cities.

You can also select your seat by calling the air transit reservation line (above number).

Airlines Overview

Out of Montreal, Air Transat is a Canadian airline with flights to more than 60 destinations worldwide. The airline operates both scheduled and charter flights, providing frequent trips to the US, Central America, Mexico, and Europe. One of Canada’s largest airlines, Air Transat flies more than three million passengers each year and employs over 2,000 people.

Parent Airline: Air Transat is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Transat A.T. Inc. This international tour operator distributes its products and trips to more than 60 countries around the world. Specializing in holiday travel, the company operates mostly in Canada and Europe. You can visit the corporate website at

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