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Cathay Pacific Airways Check-In & Boarding Pass Tips

Welcome to the Cathay Pacific Airways check-In, here you will get all the information about the online check-in process. How Cathay Pacific Airways works. Mainly there are many questions that arise for online check-in, so here you will get all the answers to your questions. We will start from the basics.

What Is The Online Check-in Process? (Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Check-In)

The online check-in process is nothing, it’s the same as you do check-in at the airport. The thing which really differs is you do not go to the airport and stand in a queue. You just have to go to the dedicated official website of Cathay Pacific Airways and from there only you can start your check-in process. In case you want to cancel your ticket after online check-in, you can go with that process too. For more information Check It out:

Who Can Use Online Check-In:-

All passengers who have the e-tickets can check-in Online. But there some exceptional cases also are mentioned below:-

  • If passengers required Medical Assistance.
  • If passengers are required, Scratchers.
  • If passengers are requested for Extra Seat.
  • If the passengers are traveling with a group not individually.

Steps for Check-in online & getting a boarding pass

Web Check-in of Cathay Pacific allows you to check in for your flight with Cathay Pacific Airways between 48 hours and 90 minutes prior to the departure timing of the flight. You just need to select your flight, choose your favorite seat and take out the print of your boarding pass. Kiosk Check-in is available in the selective airport. For more details check this link: Now here we will discuss step by step procedure to check-in online and get a boarding pass.

  • The very first thing, you have to open the official website of Cathay Pacific in the browser.
  • Now login with the registered I’d and password.
  • After login, you are on the homepage of Cathay Pacific where you will get the “Check-in” tab just tap on that.
  • Now you are on the next page where you have to enter the booking reference number and the last name of the passengers and then click on continue.
  • This step will help to retrieve all details of your ticket.
  • The next step is to pay for your baggage if you have any extra baggage and select your seat from the seat map.
  • If your transaction is successful then you are able to get access to your boarding pass. You can download it on your device and save it for print. You can also take a print of your boarding pass at the airport through the kiosk machine.
Is it better to check in online or at the airport?

I would recommend going for online check-in because it is beneficial in many ways.

  • It is the easiest way to check-in while sitting at your home through the website.
  • It helps to avoid the long queue at the airport.
  • To avoid the crowd at the airport, online check-in is the best option. It helps to maintain social distancing also.

While if you want to check in from the airport you have to reach at the airport at least 2 to 3 hours before So Web Check-in is best for everyone. 

There are many options available for Web check-in:-

  1. Online Check-in – Online Check-in is also known as Web Check-in. Web or online Check-in helps you by saving your time. It avoids you from a long and crowded queue, also you can do your check-in anytime before 1 hour from the time of departure of your flight. The steps involved in Online Check-in are first you need to go to the official website of Cathay Pacific Airways you will get the guide over there.
  2. Mobile Check-in– Mobile Check-in is also a kind of Online Check-In, where you get your e-ticket on your mobile. 
  3. Kiosk Check-in– Kiosk Check-in is an automated machine that allows you to do self-check-in. You will find this touch screen device at the airport and pay with your card ( credit/debit) for free. It also gives the chance to avoid the long and crowded queue, you can go to the Kiosk machine and easily get check-in.
  4. In-town Check-in–  In-Town Check-in allows you to take the train to the airports without carrying all your heavy luggage to the airport terminal. It gives you comfortable travel.
Why are some people not able to Check-in Online?
  • May the person is not holding an e-ticket
  • Maybe because of not having a good internet connection
  • Or because of a lack of knowledge 

What is the latest time for collecting the board passes?

There are different times at the different airports, as our airways are Cathay Pacific airways follows to close the check-in counter before 40 minutes of the timing of flight departure but earlier it was 60 minutes before departure. 

Note* After checking online you can’t make changes as well as cancel if required. You have to contact the customers care department or the airport counter for the same.

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