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Bangkok Flight Check-In

You will get the details of the Bangkok Flight Check-In here. Basically, there are two options for check-in that is online check-in and offline check-in (Airport). Online check-in is also known as Self Check-in. Passengers easily get check-in themselves without visiting the airport and also they can avoid the crowded queue of the airport.

Due to Covid19 passengers need to take care of some precautions for their safety. Without wearing a mask no one is allowed to step into the airport. Carefully sanitize all your luggage before check-in. Try to maintain social distance, avoid going to crowded places.

Bangkok Flight Check-In

Introduction To Bangkok Airways:

Bangkok Airways was established in the year 1968, as an air taxi, under the contract of an overseas international Construction company (OICC). OICC is an American Company. In the year 1986, it becomes first Thailand’s privately-owned domestic airline. Gradually, Bangkok started setting their other airports in different locations in Bangkok.

There are three online check-in Options available for the passenger (Bangkok Flight Check-In):-

  1. Online Check-In-  Online check-in is also known as Web check-in where you need to go to the official website of the Bangkok Flight and proceed with the steps. With ease and without wasting any time going here and there you can simply check-in from your place but before 1 hour of departure. Click here for more info about the Bangkok Flight Check-In.

Benefits of Online Check-In:-

There are many benefits listed below for Online Check-In 

  • Online check-In helps you to skip the long and crowded queue.
  • Give you the options to select your seat before reaching the airport
  • Online check-in is extremely helpful for working people as it also saves you a lot of time.
  • Faster access for security
  • Possibility of paying the lower cost for checked baggage.
  • You will get all the updates on flight departure and many others.
  • You will get an e-ticket which you can easily carry with you all the time. 

How to select your seat while Online Check-in:-

There are some steps which help you to get your favorites seat are as follows:

Step 1- While online check-in you will get a option of seat selection

Step 2- There you will a option of seat map, Click on the site map

Step 3-  Select your seat , as per your choice

Step 4-  click on select , and then click on OK.

  1. Kiosk Check-in- Kiosk Check-in is a kind of check-in where passengers can go and check-in without taking any assistance. It is a touchscreen machine available at the airport. Instead of standing in a queue, you can go and do the self-check-in by this machine ‘Kiosk’  

Steps to Kiosk Check in:-

  • Input the amount of baggage to be checked
  • Click continue to get the bag tags for your baggage
  • Lastly, your bags tag will be print out
  • Now we are ready to fly.
  1. Automated Check-in- In automated Check-in, you will receive an SMS regarding the departure of flight timing. And an automated check-in will happen. Simply you don’t have to wait for your turn in a queue, it not only saves your time but also helps you to stay away from the crowd which is very important these days, as we have to follow the rules of social distancing. So Online check-in the most preferable option for the passengers. 
  2. App Check-in- Step1- Enter booking reference and email

Step 2- Select your passengers

Step 3- Follow the steps guided by the app.

Passengers who are eligible for Online Check-in are as follows:-

  • All passengers should have an e-ticket with a confirmation reservation
  • There are some exceptional cases:-
  • Passengers who are required special assistance/  Medical
  • Any Unaccompanied minor
  • If any passengers need an additional payment
  • If any passengers are holding discount fares that require a relevant identification card to present during check-in.

Baggage Information during Bangkok Flight Check In:-

Basically, baggage is the main part of the check-in. All passengers should do a thorough check-up of their baggage. As in the airport, there are some strict rules not to carry any dangerous or sharp things while traveling by air.

Things which not allowed during the travel are mentioned below:-

  • Sharp things like a knife, blade, etc
  • Electronic cigarettes, matchboxes, lighter, electronic lighter, gun, etc are not allowed.

Self Service for baggage:-

If you are using the kiosk check-in machine, you need to do self-service. Check-In all the bags you have and then select enter. After the check intake out the print out of bag tags and tie with baggage.

Take care of some mandatory things which you need to follow while travelling through air are as follows:-

  • Health Declaration- It is compulsory for all the travelers who are going to travel by air must keep the health declaration report before 48 hours to 90 minutes before the departure timing of the flight.
  • Generate baggage tags- it is mandatory for the passengers to generate baggage tags before the departure timing of the flight.
  • Print copy of board pass- take out the print out of the boarding pass before departure of your flight. Note that not all airports are equipped with kiosks that print out your tags.
  • Reach 2 hours early-  Try to reach the airport before 2 hours from the timing of flight departure, make sure you check-in and you have  20 minutes in your hand before the departure timing.

Know more about Bangkok Flight Pet Policies pleases visit our site.

As per the above points, it better to book your seat and get checked in before the time only setting from your workplace. as we all are aware of the pandemic Covid 19 which is rapidly spreading all over the world. And it is advisable to all the passengers who are traveling from the air should follow the rules and regulations of the airport like wearing mask and get sanitized before entrance in the flight. You need to carry the report of the Covid test 48 hours prior to the timing of the departure of your flight. Must Clean your hand with alcohol-based sanitizer to avoid this virus, perform hand hygiene regularly.

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