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China Airlines Reservation, flights & Ticket Booking Tips

China Airlines is an air carrier of hong kong which has been set up in 1959. They have been flying over more than 1000 flights per week by managing to travel more than 100 countries in the world.

By the service of China AIlriens reservation, they have secured 10th position in the world for the biggest covered flying airlines. This is only possible by their dedicated service for their customers and passengers to make their flight journey comfortable and satisfactory.

We are trying here to give you out all the information related to the reservation of China Airlines and in case you still are having problems while making the reservation with them, you can call us directly on +1-800-831-1547 our call center executives will be happy to help you out and you can also contact us on and we will be

You can even make changes when you are reissuing your cancelled tickets. You have to call the China Airlines customer care center or check out the China Airline’s website before you go to the counter on CI for reissuing or rechanging tickets.

And you can even ask for a refund from the airlines. You will get a full refund for the unused tickets,  refund charges will be waived if your ticket is partially used. And if you have purchased extra seats or paid for excess baggage allowance, these service charges will be fully refunded to the passengers.

And if you have purchased your tickets by Ci or by calling, then a refund will also be asked the same way. And if you have booked group flight tickets by broker or 3rd party, then contact them directly for a refund.

China Airlines Reservation in-flight service

China Airlines reservations

As China Airlines is quite an old air carrier, so the service provided by China Airlines’ reservation whether you are in flight or on the ground is just outstanding. They sunder the needs of their customers and work according to their convenience.

Inflight meal:

China Airlines is preparing for the post-quarantine period by making adjustments to its inflight meal service across all cabins and routes. The Taiwanese airline continues to adhere to the regulations issued by Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center and making “quarantine prevention” its overriding priority.

Starting from July 6, “One Tray hot meals” will be served on flights of three hours or more departing from or arriving at Taipei.

Sandwich boxes will continue to be provided for flights of three hours or less, while only bottled water will be provided in all cabin classes on return flights on all China and Hong Kong routes. All the cutlery is a single-use disposable product.

In the business Class, travelers will be able to choose from the four different mains online. For the business class passenger, the flight authority is served “One Tray hot meals”, to the welcome beverage for Business Class will also be switched from the existing juice served in glasses to bottled all-natural ‘high-pressure processed’ fruit and vegetable juice in the same month.

The airline will continue to provide passengers with a “sandwich box” on flights of 3 hours or less, and it provides the bottled water only that will be provided in all passenger cabin classes on return flights between China and Taiwan, including Hong Kong airport.

China Airlines has adopted a “single tray, single main course, no table cloth, and no beverage menu” policy for all cabin classes. All cutlery is a single-use disposable product.

The hot meal has only one single choice of the main course, usually chicken. This may be expanded to include pork, beef, seafood, and vegetarian options for Business Class on flights departing from Taipei in August. Business Class travelers will be able to choose from the four different mains online.

For Economy Passengers Policy

  • Salt Baked Chicken Rice with Green Onion
  • Ginger Sauce with ginger onion
  • Rice wine, chicken as raw materials 
  • The flavor is rich and attractive
  • The bone and meat are delicious
  • Fried Beef Rice with beef
  • Green hot peppers
  • Red hot peppers as raw materials
  • Taste delicious and very attractive
  • Hainan Chicken Rice
  • Plain Chicken in Wenchang
  • Cooked rice with chicken oil (Wenchang Chicken Oil Rice) in Hainan.
  • Fried Pork Rice with Potherb mustard
  • Nutrition is rich in Potherb mustard
  • Taste fresh and brittle after curing crisp
  • Slightly sour
  • The perfect meal collocation with minced meat

Inflight entertainment:

Inflight entertainment service is easily accessed on the flight of China Airlines. You can use your personal device or can look over the movies available in the entertainment screen fit over the back of every passenger seat.

Apart from this, you can even get to have wifi connection on board, which you can use to get in touch with the social media platform or get to know all the news by accessing the search engine in your flight journey.

So the video screen you will get in-flight of China Airlines is of two types basically. One is the on-demand system and the second one is the big-screen system. So a big-screen system is actually available in 738 plane models of China Airlines.

But the on-demand system will be available in rest other aircraft, on which you can get to see from about 125 different jokers of movies. Though videos and movies available will differ from the time duration of your flight journey.

So if you are a reader, then for you also China Airlines has arranged magazine, which has been kept on the backside of the passenger seat. The name of the magazine is “Dynasty” which has been awarded as Excellence for magazines and periodicals since 2016 till now.

You will get duty-free items for your purchase in the magazine itself. Though you can select the item you want to purchase onboard in advance by e-shopping on the web.

Baggage allowance:

The free baggage allowance policy for every passenger will vary from each class you are flying in. So before the day, you get bored in you should get to know what is the free baggage allowance permitted to the respected class in the flight of China airlines.

Though the baggage allowance is of different type some are for in-cabin, some are hand baggage and some are named as checked baggage which is sent in the hold of the same flight you will be flying.

In-cabin baggage:

So for every travel class of China Airlines flight, you are permitted to carry only one piece of the bag in-cabin. Its size has been restricted by 56 cm in length, 36 cm in width, and 23 cm in height. And the weight of the bag must not exceed 7 kgs. This cabin baggage must be placed under the seat of the passenger or compartment space over the passenger seats in the flight. 

So bag which you are about to take as cabin baggage, you to make your baggage check at the check-in counter or boarding gate. They will match up with all the measurements and weight of the cabin bag to allow to take inside the cabin, in case if the size or weight exceed ten it will be sent checked baggage and if it also exceeds the measurements of free checked baggage then you have to pay accordingly for the excess baggage.

  • Handbag or wallet
  • A small camera and/or pair of binoculars
  • Some of the duty-free items
  • Umbrella
  • Laptop computer
  • Infant’s napkins, feeding bottle, and food for consumption in flight
  • A reasonable amount of reading material
  • Food for consumption in flight contained in disposable packaging

Checked baggage:

As checked baggage free allowance is totally dependent on the travel class in which you have tickets. Your travel class will determine the number of baggage permitted and the weight measures will also get differ from the class.

So when you have an Economy class ticket then you will be permitted to take 2 pieces of baggage for free that must weigh around 30 kgs in total and one bag can be 23 kgs.

If you are having Premium Economy class tickets then also you can take up to 2 checked baggage whose total weight must be within 35 kgs whereas one of the baggage must not exceed a weight of 28 kgs.

When you have tickets in Business class then you are allowed to carry 2 pieces of checked baggage whose weight must be maximum 40 kgs in total and one of the bags must not exceed 32 kgs of weight.

Pet policy:

China Airlines permit the pet to transit from one country to others with you. But not permitted to travel in-cabin but as checked baggage, in a holding compartment of the same aircraft, you will be flying. There are some rules and regulations for traveling pets in flight under the China Airlines pet policy which you must follow.

Pet when traveling in the flight has to keep locked in the closed strong container which can not be breakable easily. And the weight of the pet including the container must not be exceeding 14kgs. And when you are flying to American states or Canada, then pets’ weight must not exceed 9 kgs whereas if the age of the pet is more then 6 month there is no weight restriction.

Whereas the minimum age of your pet must not be less than 10 weeks old which is considered to be a pre-adult pet Pre-adulthood pets and the maximum age bar of your pet to travel is of 6 months or more.

So when your pet is of age more than 6 months and weight is also more than 14 kgs then only one pet each container is allowed. Whereas when the weight is less than 14kgs then 2 pets of the same breed and species can be locked in one pet container.

If pet’s age is less than 6 months to 10 weeks old and in addition, each pet’s weight is also less than 14 kgs, then you can keep 3 pets of the same species and breed lock in the same container.

Pet travel is not at all free as checked baggage, you will be charged 1.5 times of the excess baggage price. Apart from this, the weight of the pet along with the container will be measured and the charge will be applied accordingly.

Traveling with infant

According to China Airlines, from the age of 14 days from birth to the age of up to 2 years are considered to be an infant and they are allowed to travel on the flight. Whereas less than 14 days of birth is not permitted to travel in the flight of China Airlines.

An infant should be accommodating with an adult, sitting over their lap in the whole flight journey. Almost every flight of China Airlines provides bassinets for an infant below the age of 6 months. As it is available in limited number so to avail this your infant height must be 28 inches (71cm) and the weight must be within 24.2 pounds (11kg).

Passengers who are been traveling with an infant are suggested to take a bulkhead seat as it is quite more spacious than any other seat type. Infant flying in the flight have to book tickets and it will be charged as an infant fare, only if your child is not required a separate seat in the cabin of the flight.

When you have to travel with 2 infants then one has to travel over the lap of an adult with an infant fare. Whereas another one has to sit, occupying the separate passenger seat which will be charged as of child fare.

Pregnant policy

Due to the safety and health concert of a passenger who is pregnant, there are many measures China Airlines take for permitting to travel in flight. So you have to inform the China Airlines reservation department in advance before your flight date.

They will ask for your medical report which must have mentioned your expected delivery date and pregnancy type single or multiple. Its been advice by the airlines to the pregnant passenger that you must carry a prenatal medical record while traveling, which contains some vital information.

Apart from this, for starving in China Airlines flight, you have to pass the medical clearance conduct by the airlines itself. As you crossed the 28 weeks of your pregnancy, you have to get the confirmation from the airlines to travel with by the medical clearance. You have to fill the form China Ailrien Medical Clearance Form.

Before at least 2 working days back from the flight date, you have to submit the medical certificated sign by any Doctor mentioning the estimated date of delivery, confirming that your pregnancy do not have any complication and you are fit to travel on a flight. In medical certificate, pregnancy type must also me mentioned like single or multiple.

Your medical certificate and Medical clearance form must be issued within 10 days from the date of the departure. And remember for pregnant passengers, you have to get the confirmation from China Airlines for you to get into the flight.

So this medical clearance by China Airlines is applicable only for 2 weeks. It means if you have a return flight within 2 weeks then you do not have to do medical clearance test pass again but can carry on to fly with the medical clearance done at the time of travel. But in case of your return ticket is after 2 weeks then you have to reissue the medical clearance of China AIeliens to get permitted to fly in the China Airline flight.

So the maximum of 31 weeks + 6 days of pregnancy are permitted to fly in the China Airlines flights. But they should not have any complications in multiple pregnancies. And for singleton pregnancy with no complications are permitted up to 35 weeks + 6 days to fly. Apart from them, they should have complete clearance application, then only pregnant women can be accepted to fly at the check-in point.

As you know after giving birth to the baby, you are permitted to travel after 14 days from the date of delivery, as for safety and health measure of both the mother and the infant.


Contact resources are many to get in touch with China Airlines directly. They have customer care service available, email id, address, and many more networks. They are sitting to help you with your queries and questions to be solved. So some of them are mentioned below.

Phone Number

China Customer Care center is open from Monday to Friday starting in the morning from 8 am till evening at 6:30 pm. Whereas on Saturday, Sunday or any Holidays, customer service is available from morning 8:30 am till in the evening at 5:30 pm. You will surely get a suitable solution to the problem for which you will be contacting them. So the number on which you may call is:

And the official headquarters address is: (03) 399-8888

Email id:

So if you want to connect or want response officially by email, then you can send mail to their mail id and get your problem or questions to be solved. And the Email id is:



So for any legal document to send to China Airlines, then you can send a post directly to their registered headquarters address. And hopefully, they will react to your post accordingly. So the address is:

No. 1, Hangzhan S. Rd,
Dayuan Dist,
Taoyuan City, 33758

Social Media

Apart from the customer care center or register address to get in contact with airlines. They even handle many social media account. From these accounts, if you want to reach them, then you surely will get a response. And for the latest update regarding China Airlines also you may follow their social media handled regularly.

You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate, last minutes unpublished call only deals, and discount on your flight booking with us.

China Airlines Covid Policies

China Airlines in order to protect their passengers and keep them safe have come up with some measures to take care of while traveling. 

Safety Measures

  • Wearing a facemask during traveling is a necessity. 
  • The temperature will be checked of the passengers at the airport.
  • The process will take a little more time than usual due to social distancing and extra checking, so please try to cooperate, or else you won’t be allowed on the flight.
  • Avoid touching anything not even your eyes, nose or mouth during the flight.
  • Be seated at one seat only during the flight.
  • Strict disinfection procedures are been followed in the flight as well as at the airport.
  • You can carry your own gloves, warm clothing, sanitizer wipes with you.
  • Wash your hands properly with soap after utilizing the washroom.
  • The refrigerator is restricted, so you won’t be allowed to keep anything in the refrigerator.
  • The surfaces of the flight are cleaned and disinfected with extra care.
  • HEPA Filters are used to clean the air in the flight, it cleans the air every 2-3 minutes.
  • To reduce the possibility of contact, the menu list is not provided on the flight.
  • The crew members’ temperature is checked before and after the flight, and they are provided the masks, gloves, and everything needed to stay protected.
  • Travelers are requested to check-in online before the flight on the app or the website to avoid being in contact. The online check-in starts 48 hours before the departure and ends 60 minutes before the departure.

Travel restrictions

  • Every country and state have their own restrictions, please check up on the restrictions before booking the flight.
  • You will require a covid negative report for most of the destinations.
  • In Taiwan, you will have to be quarantined and provide the address in the health declaration form.
  • The restrictions can change at any time, try to stay updated with them.

Change fee

  • The refund charge fee will be waived off looking upon certain conditions. 

China Airlines is ready to take you on your trip taking care of all the safety and health measures. The airline policies might get change, please try to stay updated with them.