Brussels Airlines Reservation

Brussels Airlines is not a quite old company, it been set up in 2006 and by then till now, it has antique the air flyer industry by becoming Belgium’s largest airline company. Over these years they have managed to fly to 100 different international as well as domestic destinations.

This is only possible by the good service of the airlines whether it’s on the ground or onboard. Thus Brussels Airlines’ reservation service is quite good and comforting for which they have to achieve success in this short time span.

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As all were aware of the pandemic going on over the world. And due to this, almost every country’s government has forced to cancel all the flights scheduled to fly over any other destination or flight landing to the country. It’s done to stop the spreading of coronavirus among peoples.
So Brussels Airlines also does according to the order of government and cancel all the schedule flight done by them to or from any country. So many people had been asking what about their booking which has been canceled or what about their canceled ticket fare, where they will get a refund or not or get any travel voucher or they can rebook or not.

So yes Brussels Airlines has been giving a refund of your canceled ticket due to the Covid-19 and even rebook for new tickets. So in rebooking, you can change your date of flight, a destination to fly, and even the arrival destination & date. But this rebook scheme of the tickets which has been cancel due to the Covid-19 will be applicable till 31 December 2020.

And a benefit for those who will book their flight tickets with flying date om or before 31st December of 2020, then you will get an additional 50€ discount in their flight ticket fare. But even if you have booked in 2020 to travel in 2021, it’s ok but you ave to inform Brussels Airlines.

You can even ask for a refund of your tickets which are been canceled either by you or by Brussels Airlines. You have to apply for a refund online by filling the form for the same on this link

Brussels Airlines Reservation in-flight service

Brussels Airlines Reservation

In-flight service for the Brussels Airleisn reservation of your booking is quite good and comforting. Below we have described some of the in-flight services.

In-flight meal

Yes, Brussels Airlines serve in-flight meal service. You will not get a hungry over Brussels Airlines flight as they have multiple food options in flight. Apart from eateries, you can even sip to hot coffee or any soft drink or beverages in flight. The flight which are been flying within Europe has a different food meal list from the flight which are been flying internationally.

So to satisfy the craving of food inflight they have multiple options on snacks. Sandwiches, healthy salads, different beverages. All these are freshly made and served on board, though the menu may change with the location you are from or to.

And if you are flying in Bizz&Class of Brussels Airlines, then you will get a change in your food meal with a gourmet type food menu. So the facility to serve food will also be different from other classes. So the experience you may get will be:

  • On request, you will get Champagne on request
  • Your gourmet meal will be served on the tray.
  • The benefit of getting unlimited food choices from the menu issue for the particular flight.
  • You will get a complimentary drink which can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic both.

So this is only applicable on long haul flight whereas flight journey in Brizz&Class of less than 1 hour will get a Tapas tray for a meal in flight.

In-flight entertainment

So for entertainment in the Brussels Airlines flight, you will get is of a wide range. From the audio to videos with multiple choice of movies, series & documents. Every passenger will get a personnel screen which is attracted to the backside of the seat in front of you.

You will even get blockbuster movies which are been recently launched. Apart from the video section, you can also get access to the audio section where you can get to listen to every joner of music which will overwhelm your heart and make your time in the flight enjoyable.

In both the flight where its small distanced flight or long haul flight, you can get this personal screen aircraft to make you time spent in flight more enjoyable and entertaining. Brussels Airlines in advance selects a monthly program for entertainment which you can even know before your flight. Have a look over the monthly selection done by Brussels Airlines.

Apart from all these passengers who love to read also can get to have some magazines which are been changed every month. So the magazine you will get is b.inspired, and it will be kept on the backside of the seat in a pocket of every flight.

So in the magazine, you will get entertaining news and information related to people, culture, food, fashion, travel, and business. So if you want to know more about the magazine you can check that online. Apart from this on the screen, you can even download your favorite newspaper.

Baggage Allowance

Baggage allowance for the passengers flying with Brussels Airlines is distributed in two one as a baggage in-cabin whereas the other one is as checked baggage. But they have set some limits on the acceptance of the baggage to take along with you to the aerial destination.

So Brussels airlines have a calculator which helps you to determine baggage count which will be allowed to take along with you whether is a free baggage allowance or its extra baggage. So for baggage calculation, link on the link.

In-cabin Baggage:

So when you are boarding in-cabin, you are permitted to take 2 items along with you, one is a handbag, and the second one is personal luggage. Though the travel class of your booked ticket will decide how many handbags and personal item luggage you will be permitted to take along with you.

So when you have a booking in Economy class then you re permitted to carry 1 handbag and 1 personal item, whereas when you have booked your tickets in Business class then you are allowed to take 2 handbags and 1 personal item in-cabin along with you.

So there is a limit also on the weight and size of the baggage carried in-cabin. Weight of handbag 7 personal items together must be 12 kgs when flying in economy class. And in the business class total weight of handbags & personnel items must be 16 kgs.

So the dimension of your handbag must not exceed 55cm as length x 40cm as height x 23cm as width. You have to place this handbag over the passenger’s seat at the cabinet.

Whereas personal items like any handbag, briefcase, laptop bag, or a camera bag whose dimensions must be maximum of 40cm as length x 30cm as width x 10cm height. You have to keep them under the passenger seat in front of you. 

Checked baggage:

Your checked baggage allowance will depend on your booked tickets travel class, route on which you will be flying, and frequent flyer status. So checked baggage are those which will be transit in the baggage hold compartment of the same aircraft you are flying in.

Apart from this, there are certain limitations on the weight and size of your luggage which you are sending as checked baggage. So the maximum weight of the baggage must be 32 kgs in total as 23 kgs as a standard allowance for the checked baggage and 9 kgs if get overweighted. So this standard weight allowance of checked baggage is free for the business class. 

If you want to exceed the baggage count then also you are permitted to carry up to a maximum of 5 number of checked baggage. For excess baggage as checked baggage, you have to pay for the same.

So if you are in long haul flight which must be connecting flight, then you do not have to worry about the checked baggage to transfer from one flight to another, it totally on Brussels airlines duty to look over this. You can comfortably shift to your connecting flight without worry about your checked baggage.

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Pet policy

With Brussels Airlines, you can make your travel on the flight along with you wherever you are going. Only you have to follow some instructions and rules to get approval for pet travel and Brussel Airlines pet policy.

You can make your pet travel along with you in-cabin or Brussels Airlines can transit your pet by traveling in the hold of the same aircraft or carry as in cargo service of the Brussels Airlines.

So your pet size and weight along with the pet breed decide by which way your pet will travel. If your pet is of any breed of cat and dogs whose weight is not more than 8 kgs which also includes the carriage in which they will be locked to travel, then your pet is applicable for in-cabin travel along with you.

Apart from the normal pet of 8kgs included pet carrier, if your pet is a guide pet or emotional support pet then also without restriction on size and weight your pet can travel in-cabin of the same flight you are traveling in beside you.

And when your pet weight along with the container exceeds 8 kgs then you have to send you pet to travel in the baggage hold of the same aircraft you re flying in. In hold pet carrier, Brussels Airlines do not have any limitations on weight and size of your pet. But pet must be one of the breeds of cats or dogs but nit apart them. 

And when your pet is other than cats or dogs, like Rodents, Rabbits, Fish, Birds, or any other wild animals whose weight is more than 8 kgs. Your pet must be up to the norms and rules of IATA live animal regulations.

Travel with infant/ child

It’s quite safe for the infant to travel in the flight of Brussels airlines. So in your infant from the 7th day of birth till the 2-year-old child is considered to be an infant and are permitted to fly accommodate with their parents or any adult as a guardian. Till the age of 2 years, your child can not take a separate seat and have to travel sitting over the lap of their parent or any adult with whom they are traveling.

Apart from it, your baby should be healthy and must not feel ill over the flight. It also prohibited that every adult passenger is permitted to take only 1 child over the lap in their flight journey. You have to book flight tickets for your infant thought, which is exactly 10% of the adult fare.

When your child crosses the age of 2 years then you have to book their separate seat in the Brussel airline aircraft. So for your child when started occupying the seat, then Brussels Airlines has some benefit for you with children ticket fare.

So the child age bar is from the age of 2 to 11 years old. This age group is applicable only for child fare tickets whereas after that same as adult fare is applied in your tickets. Just try to book your child seat in the same cabin and in the same row beside you, so that you can take care of the child and can look over them.

Pregnancy policy

Brussels Airlines accept pregnant women in their flight with full safety and measures, though a pregnant woman must take care of themself in the flight journey with all the precaution they can take.

So according to Brussels Airleins, they allow a woman with the pregnancy of 36 weeks or 4 weeks from the expected date of baby delivery. And they must be quite fit and healthy to travel on the flight.

But if you reached the period of 37 weeks of pregnancy then you are not permitted unless and until you place any medical fitness certificate or document to Brussels Airlines. Especially when traveling in the routes of European countries.

So once Brussels airlines will approve your medical certificate then after you are permitted to fly even if you are in your last trimester of pregnancy. So in the medical certificate, it’s mandatory to mention that:

  • You do not have any complications in your pregnancy.
  • The expected date of the baby delivery must be mention.
  • And confirming that flying will not harm the pregnancy of the woman who wants to travel.

This medical clearance is needed from the period when you entered 28 weeks of your pregnancy until the 34 weeks of pregnancy. So the medical certificate must be issued within 72 hours from the time of flight departure.

So it has to inform you that your medical certificate or document must be issued by any qualified doctor and this certificate will get clearance from the Medical Assistance Service Team of Brussels Airlines.

And without clearance of medical fitness, Brussels Airlines will not permit any pregnant women to fly in the flight due to their safety concert only. So to contact Medical Assistance Co-ordination Service you can:

So you can get to connect with them from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm and on holidays or Saturday & Sunday they are available from 9 am to 1 pm.


So to get more information regarding Brussels Airlines, you must get in contact with the Brussels Airlines customer care support team. Apart from getting knowledge, you can even get in touch with them if you want to get any of your queries solved. So below you will get some of the contact sources to get in touch with them directly.

Phone number

So you can get to talk to customer care of Brussels directly by calling them. You will define]tly get a solution to your problem. So the number by which you can contact them is available for you 24*7 of the year and the phone number you have to dial is:
1800 102 5838

Email Id

Apart from calling you can even get connected with them by sending them a mail on their email id:


So you can even send a letter or your queries and complex in written on Brussels Airline registered address:

Brussels Airlines SA/NV – 100-102,
Avenue des Saisons,
box 30, 1050 Brussels,

Social Media

Brussels Airlines has also been handling Social media platforms actively. They give updates from their social media handle also. And if you want to reach out to them by their social media then yes they are giving response to you by them also. So the social media platform where they have an account are:

You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate, last minutes unpublished call only deals, and discount on your flight booking with us.

Brussels Airlines Covid Policies

Be assured with Brussels Airlines as they are working to guarantee safety to you and your employees.

Safety measures

There are some measures for you to take care of while traveling with the airlines and some measures that the airlines take for you to be safe. Let’s have a look at both of them.

  • The Airlines request you to re-book your flight if you or someone traveling with you is not well.
  • You are requested to bring your own face masks with you which cover your nose and mouth properly.
  • Passengers above the age of 6 are mandatory to wear a face mask while traveling.
  • There are covid test centers set up for you at the Brussels airport right before the departure gates. You can get yourself tested there and get your reports but you will have to get to the airport early as it will take some time. 
  • Every county has there own travel restrictions, please make sure to check them out.
  • Please update your contact details while booking the flights so that it is easy for you as well as the airlines to inform you about any updates.
  • No meeting or greeting allowed at the airport, only people traveling with a valid ticket of the same day will be allowed.
  • Please check in online to maintain social distancing at the airport and get your boarding pass before arriving at the airport. The check-in option opens 24 hours prior to your flight. 
  • The Brussels lounges are closed temporarily.
  • Hand sanitizers at various places at the airport are available.
  • The surfaces of the airport the as the flights are cleaned regularly
  • Boarding and deboarding will happen according to the row in order to maintain social distancing.
  • In-flight services like getting magazines, towels, or purchasing your meals are temporarily on halt. 


  • If you want to cancel or re-book your flight, you can do it without any extra cost, because the airlines want to provide you with full flexibility in these times.
  • You can get a refund or put your ticket on hold till 31st August 2021.

Give all your worries to Brussels airlines and you travel worry-free.