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Virgin Australia Airlines Check-in Policy

Let’s have an idea about Virgin Australia Airlines check-in and baggage policy. Here you will get clear information about the check-in procedures and also about the baggage policy. Before that let’s have a look at the details of Virgin Australia airlines. Virgin Australia, the trade name for Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd, is a carrier based in Australia. It is the largest carrier to use the Virgin brand by armada scale.

Virgin Australia airlines
Virgin Australia Airlines Flight Check-in

Virgin Australia Airlines flight check-in options

There are mainly two types of check-in procedures available Online check and as well as airport check-in. Let us give you a brief description of each of those.

Online check-in

Registration for your flight online through the work area, tablet, or cell phone utilizing our Online Check-in entryway. Online Check-in will open 48 hours preceding your planned flight takeoff, and close 45 minutes earlier. You will get more details about seating arrangements here manage booking.

Steps for Check-in online for Virgin Australia Airlines

  • Firstly open the Official website of Virgin Australia Airlines in the browser.
  • If you are registered with Virgin Australia Airlines then log in with your credentials otherwise you can do it without sign-in.
  • Now you are on the home page of Virgin Australia where you will find the check-in tab in the menu, you have to click on that.
  • Now you are on the next page where you have to enter the booking reference number, last name, and departure airport.
  • This step helps to retrieve the ticket details for which you want to check in then click on continue.
  • Now you are eligible to check in and get a boarding pass online. But keep remembering in mind that your luggage weight should be under the recommended weight otherwise you have to pay extra money for that.
  • Download your boarding pass and save it on your mobile device for the print in the future. You can take a print from the kiosk available at the airport.

In case you’re flying from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, or Perth, kindly print your sack labels at our Self Check-in Kiosk prior to continuing to a pack drop. If you don’t mind dropping your bag in any event 45 minutes before your booked flight time.

Check-in using Alexa

Download the Amazon Alexa application from the App Store or Google Play store, to begin with, the Virgin Australia aptitude, at that point follow the steps.


Open the Amazon Alexa application and quest for Virgin Australia or visit the Amazon site. 


To Check-in by means of Alexa you need to incorporate our Velocity number in the booking and connection your speed account to Alexa. 


Alexa, request that Virgin Australia check me in.”

Airport check-in

Visitors who have booked with Special Service Requests or have global associations might be not able to utilize Kiosk Check-in. Upon landing in the air terminal, if you don’t mind, see Virgin Australia airlines staff to decide whether stand registration can be used for your booking or continue to our conventional registration counters. Our Kiosk Check-in offices are accessible at chosen homegrown air terminals. You can contact the customer service support team.

How can we use kiosks for self-check-in?


  • Utilizing your 6-letter booking reference, register at a stand to print your ticket and pack tag. 
  • Sweep your cell phone or ticket at a booth to print your bag tag.


  • Print a bag tag


  • Attach that tag in your bag    

We suggest you are handled in with packs dropped at any rate 45 minutes preceding your booked takeoff time. Registration will close 30 minutes before the flight and you won’t have the option to process your sacks after this time. 

On the off chance that you are interfacing with a worldwide flight, going in a huge gathering, or need extra support, we suggest that you are checked in an hour preceding your booked takeoff time. When arranging your landing in the air terminal please guarantee you permit sufficient opportunity to check-in. Inability to stick to registration times may bring about you failing to catch your plane and relinquishing the toll paid.

Virgin Australia airlines baggage policy

No single thing may exceed 32kg. See Cargo administrations for heavier things. Various things held together won’t be acknowledged as a solitary bit of stuff. See extra stuff charges that may apply. Checked things that aren’t going with a traveler and won’t be acknowledged. Unaccompanied stuff should be sent as Cargo. For Economy passages and bought checked things, things over 23kg will bring about expenses. In case you’re voyaging Economy with some additional weight, charges will apply at the air terminal to any piece over 23kg up to 32kg.

Expenses are charged at the air terminal upon the arrival of takeoff for each extra piece, per single direction venture (incorporates formal corresponding flights) as recorded beneath. 

   Leaving FromAt the Airport
AustraliaAUD 90
New Zealand                            NZD95
Solomon Islands                          SBD 480
Papua New Guinea                          PGK 200
Fiji                          FJD 130
Tonga                          TOP 135
Cook Islands                            NZD 95
Samoa                          WST 155
Vanuatu                            VUV 7000
Indonesia                        IDR 855,000
Expenses charged for extra piece of luggage

Overabundance stuff charges 

Overabundance things are charged per piece and can be pre-bought as extra pieces to the included remittances or bought by pieces at the air terminal at a higher rate. An overabundance of expenses charged at registration can be paid with Visa, money, and EFTPOS. We can’t ensure that extra things will be conveyed. This is at our sole watchfulness and is dependent upon airplane loads. 

Stuff stipend exemptions apply for those clients going with endorsed newborn child things and individual portability helps. Any remaining things including instruments (not going in an extra reserved seat) are weighed at registration and charged by their genuine weight.

Curiously large and delicate things

Larger than average things can be checked in, given everything doesn’t surpass their stuff weight stipend; else they will be accused of an overweight things charge. Everything ought to likewise not surpass 32kg in weight. Wheelchair/portability help is conveyed complimentary – whenever needed for individual use by a visitor booked to go on our administration. 

Homegrown Guests going with a kid (2–11 years of age) in our homegrown organization are qualified to convey 1 vehicle seat or promoter seat per kid as checked stuff gratis, independent of the weight. 

Curiously large stuff can be checked in, given each piece does not surpass 32kg in weight. Visitors with oversize stuff may call the Guest Contact Center on 13 67 89 preceding showing up at the air terminal.  Please disseminate weight similarly between packs when going with various bags. 

Wheelchairs and versatility helps 

Wheelchairs/portability help are conveyed complimentary when needed for individual use by visitors who are voyaging. 

Because of limitations in our airplane hold space, there is a cutoff on the measure of electric wheelchairs/portability allowed per flight. The greatest sum and measurements of electric wheelchairs/versatility help areas recorded beneath. All things should be appropriately bundled, so they don’t harm our airplane or visitor stuff.

Musical Instruments 

Visitors may take little instruments installed as lightweight things given that each instrument doesn’t surpass measurements of 85cm x 34cm x 23cm (complete direct measurements 142cm). As an illustration, in particular, numerous violins fit inside these measurements, while most guitars don’t. 

An instrument replaces one of the visitor’s bits of portable things (equal to a piece with absolute straight components of 105cm), and the weight tallies toward the visitor’s 7kg complete portable stipend. 

Visitors are approached to quantify their instruments prior to showing up at the air terminal. It is suggested that visitors board their airplane instantly to stow their instruments in overhead storage.

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