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Garuda Indonesia Web Check-in

Garuda Indonesia Check-In, Boarding Pass Tips

Garuda Indonesia check-in policy has a few amazing features that include a wide range of check-in variants, you can choose one that suits you the best. This might include – web check-in, Kiosk check-in, Airport check-in, and more. But before diving deep into all these policies let’s see a little about the airline itself and why is it one of the best airlines to be in.

Garuda Indonesia is the national airline of Indonesia that was emerged in the year 1980 when the government of Indonesia aligned with KLM airlines to bring the idea of a national airline into reality. Presenting a brand new degree of providing excellence in air travel, Garuda Indonesia, the sweet and classy countrywide airline agency of Indonesia, seamlessly connects eighty-three locations all over the world, which includes many exceptional places withinside the stunning and mind breezing archipelago of Indonesia and all over the world as well.

Along with that there are more than six hundred each day flights of Garuda Indonesia to carry away passengers trying to go to and from different regions worldwide, and a fleet of 196 aircraft with the aid of using in January 2017, Garuda Indonesia proudly serves its passengers with the award-winning performance and hospitality through its airways “Garuda Indonesia Experience”, which highlights Indonesia’s heat hospitality and rich To offer higher and extra handy services, Garuda Indonesia web check-in constantly strives via its ongoing transformation program.

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Garuda Indonesia Check-in

Garuda Indonesia web check-in and other check-in policies offer counter check-in, mobile check-in, and web check-in. Flyers can use their smartphones to check-in and select seats for flights from 24hrs to 4hrs before departure.

  1. Counter check-in
  2. Mobile check-in
  3. Web check-in

We will discuss all these check-in facilities that are available for Garuda Indonesia, one by one. After that, we will also discuss what is the best policy to make the check-in in Garuda Indonesia Web Check-In.

There is a range of ways in which Garuda Indonesia provides Check-in facilities

Garuda Indonesia will give you a wide range of options to choose from for the check-in. This is something we all like about an airline while booking with our flight and liabilities. The ways being provided by Garuda Indonesia is as follows:

  1. City Check-in
  2. Phone Check-in
  3. Web Check-in
  4. Mobile Check-in
  5. Kiosk Check-in
  6. Airport Check-in

Web Check-In

Web check-ins are the most effective way of making a check-in to any airline easily, effectively, and efficiently. Garuda International has online or Web Check-ins, that are available for both domestic and international flights:

Domestic Check-In availability (48 to 2 hours before departure): This is available from all the airport stations.

International Check-In availability (48 to 4 hours before departure): This is available from all the airport stations.

Requirements for making a web check-in:

  1. Be ready with your Boking reference number
  2. Keep your e-ticket number ready
  3. Last name ready as well

Now let’s see the steps for making an Online Check-in

Step 1. Open your web browser (chrome, bing, yahoo, or something else)

Step 2. In the search section, all you have to write is “Garuda Indonesia web check-in”. On the search engine result page, you will get many hyperlinks attached.  Click on the second link, It will take you to the form of Garuda Indonesia web check-in for making the Check-in

Step 3. If you don’t get the hyperlink then do click here.

Step 4. The form will have two sections to fill in – enter your last name in the first section, Then enter either your Booking reference number or E-ticket number.

Step 5. Press “Continue” and follow the steps being provided on that page.

Step 6. After you are done with all the processes press “OK”

Your Online Check-in process is now completed.

Mobile Check-In

Mobile Check-ins is another great way to stay away from those hectic airport lines and those busy days in which you need to reach the airport on a strict time frame. These kinds of Mobile and web check-ins have the capability of saving your day. Mobile check-ins are easy and you have to do is install an app on your device (mobile phone). 

The mobile app is available in both formats i.e for Android users and for IOS users as well. You can get it on the Play Store and Apple Store as well

Android users Click Here

IOS users Click Here

This mobile application will help you not only with the Check-Ins but also with the following policies:

  • Managing your Flight Status
    • Flight status
    • Bookings
    • Seat selection
  • Garuda Miles
    • Earn miles
    • Redeem miles
  • Payment Options
    • Payment methods
    • Redeem the bank points

For the rest of the policies and  steps on how to do the mobile check-in, do have a look underlying:

Step 1. Download the app from the above-mentioned link.

Step 2. Open the app

Step 3. Enter into the app and do “log in” first before getting into the further process.

Step 4. After you do the above process, look out for the “manage booking” option.

Step 5. In the “Manage Booking,” you will get the Check-in option

Step 6. Click on “Check-in” and follow all the instructions given in further processes.

After you are done press on “ok”

You will be done with the mobile procedure for check-ins.

Phone Check-In

Phone check-ins are the best way to make check-in facilities and provide the best ways to do check-ins. All you need to have is the registration number and nothing else. What you need to do is:

  1. Be prepared with your registration number
  2. Then get the phone number of the customer care(in your country) of Garuda Indonesia web check-in.
  3. Call their customer care and ask them to make your check-in
  4. They will ask for the registration number and your last name, provide them with that. And you are done.

City Check-In

City check-ins are the best and usually be available in the city airport itself. This will let you have some extra timing and let you stay out of the queue for no reason. This also lets you report directly to the boarding gate at least 30 minutes prior to the normal time. Not standing in the queue during the heavy times is why most of the people prefer city check-ins above all.

Gentle reminder: right now this facility is available only in Indonesia.

Kiosk Check-in

Garuda Indonesia also provides the check-in service as the Kiosk check-in service. You can get this service at airports after this:

  • Soekarno-Hatta Airport Jakarta (CGK)
  • Husein Sastranegara International Airport, Bandung (BDO)
  • Kualanamu Airport Medan (KNO)
  • Supadio International Airport, Pontianak (PNK)
  • Sultan Thaha Airport Jambi (DJB)
  • Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport, Palembang (PLM)
  • Juanda Airport Surabaya (SUB)
  • Depati Amir Airport, Pangkal Pinang (PGK)
  • Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport Pekanbaru (PKU)
  • Schiphol Airport Amsterdam (AMS)
  • Silangit International Airport, Tapanuli Utara (DTB)
  • Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport, Aceh (BTJ)

Airport Check-Ins

Airport check-in services are the best when you have no other option to go by. Remember that in every trip, tour, and travel we come across such a situation where we have no other options left, we are out of time or even out of town. In such a situation Airport check-in is always available round in the corner. Airport Check-ins can be done easily at any airport check-in counter. They are available for all – domestic as well as an international flight that you rely on.

Remember the Following:

  • Keep all your paper works up to date. Be it your passport or any other documents that you will need to be with you while check-in.
  • Keep yourself updated about the Check-in procedures and any sort of timing changes in the check-in process.

Garuda Indonesia Refund Policy

If the tour plan changes, you want to use it for a Garuda Indonesia cancellation or refund. Check all of the information about refunding in case your Garuda Indonesia flight is canceled.

Non-Refundable Ticket — If a passenger purchases a non-refundable ticket, the price may be deducted from the real price of the flight. The rest may be supplied inside the shape of a digital credit score that may be used to buy any other flight. 

Refund to protect the flight — the visitor desires to fill withinside the shape for unused insurance to shield the flight.

These are the subsequent info on refunds to discover greater approximately Garuda Indonesia Airlines’ respectable helpline quantity for a reimbursement policy.

How to apply for a refund for unused flight purchases?

  • If you need to use for money back for any unused flight which you have purchased, you have to observe the stairs below.
  • First of all, you want to fill out the shape to request the money back of the cash you want to use.
  • Check the perfect date and time for the reservation, then observe for a refund. Press the Continue button and observe the on-display screen commands to get money back immediately.

Garuda Indonesia Boarding Pass 

Do remember that the Garuda Indonesia Boarding closes according to the following timings for domestic and international flights:

  • 15 mins earlier than scheduled departure time for US home Garuda Indonesia flights
  • half-hour earlier than scheduled departure time for maximum global Garuda Indonesia flights to/from the US. Some non-US airports near boarding 60 mins earlier than the scheduled departure time. Check for specific details.

Now, here is how you can get the boarding pass of Garuda Indonesia web check-in from the suit of your home, office, work, or anywhere else (can be moon as well, if the moon has internet).

Step 1. Open your device (mobile, tab, website).

Step 2. Open your web browser and go to

Step 3. Click on the box/ link that says “Check-in”

Step 4. After you complete your “check-in” process, you will be automatically redirected/ prompt to print your boarding pass.

Disclaimer: We are not associated with any of the official airlines & not pretend any rights to it. All the logos, trademarks & copyright material belongs to their respective owners. All we have ensured the greatest possible care regarding the reliability & completeness of the information provided. However, doesn’t claim or guarantee their 100% accuracy. If you detect any omissions, errors, or changes that need to be done, please contact us.

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