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Air France Reservation

Air France Reservation & Online Flight Ticket Booking Tips

Air France is quite an old airline company in France country who are flying since 1933. Air France has reported by the end of 2019 they have successfully served to fly over 93 countries all around the world in which 36 are domestic locations whereas 175 are international destinations. This is only possible due to their quality service and facilities given to their customers.

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If you are here to know the service given to the passengers of the Air France when they have Air France Reservation, whether it’s onboard service or service apart in the flight. Air France is too cooperative to their customers’ comfort. They are always conscious about the queries and issues that may be faced by any customers and let them solve when get complain.

By the end of June, Air France has started flying with 20% scheduled flights, which will increase in July by 35%, and by August it will be 40% schedule flights. Though Air France has only planed the flights till 31st August 2020.
You are permitted to make changes in flight tickets which are booked on 22 April or after that without any penalty charges for the same. It is to be remembered that scheduled flights are subject to change according to the orders of the Government on the basis of the COVID-19 situation.

Air France Reservation Services

Services which are given by Air France either it’s in the flight onboard or after booking service are all set up for the benefit of the customer or passengers’ satisfaction with Air France and make a booking again with Air France only. Service provided by them is done by considering their customer advantages and help with any issues which may give trouble.

In-flight Entertainment

On flights of Air France, there are many sources for entrainment onboard, which will make your journey enjoyable and bored-free. You can access the entertainment sources by any of the electronic devices like phone, tablet or laptop, etc. you have to connect with the wifi connection service present in the flight onboard Air France.

Wifi connection

When your flight has departed from the airport, you have to turn on the Aeroplan mode in your dive before that and you can on the wifi and connect with the network name Air France CONNECT. After that, you can open the Air France portal on your device you get connected with wifi on board.

You can use the wifi connection in 3 different options, you will get access to messaging your loved one by messaging platforms like WhatsApp, iMessage, and WeChat. You can surf over the browser for checking mail or anything related to your work.

Moreover, you will get an entertainment portal over the only available when you are on board from Air France where you will get to access multiple movies, music, variety games, and entertainment according to the kid use.

In-flight Meal

Yes, Air France provides email in-flight to make your hunger satisfy in the long journey to international locations. You would able to select from multiple food types of your choice. They serve meals in all the class and cabin in flight according to the departure time of the flight free of cost, but if you are not flying in the meal giving time then you can get beverage and snacks whenever you want by paying a cost for it in flights.

Food severed on-board of flight is fresh. The amount of meal given for free is more than enough for the normal person to make their hunger satisfy for a while. Apart from this, you can also have snacks and beverages optional present in-flight service.

Traveling seats

In the aircraft of Air France, they have divided the seating into 3 different ways. One with extra legroom, one is duo seats and the last one is Front section seats. These 3 seating in the flight has variant facility from one’s perspective. You can select your preferred seats in advance.

You can get extra legroom if you prefer to select seats with extra legroom. Whereas if you preferred duo seats which are two rows seats and in addition one passenger can seat beside your side. If you have a hurry at the arrival destination then prefer to select Front section seats which are quite close to the exit gate of the aircraft and become the first one to exit the gate.

People traveling with a companion usually select seats in advance even when they want to travel in the flight sitting beside the person traveling with you on the same flight. You will be asked the price for selecting the seat of your choice. Thus cost varies from the destination you are flying to and which date you have a flight and even whats the ticket select fare.

You can simply select seats or book one of your choices in advance or at the time of check-in. So at the time of booking your flight tickets, on the same time, you can do seat selection. But if want to select a seat after Air France Reservation, then you can go to the ‘My Booking’ option on the official site. You can pay for the same either by credit card or online payment or you can do so by using Flying Blue Miles or Blue Credits.

Traveling with Child

Air France is quite well concerned about the safety and comfort of the family and children. And thus rules set by them when traveling with an infant is only for the well-being of you and your child. So just follow those for the safety of your child only.

So a child of age below 2 years is only permitted to fly over the lap of their parents or an adult. But if you are carrying your baby in car eat then you have to book separate flight seats to make them travel in flight. Infant of fewer than 7 days of birth is strictly prohibited to make travel in flight. In short the infant of age, more than 7 days to 2 years are permitted to fly with a 90% discount on flight tickets.

Children traveling above the age of 2 years have to book separate flight tickets. They can either fly alone as a minor or can fly with an adult of a valid age. You will get the child discount of up to 33 % on the basis of flight duration or can say a distance of the flight haul.

Every adult passenger is permitted to let 2 infants along with you for the flight. Both the infant below 2 years, one has to sit on the lap, & for another one you have to book flight tickets with child fare. It’s been advice if your infant is ill then cancel the flight with them for the health safety of your child.

Flying being pregnant

Being pregnant makes you think whether Air France will permit in flight or not, then yes you are capable of flying in the flights of Air France without any hindrance. Air France will not ask a pregnant woman for medical approval from your doctor but will always suggest you get consulted with the doctor about flying in the flight.

Suggestion Air France always give to pregnant women:

  • Be in comfortable clothing with layers wearing on the flight journey.
  • For good blood circulation try to come up with compressed stockings in flight.
  • Make yourself comfortable with walking from time to time and try to select aisle seats so that seating and getting up may become easy for you.
  • Avoid having beverages rather than drink water as much as you can. And also avoid having a heavy meal in the flight journey being pregnant.
  • When you are tying your seat belt then do so below the abdomen so that it does not harm the baby inside.
  • Its been advised to avoid the flight after you have crossed 37 weeks of your pregnancy, so the safety of pregnant women and the baby both.
  • And the passenger’s women who had given birth to the baby 7 days back are also not permitted to fly in the flight.

Baggage allowance

It’s obvious that passengers coming for travel will come up with the luggage which is essential for them to travel with. So Air France allows Baggage but with some limits for each passenger for both carry-on bags & checked baggage.

Baggage allowance varies from which cabin you are traveling in onboard. When you have an economy class booking, then you are only allowed to take 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item of weight not more than 12 kgs. Whereas when you have a booking of Premium Economy, Business, or La Première cabins then you are permitted to take 2 carry-on bags and 1 personal item.

You have to store it in the space over the seat. So for that, your cabin baggage must be of a size which is set by Air France. So the dimensions of the carry-on bags are 55 x 35 x 25 cm / 21.7 x 13.8 x 9.9 inch and for personal/accessory items dimension of 40 x 30 x 15 cm / 16 x 12 x 6 inch which you can take into the cabin of your flight.

And when you exceed the size or the weight of the baggage then it will be transit in the baggage hold as checked baggage. Though the number of baggage allowed to check-in for each passenger will depend on the cabin you have a booking for, a fare of the Air France Reservation tickets, or by the status of the Flying Blue or simplify if you are a member of the frequent flyer.

So when you have a booking in Economy class then you are allowed to check-in 1 baggage of 23 kgs whereas having Premium Economy, Business class flight booking, then you are allowed to bring 2 baggage for check-in but the weight of baggage for booking in Premium Econom then 23 kgs each and having tickets in the Business cabin then permitted to have weight up to 32 kgs each.

And if you have a booking in a La Premiere class then you are permitted to take 3 baggage of 32 kgs each. And in addition, if you are a member or applying Flying Blue in your Air France reservation of flight tickets then you are allowed to take one more additional baggage of 23kgs or 32 kgs depending on the cabin you have a reservation to fly.

Air France Covid Policy

Air France cares about the health and safety of everyone, so have come up with some policies to make your travel safer.

Safety measures

  • Wearing a surgical mask is mandatory before, during, and after the flight. 
  • Hand sanitizers are available during your journey at the airport and in flight.
  • Your body temperature is checked by the staff in order to be sure that you are healthy.
  • Plexiglas protective screens cover the surfaces and are disinfected regularly.
  • You are requested to maintain social distancing at every point of your travel.
  • To avoid the crowd and save your time, please check in on the website or the app.
  • Magazines and newspapers on the flight are not provided, you can download your favorite press to read on the flight. 
  • You will need to fill some forms at the time of boarding, carry a pen with you.
  • Carry your sanitizers, masks, tissues with you. These things will be available for you by the staff but we recommend you to carry them with you for your safety.
  • The flights have filters installed which will keep the air clean. 
  • Deep cleaning of the flights is done regularly, cleaning every space like, seats, carpets, surfaces are cleaned. 
  • Some food services are temporarily closed while the airlines are adapting their food services which are properly wrapped.

Refund of tickets

  • You can get your bookings rescheduled without any extra fees, but if the new booking price is higher you will have to pay the difference.
  • You can get a refund of your canceled flight but if it was non-refundable you will get the voucher which can be redeemed at a specific time. 

Travel Requirement

  • Some countries require Covid negative reports or quarantine for some days, every destination has its own specifications. 
  • Do check those requirements before traveling.
  • The rules are subject to change anytime, be updated with them. 

Air France Airlines are trying to improve their facilities each day to serve you better. 

The airline policies get updated regularly, don’t forget to check them out before leaving.

Pet Policy

Pet are also permitted to travel in-cabin as well as can be transit in the hold of the aircraft. But to make your pet move to some other country had to go through many sets of guidelines and restrictions under Air France Pet policy for the safe and hassle-free journey of you and your pet.

So when your pet is small in size and up to the weight of 8 kgs or less, your pet is permitted to carry on along with you in the cabin. You have to keep them locked in the closed container, And the container must be is such size which gets fit under the passenger seat in front of you. The standard dimensions of the container set by Air France for in-cabin travel are 46 x 28 x 24 cm / 18 x 11 x 9 inches.

And when the weight of the pet exceeds 8 kgs and limits up to 75 kgs, i.e a quite big size pet is strictly transported in the baggage compartment hold of the same aircraft in which you are flying. You have to lock your pet in the strong spacious enough pet carriage so that they can not break and get out easily and feel comfortable inside the container.

So if you have one such plan to take your pet along with you then contact the Air France customer care and inform for the same in advance before your flight schedule. Or you can inform and book tickets for pets along with you at the same time when you book yours. But remember you have to book your pet transport by telephone by calling the customer support team.


So there are many times you would like to talk directly to the person regarding the issue you want to solve by the Air France, And thus Air France Customer care center is there whom you can get in touch with through many sources like by calling, by email or by directly post to the address. 

Phone number

You will get numerous phone numbers regarding the Air France customer center, the most general one is +1800 419 2033. 

For Air France reservation of flight tickets, you can call the reservation customer center on +1 800 667-2747.

Though Air France is getting many phone calls that they are not able to handle, thus they have for a short time switched off the calling service and requested to fill your query in the form regarding any service related to the Air France reservation.

Email Id

You can even contact the customer care center by mailing at email id:


Apart from the above source fail to contact then you can post them over their registered valid address in France to get your complaint and suggestion to them directly. So address to post is:

45, rue de Paris
95 747 Roissy CDG Cedex

Social Media

Air France airline is on many social media platforms and they actively participate and react to the response you gave to their post. They actively feed the information through the help of these social media handles.  

You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate for any airways, special discount, offers, and last minutes unpublished deals which are only on calls.

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