AirAsia Airlines Reservations

AirAsia Reservation & Online Flight Ticket Booking Tips

AirAsia airlines is a not-so-old company, as it has been flying since 1993. It’s basically a Malaysian-based airline which had a remarkable review about ist flight and service given to their passengers wither its in-flight or any queries to be solved for the satisfactory journey or experience with Air Asia.

We are giving you all the information related to AirAsia airlines, but in case you are unable to reserve your ticket you can call us on +1-800-831-1547 or you can buy their services directly by going to our homepage. Check out to know more.

Air Asia is known to be one of the world’s best airlines with low-cost airfare. This is only possible as the number of passengers flying with Air Asia is increasing year by year. As airlines have gained the faith of their customers over the years. They have yet flown to 25 different countries with 165 destinations in total.

You will have a chance to change the ticket date without any changing fees and the changing date must be within 30 October 2021, not after that. Or you can change the amount into credit in your account which can be used in new bookings for up to 730 days after it gets issued.

You can redeem the refund on the basis of the category whether the scheduled flight has been canceled by Air Asia or by the customer itself for the COVID-19 reason.

Canceled by the Air Asia:

If your flight schedule date is between 23rd March to 31st August2022 and it’s been canceled by Air Asia, then you will be informed by SMS or through your registered Email or what so the contact number you have given to Air Asia to contact you.

Canceled by passengers:

You are capable of getting flight ticket fare amount, if your flight booking has been before 30 June 2020 or the departing date is 30 June 2020 or before it, And you have canceled it due to the Covid-19 reason, then you can redeem the value of the ticket either by credit in the account or by making the change in date of the ticket free of cost.

You have to request for a refund by the AVA, thus the steps to request for both criteria of cancelation of tickets:

  • In the main menu of AVA, you have to click on the “COVID Flight Changes” option.
  • Then you have to select from two options, one is “AirAsia canceled My Flight” and the second one is “I want to change/cancel my flight”.
  • After this, you have to select the way you want to get back your ticket value, so you have to select from “Credit Account” or “Move Flight” options.
  • And after that, follow the afterward procedure set by AVA.

AirAsia Reservation Services

AirAsia always makes sure the comfort and satisfactory service is given to the passengers or customers whether they are with AirAsia in flight or apart from them. They give concern about the problems and queries of the customers so that they come back to AirAsia for booking with full satisfaction.

In-flight Meal

You might feel hungry in between your flight journey. So keeping this in mind Air Asia has a facility to serve meals in-flight of your journey. And in-flight you will get a wide variety of options on the menu including Asian, international, and vegetarian for everyone to be chosen.

Air Asian has many meal combos with great offered prices. From the multiple options available in the food menu, pick up your favorite, and have it hot fresh served in the seat of your flight served by the attendant present at the cabin.

You have to do pre-booking for your meal. You can do so at the time of booking for your flight tickets or you can book your flight meal over the My Booking option over the official site of Air Asia by log-in in to your account. You can do pre-booking of flight meals 24 hours before your scheduled flight timings.

It has to remark that Air Asia does not accept any changes or cancelation of flight meals prior to 24 hours of your departing timing and flights of some selected destinations need at least 48 hours for making changing in-flight meals.

In addition to the pre-booked meal, you will get a complimentary drink on your flight journey for free. Get to have look over meals and dishes you may get in-flight and pre-booking according to it. Click Here.

Inflight  entertainment

Air Asia had looked over the entertainment of their passengers when they are flying in the flight whether its long or short hours journey. You would be able to read some amazing magazines and regular newspapers.

Apart from that from the last few years back, they gave introduced the Xcite Inflight Entertainment device which is actually a Huawei Mediapad 2. It’s an HD device with a wide display of 10.1”, not only this, this device is installed with a Harman Kardon audio technology which gives you the best sound quality with a headset.

Features of Xcite IFE:

  • You will get to access quite a varied range of content to make your journey hours quite interesting and enjoyable.
  • The device has a quality touch sensitivity with good sound technology.
  • This entertainment device has content related to 5 different languages which are English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese.
  • The device has some quite blockbuster Hollywood movies, local movies, or other international movies or TV shows & serials.
  • Apart from the video, you can also access the good collection of Music which will make feel relax and happy.
  • In addition, you can even get to play games if you want, both for adult and kids type games are available on the device.
  • You can even browse any magazines to read.
  • In the AirAsia BIG Duty-Free catalog you can have a look over and if want shop later.

So, for now, you can even pre-book on the Air Asia X flights to get access to the Xcite IFE device. But if you are traveling to or from Auckland, Jeddah, and Kathmandu, you will not get this available on those flights.

Baggage Allowance

It’s obvious that you will travel with a number of baggage when you are traveling somewhere, So Air Asia has set the limits of baggage by the baggage count, size and weight, So that passengers do come up with lots of luggage which lead to cover more space in hold compartment of the aircraft and other co-passengers luggage do not get space to transit.

AirAsia permits to keep some baggage along with you in-cabin whereas some of them which are big for overseas space, are sent to hold compartment of the same aircraft you are flying.

In-cabin Baggage

So for in-cabin baggage allowance, each passenger is permitted to carry 2 baggage in the cabin along with them. It can be either 1 cabin baggage or 1 laptop bag or 1 handbag or 1 small bag. Among these types, one of the cabin baggage you have to keep over seats space and another one under the passenger seat in front of you.

You have to keep in mind that, both items of baggage must not exceed the weight of 7 kgs together. And one which you have to keep in over seat space dimensions of height, width, and length must not exceed more than 56cm (H) X 36cm (W) X 23cm (D) and the one which you want to keep under the seat must be more than 40cm (H) X 30cm (W) X 10cm (L).

Checked Baggage

And for checked baggage allowance, AirAsia usually accepts up to 15 kgs of weight limits for the baggage as a checked one in the domestic flight which can be extended to 20 kgs, 25 kgs, 30 kgs, 40 kgs which will be accepted under some over-weight fees charged by AirAsia.

When you are flying to the United States, you have to do pre-booking for each item you would let go as checked baggage is permitted to 1 baggage of up to 20 kgs whereas when booking for 2 pieces of baggage to take along with you as checked baggage then weight must be within 20 kgs for every 2 pieces of luggage.

Pet policy

Air Asia does not allow pets in the cabin or in the hold of the aircraft. Only in i5 flights of AirAsia India and DJ flights of AirAsia Japan are allowed to travel pets in the cabin. Apart from domestic doga or cats, service or guide dogs are permitted to fly in the flight under many guidelines and rules and regulations set by AirAsia.

Not only this you also have to look over the regulation or instructions for pet transport to the destination you are flying to. So that your pet entry and exit become smooth without any humper.

Instructions for pregnant women

Yes, pregnant women are allowed to travel in the AirAsia Aircraft till she is in their 27 weeks of pregnancy. But after that over your pregnancy period between 28 to 37 weeks, you have to place a medical clearance from your doctor that you are fit to travel in the air to other lands.

In the medical document, the doctor must mention the pregnancy week you have stepped in and your & your baby’s health condition. You must issue this medical certificate within 30 days from both the inbound and outbound flights scheduled according to your flight booking.

Being pregnant you have to sign a document by AirAsia at the time of check-in which is AirAsia Limited Liability Statement. It’s basically because AirAsia has liability if anything happened to the pregnant gusset out there in flight.

It has to be informed to the customers by AirAsia is that pregnant women with a pregnancy period of 35 weeks are strictly prohibited from traveling in flights of AirAsia.

Traveling with child/Infant

An age of more than 8 days till the age of 2 years is considered to be an infant by AirAsia. They can fly over the lap of an adult with whom they have been accommodating. And only one infant over the lap with an adult passenger is permitted.

As AirAsia has limited safety seat bets for infant child-size, that’s why you have to book your infant flight reservation in advance as early as possible. Flight booking of the infant has cost some basic infant travel fees, click on the link to know the fee schedule for the child flight travel.

It’s been suggested that when traveling with an infant, keep some toys to make them engaged with them. Carry enough food and feed them over a short period of time, and especially at the time of take-off and landing.

Online Check-in

AirAsia provides the facility of online chdck0in to save your time to stand in a long queue for check-in. So to check-in online for your scheduled flight in advance of 7 days prior from flight date till a maximum of 4 hours from the scheduled time of flight.

Not only this, but you can even check in your baggage online and come up with the boarding pass printed from your home. Only you have to submit your baggage to AirAsia at the airport. Once you have done with the check-in airlines can not charge you any fees for boarding your reserved flight.

AirAsia Covid Policy

This Coronavirus pandemic had made us all realize that what is the most important thing in life. It is life itself, that’s when we know what we actually need and how we can get that. The uncertainty in travel is why we all need to know about the policy changes that have been already done by these airlines and what are the4 changes and if these changes can actually affect us in any way. Also, what are there ways of keeping us safe?


AirAsia is working closely with regulators, local governments, civil aviation, and health authorities while adhering to their expert advice.

Before traveling, we ask all guests to adhere to the following important travel advice:

First, make sure you are eligible to travel before booking any flights. All AirAsia passengers must wear masks before, during, and after the flight, including during check-in procedures and checked baggage. Guests will be able to carry one (1) cabin baggage, the size of which does not exceed 56cm (H) x 36cm (W) x 23cm (D) or a maximum linear length of 115cm, and must be packed in the overhead storage box of the cabin, and One (1) laptop bag or one (1) small bag, its size must not exceed 40cm (H) x 30cm (W) x 10cm (D) or a maximum linear length of 80cm and must fit under the seat in front of you. Please arrive at the airport early-preferably 3 hours before departure to allow enough time for all necessary procedures.

Are you eligible to travel?

For Malaysians, please make sure you are eligible for travel. We also encourage you to download and activate the MySejahtera app, which can conduct health self-assessment and health monitoring throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

Arrive at the airport early

Arrive 3 hours before departure to allow enough time for all necessary procedures.

Book hot meals online

In-flight hot meals are only available when you book a meal online, as you will not be able to purchase in-flight hot meals. Please order meals at least 24 hours before your travel.

As usual, packaged snacks such as potato chips, nuts, and chocolate, as well as canned or bottled beverages will be provided.

On-Board The Flight Policy

Face mask

All guests are required to wear masks before boarding, during flight, and at baggage claim.

Cabin Baggage

Effective 7 July 2020, guests are allowed two (2) pieces of cabin baggage not exceeding a total of 7kg in weight.

Food Safety

Onboard meals are made in accordance with food safety standards. Food and beverage service will be handled using gloves.

Crew Hygiene Standards

All crew will be practicing proper hygiene standards including hand sanitization and wearing masks and gloves.


Here’s what the safety cleaning measures Air Asia is taking for its passengers safety:

Aircraft cleaning

Every night stop, our aircraft undergoes a 2-hour disinfection process using cleaning agents approved by the Public Health Authority and the aircraft manufacturer.

Cabin Sterilisation

Before each flight, the aircraft is sprayed with an aerosol disinfectant.

HEPA Air Filters

All our aircraft are equipped with HEPA filters, normally used in hospitals, which filter out particles and airborne contaminants such as viruses and bacteria.

Contact AirAsia

There are many sources of connection to get in touch with AirAsia’s official customer support team with your queries and feedback. So you can call them, mail them or simply do a post over their registered address. You will surely get a solution to your problem from AirAsia

Call no.:

You will get phone number from the link region wise:


Instead of mail, they have e-from,, where you can fill with the query or complaint or question for which you want answer or solution.


RedQ, Jalan Pekeliling 5,
Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (klia2),
64000 KLIA,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Apart from all these, want to submit any complaint or suggestion, AirAsia has a chatbox named “Chat with AVA” which available on the site or mobile app of AirAsia on the right bottom corner. From here you will get directly responds to your queries and even act on the complaint you register regarding AirAsia.

Social Media 

AirAsia claims that they are active and responsive if anybody is contacting them through the social media handle that they run their account on. And the social media they have an account are: