Condor Airlines Reservation

Condor Airlines Reservation, Flights & Ticket Booking Tips

Condor Airlines is basically germane based airlines situated particularly in Frankfurt. Airlines have set up long years back in 1955. They have covered destinations from Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, South Asia, and North America which altogether come up with 81 destinations in total from all over the world.

For their concert service for their passenger whether you are on ground dor in flight, you will get warmful behavior from them which will lead your flight journey comfortable and remembered. This helps them to increase faith in the Condor Airlines Reservation process.

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So the rebooking is available at least on the date of the flight schedule available just 24 hours before the departure time. If you want to fly within a few days and month then book your tickets from the fights schedules list available for the day you want to fly.

Other than the extra amount of the rebooking tickets, there is no tax amount to pay as you have already paid it earlier. And in case if your rebooking ticket fare is cheaper then the price you paid earlier for your ticket which has been canceled. That extra money is not refundable.

Condor Airlines Reservation in-flight service

Condor Airlines Reservation

In-flight meal

You will get quality food and meal boxes in the flight of Corner Airlines whether its a short or long halt. With the variety of food on the menu, you will get to have according to the travel class you will be flying,. Though a special meal will be charged onboard or you van book in advance of your preference.

On the short or medium-haul flight

When you will be flying in economy class over Zone 1 & 2, which is short duration flight, then catering or snack meal is not included in the ticket fare. Whereas in business class, you will get a Condor Snack Bag with some hot or cold drink is by default include in the business class ticket fare.

You can even book this Condor Snack Bag in advance or onboard regardless of the travel class you are flying. You must book a snack bag at most 8 hours before your flight departure. If you book in advance then along with the snack bag you will get one free drinking water bottle

If you are ordering a snack bag in a short-haul flight onboard then payment is done accepted in a cashless way. And in Economy best travel class passengers will get Condor Snack Bag and a bottle of water without charging extra, as ticket fare includes all.

On long haul flight

In an economy travel class of Condor, airleins will get a warm free meal in long haul flights. And additional hot or clod snacks of your choice from option given before you get landed in the arrival destinations in Zone 1-2.

In any traveling class of the Condor flight on the long haul travel journey, passengers can get free of cost any of the non-alcoholic drinks available in-flight canteen.

Condor Airlines has a premium menu that Economy class travel has to buy in advance or onboard. In case you want a children meal, or vegetarian food or vegan one, it will be counted as a premium menu and will be charged accordingly when you are flying in an Economy class.

Whereas in the premium travel class of the Condor Airlines, the premium meal is including in long haul flight tickets. And in business class, you will get a special Gourmet meal of your choice from multiple options available in-flight. The food on the premium menu is quite good and tasty.

In-flight Entertainment

Condor Airlines has varieties of entertainment sources when you are on board. They have separated entertain on the basis of the time of the flight. Meas in small haul flight you will get different and on a long flight, you will get slightly different means of entertainment to make your flight journey enjoyable and worth traveling.

On short or medium-haul flight journey:

So on your short or medium size flight journey with Candor Airlines on the way to Zone 1 or 2, you will get a screen to attach on the backside of the seat for passenger entertainment. Over the screen you will get a wide range of TV series, documentaries according to the duration of the flight which has been loaded in advance.

You can even get children entertaining videos or programs in the monitor attach in every seat in the cabin of flight. You would get entertaining material in Germany and the English language.

Apart from videos you will even get audio tracks as music and can even plug-in into your earns and enjoy some good kinds of music. You will get the latest hits, pop, rock, classical, or jazz.

You may not get entertaining stuff in all flights of Condor Airlines.

On long haul flight

When you are flying in Condor Airlines 767 fleets in a long halt journey within Zone 3 to 5, then you will get to excess a personal monitor available at every passenger seat backside. This personal monitor is available to you in every travel class so that you can utilize your long haul flight journey.

If you are flying in a business class or premium economy class of Condor Airlines, then you will able to get exclusive premium entertainment service in flight over your long haul travel journey and that too even without any extra charges.

In an economy travel class, you will get to have 2 movies to watch and in addition, 2 more TV shows free. But to get access to the Premium Entertainment program which has more than 80 movies and 100 TV shows, then you have to buy this program by € 9.00 when you get on-board.

You can even access this Premium Entertainment program at a more cheap rate if you book the program at the time of booking in advance. You can even book after you booked your tickets by going to My booking options to manage.


In the flight of Condor Airlines, you will get even magazines in every travel class. Magazine name is Holiday which contains many interring and amazing information that may be entertaining for the passengers traveling. You will get to read about the traveling tales, lifestyle, and even culture related articles.

You can even access e-paper or engaging magazine reading. Apart from this, you will even get to know about the network]ks and routes or destination Condor Airlines are flying to in such a long race. Go and check about Condor Inflight Magazine

Baggage Allowance

Baggage allowance for the passenger of Cordor Airlines gets varies with the travel class they will be flying in or have booked their tickets in. And there is another one thing which depends on the amount of free baggage will vary, that is the zone you are flying to. Condor airlines have divided destinations by Zone 1-2  and 3-5.

Baggage which is permitted to take along with you are divided into 2, one is carry-on baggage which can be taken in your journey in the cabin itself. And the second one has checked baggage which will be sent in the hold of the same aircraft in which you will be flying.

Carry-on baggage:

So carry on baggage which is permitted to take along with you in-cabin are totally dependent on the zone you are flying to and the booking fare of your tickets. So in-cabin you can carry hand baggage and small luggage which are slightly bigger than a handbag and smaller than checked baggage.

So luggage which is slightly biggest among the baggage which you are taking in the cabin must be kept over the passenger seat whereas the other one must be placed in the space which is under every seat.

So the baggage dimension for cabin baggage must be within 55cm in length, 40cm in width, and 20cm in height. Whereas the hand baggage for the cabin will be minimum of size 40cm in length, 30cm in width, & 10cm in height, this will be kept under your seat. 

And the weight of the carry-on baggage in Economy light and Economy travel class will be a maximum of 8 kgs. Whereas when you will be traveling in Premium class, carry-on baggage must be in a total of 10 kgs and when in business class then permitted to carry up to 16 kgs of carry-on baggage in-cabin.

One Small baggage is permitted to carry in every travel class. But the number of baggage which is a little biggest in size (55x40x20cm) to carry by each passenger can vary with the travel class. All Economy light or Economy class or premium class are allowed to take 1 piece of carry-on baggage along with 1 handbag and for business class, you can take 2 pieces of baggage along with 1 handbag.

Checked Baggage:

Checked baggage is totally dependent on the Zone you are traveling to. So below we will be discussing the measures of free baggage of all travel class, according to the zone separated by Condor Airlines reservation.

The dimension of the checked baggage must be the sum of a total of 158 cm including length+ width+ height of the baggage. This checked baggage allowance will be for all adult passengers and a child more than 2 years old or 2 years old.

The number of luggage of each passenger as checked baggage will only one for zone 1 to 4 whose weight may vary according to the travel class. Regardless of weight measure for free baggage allowance, the extreme overweight of baggage must be up to 32 kgs under the excess baggage, but if exceeds that also, then that particular baggage item for check-in will not be considered.

Zone 1: 

Balearics, Balkans, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Italy, Spain & Portugal Mainland

Travel classEconomy lightEconomyPremiumBusiness
Baggage AllowanceHold baggage is not permitted in this travel class20 kgs25 kgs30 kgs

Zone 2:

Iceland, Canary Islands, Cape Verde & Madeira, Cyprus, Malta, Greece & Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Gambia & United Arab Emirates

Travel classEconomy lightEconomyPremiumBusiness
Baggage AllowanceHold baggage is not permitted in this travel class20 kgs25 kgs30 kgs

Zone 3:

East Africa, Asia, Mexico, Caribbean, Central & South America

Travel classEconomy lightEconomyPremiumBusiness
Baggage AllowanceHold baggage is not permitted in this travel class20 kgs25 kgs30 kgs
Flight from brazilNo hold carrying baggage2 piece of checked baggage of each 32 kgs2 piece of checked baggage of each 32 kgs2 piece of checked baggage of each 32 kgs

Zone 4:

Namibia, South Africa & Indian Ocean

Travel classEconomy lightEconomyPremiumBusiness
Baggage AllowanceHold baggage is not permitted in this travel class20 kgs25 kgs30 kgs

Zone 5:

USA, Canada & Puerto Rico

Travel classEconomy lightEconomyPremiumBusiness
Baggage AllowanceHold baggage is not permitted in this travel class1 piece of baggage of each 23 kgs1 piece of baggage of each 32 kgs2 pieces of baggage of each 32 kgs

Pet policy

Pets are welcomed in the flights of Condor Airlines happily. So pets can be travel in-cabin along with you and even send to hold if the size of the pet is not fit for in-cabin flight. But you can be worry-free as your pet will be transit in hold carefully and safely.

So to get a permit for pet transport either in-cabin or in the hold as checked baggage, then you have to follow some instruction or measures according to the Condor Ariens pet policy.

Pet in-cabin:

Pets in-cabin are permitted in a limited number as there will be other passengers also who may not like to travel or like the odor of the animals. So Condor airline only permitted a limited number of pets to travel in-cabin.

  • Only dogs and cats who are small in size are permitted to take in-cabin for travel with you.
  • The in-cabin pet must be locked in a closed pet container throughout the in-flight journey.
  • The size of the pet container must not exceed 55 x 40 x 20cm as same as the carry-on baggage of every passenger.
  • Each container must have only one pet locked. Whose weight must be within 8 kgs including the pet container weight.
  • Pet carry containers will be additional carry-on baggage for passengers who are traveling with a pet.
  • The container must be waterproof, strong enough, and locked properly so that pets can not able to come out by braking it and create a mess in the cabin.
  • Pet booking to travel in-cabin can be done up to 24 hours from the time of departure.
  • Before you onboard with the pet in-cabin you have to sign all the Conditions and Regulations for Transport and Carriage.

If traveling with pet in-cabin you can not take a seat nearby the emergency or gate, a seat near the partition of the aircraft, and when you are traveling in the long haul in the business travel class of Condor Airlines. 

As Condor Airline’s chargers pet transit in-cabin which gets varies from the zone you are traveling.

ZoneZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
Charge€ 59.99€ 74.99€ 99.99€ 99.99€ 99.99

Pets in the hold:

Only cats and dogs are permitted to transport in the cargo hold of the Cordon Airlines. As there will be limited space for the pet to transport in the cargo hold, so you must book your pet transport in advance to inform the reservation staff of airlines.

  • Pet have to send in the close container which must have good ventilation and should be waterproof.
  • The container must be according to the size of the pet. And must be strong enough so that your et can not able to break and get escape from the carriage.
  • For transporting your pet in cargo you must inform the reservation team of the airlines in advance approx about 48 hours before the departure time.
  • Before booking you have to accept all the Conditions and Regulations for Transport and Carriage.
  • In a connecting flight with the codeshare airlines of Cordon Airlines, pets in cargo to transport is not permitted or available.
  • So when you are sending your pet to travel in the cargo hold, then you have to submit some of the information regarding your pet:
    • Weight of pet including container
    • Dimensions of the container
    • Breed of the dog or cat

Container size which is accepted for pet transport are of two different measurements:

  1. 80 cm length x 55 cm width x 100 cm height
  2. 125 cm length x 75 cm width x 100 cm height

Charges for the pet to transport in the Cargo hold will depend on eh size of the pet and pet container and also the Zone you are flying to. So the prices mentioned below:

Zone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
55 cm € 79.99€ 109.99€ 154.99€ 154.99€ 154.99
75 cm€ 154.99€ 209.99€ 254.99€ 254.99€ 254.99

If in case you have not registered your pet transport with Condor Airlines in advance then maybe airlines refuse to transport your pet and some times you may give € 60.01 for every flight or one-way flight for getting check-in of your pet to transport.

Condor Airline Check-in related details, click on the link

Traveling with infant

Infant of age under 2 years are welcome to travel under the presence of their parents, i.e should be accommodated with an adult. Condor Airlines charges for the infant travel in flight, though the price of infant tickets get varied from the destination you re flying to.

Infant under the age of 2 years is not allowed to take a separate seat in the flight even though they have tickets to fly. For the safety purpose of the infant, an adult who is accomodating them will have to sit their baby over the lap in the whole journey.

In a case, before you return to your home town, your baby or infant crosses the age of 2 years, then you have to book a flight ticket of full adult fare. And your baby can occupy a separate seat in the aircraft cabin.

Though infants are not allowed to carry any baggage in-cabin as carry-on luggage, but the parent accommodation the infant can get permitted to carry baby baggage, baby food, or meal to feed them in between the flight journey.

Besides the fact that minor is traveling accommodated with an adult to guide them. Still, condor airlines need some documents to carried out by minors for their checking purpose or sometimes arrival destination may ask for documents as proof.

So document paper you need to carry are:

Statement from the respective guardian of the minor or an adult gave custody of your infant or child if possible specify the name of the accommodating person along with minor with the destination about to fly. The document should also be mentioned with the details of minor traveling.

Contact details or proof of the guardian or the custodian. Along with this a copy of the passport of respective guardian or custodian.

Pregnant policy

So Condor Airlines accept pregnant to travel in their flight. But keeping their health in mind they have some restricted rules which a pregnant woman passenger has to follow for the safety of themselves as well as the baby she is been carrying.

So the conditions which make you fir or suitable for traveling in the flight of Condor Airlines in spite of being pregnant.

  1. If you are in your pregnancy week from 1st till 28th week then you are permitted to travel without any interruption. But should not have any complications.
  2. If you are expecting multiple pregnancies or any complication within 28 weeks of pregnancy period you have to come up with medical prescription from doctors mentioning you are fit to travel.
  3. When you have given birth to baby, then after more than 7 days, a mother with a baby will be permitted after 7 days of delivery.
  4. If you have a miscarriage, then you are permitted to travel after 24 hours of your miscarriage and that too if you are not facing any other complications in your health.
  5. And in any case, you feel to consult with your doctor before your flight, then you can make ensure with your doctor with a physical fitness test and get permission from the doctor to travel in the flight.

And teh restriction on pregnant women passengers when they come under these below conditions.

  1. If you had some serious complications in your pregnancy, then its been suggested by Condor Airlines to avoid the flight journey.
  2. When you entered your 37the or 38the week of pregnancy with multiple pregnancies, then you are strictly not allowed to travel.
  3. The passengers has newborn baby less than 7 days old.
  4. And in case of miscarriage happen than not allowed to travel inflight 24 hours within it happened from the time of departure

As for safety is very important for the mother to be, so if you cross any of these conditions then you can cancel and rebook your flight tickets later by contacting the Condor Airlines reservation custoemr service. 


So to get your queries and doubt solve regarding Condor Airlines’ reservation, you should contact the Cordor Airleins customer care center. Where you will get in touch with the staff directly to solve your problem with the most possible help they can give to you. So there mar many resources you can get connected to them, some of them are listed below:

Phone number

So you will get multiple phone numbers which get vary from one country to another. So the basic phone number you may get connected with them to solve your queries which are suitable to answer by them.

00 49 6171 6988920

Email id

You can get get in touch with them by email if you di not want to connect with them by voice. So by email also, you will get response according to the problem or queries you have to send to Cordor Airlines.


So apart from email and calling the number to connect with them, you can even post them on their registered address with your complaints or queries. And Cordor Airlines will try to respond accordingly. So the address is:

Condor Platz,
Frankfurt am Main,

Social Media

The social media platform of Condor Airlines has been maintained in a very good manner. So you can get all the updates regarding Condor Airlines. You may even follow them regularly to get updates.  And you may send an inbox message to them over these platform and you will surely get a response to your queries or questions.

You can also dial our toll-free number +1-800-831-1547 to get the best-discounted rate, last minutes unpublished call only deals, and discount on your flight booking with us.

Condor Airlines Covid Policy

For you to be safe, Condor Airlines have taken some measures. Condor Airlines wants you to travel carefree with the airlines and feel protected by them.

  • You need to provide proof of health with the covid negative report or vaccination certificate or a recovery report.
  • Test results must be submitted in the form of paper or electronic files in German, English, or French.
  • You will have to fill the digital registration to enter Germany.
  • Mask is mandatory to travel.

Covid-19 & Flight Credit

Especially due to the impact of the corona pandemic (Covid-19), do you have to cancel the vacation you were supposed to make money for? Here, you can get an overview of the various options available, depending on your booking date.

If you have not booked your flight directly through Condor, please contact your booking partner (e.g. your travel agency or travel agency).

In order to protect themselves and all other passengers and employees, all passengers 6 years and older must wear masks at the airport, during the flight and at the destination airport.

For the health of you and the people nearby, you need to wear a mask during the flight, but you can take it off for eating or drinking.

Current entry restrictions

  • Current entry restrictions
  • To learn about current entry restrictions in a specific country, please visit the IATA Travel Center website.
  • If you are traveling to a member state of the European Union, you can find more useful information on the reopened European Union website.
  • You can find an overview of all areas of risk here
  • We cannot guarantee that the information provided is correct.


  • The exam must be taken within 72 hours before admission.
  • Negative test results must be displayed in electronic or written form (English or Spanish) and contain the following information: passenger name, passport or ID number (this number must be the same as the passport/ID number used in the passport, electronic registration form) , The date of the test, the contact information of the laboratory and the name of the laboratory assistant.

Check protection measures Condor Airlines has introduced protection measures at airports and in-flight flights during COVID-19 to maximize customer safety during the coronavirus pandemic. Learn about what it’s like to travel with Condor Airlines during COVID-19 by reading their guidelines and policies.

Face mask

In order to protect themselves and all other passengers and employees, all passengers 6 years and older must wear masks at the airport, during the flight and at the destination airport.

Check in

Please be sure to comply with evacuation requirements after check-in, security check and boarding gate, and arrival at the destination airport.

Please also feel free to use the online check-in service.

At the airport, floor stickers and special lines for social distancing are clearly displayed.

Hand-held luggage

Due to security measures taken at the airport, you can only carry one piece of hand luggage. All other luggage items must be checked in. This is the only way to ensure that guests spend as little time as possible on the aisles to store their hand luggage.


Boarding is conducted in small groups. If passengers cannot board the plane directly from the building, an additional bus with a smaller number of passengers will be used.

Meals and drinks

Due to Covid-19, the service concept has been adjusted to adapt to the new conditions.

As a result, on-board retail and snack services are currently restricted to reduce interaction between passengers and crew.

Please note that currently only cashless payments can be made on board

Other guidance

If the flight reservation is insufficient, the airline will try to allocate the seats farther.

By booking additional seats, passengers can take full advantage of the comfort and well-being on your flight. With this service, the seat next to you will be left empty for you.

For the health of you and the people nearby, you need to wear a mask during the flight, but you can take it off for eating or drinking.

On the plane

The air in the cabin is completely replaced every three minutes. The air flows from the top to the bottom of the cabin and uses high-performance filters.

In addition, the aircraft must be thoroughly cleaned after each flight.

After each flight, the Condor aircraft is usually cleaned in accordance with the highest hygiene standards.

The engine room should be cleaned in accordance with strict procedures to meet the requirements of the competent authority.